((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                                EXM - 40
                                ca. 1992
         Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     ((Here Electra makes the point that Apathy = Solution to problems
of anger and regret.

     Again, skip the processes if you need to, just read the text.

     Homer ))
     ((This bulletin is the backbone of Electra's approach and you will
see its themes repeated over and over again in future postings.
     I would add one item to the title and make it,
     as this is how I had to audit it to make it work.
     I would also point out that this material concentrates highly on
Overts and Withholds or Grade II, which ultimately is late on the chain.
Prior to overts are the problems the being was trying to solve by
committing the overts.  And prior to those problems are the valences,
identities, beingnesses, terminals and goals that were involved in the
GPMS that gave rise to the problems in the first place.
     So eventually you have to go earlier than being overwhelmed to
resolve a case, because the real problem is not that the being was
overwhelmed but that he WASN'T overwhelmed and could thus do things and
GET himself in trouble.  This is where ultimately the core of the case
     Thus you want to audit overwhelms only until the pc realizes that
overwhelms and apathies are SOLUTIONS to earlier problems.  Remember the
PROBLEM that needs to be handled lies back in a time when the being
WASN'T overwhelmed.  If you don't take up those earlier problems with
having power, being able, and NOT being overwhelmed, the being will
never give up his overwhelms.  Electra makes this abundantly clear, but
I just wanted to make sure everyone got it.))
     You can approach overwhelm a number of ways.  The direct way is as
always, just plug it into the 8 flows of forgetfulness and run it until
it releases.
     (1) "How have you overwhelmed a Child as a Parent in a past life?"
     (2) "How has a Parent overwhelmed you as a Child in this life?"
     (3) "How has a Child overwhelmed you as a Parent in a past life?"
     (4) "How have you overwhelmed a Parent as a Child in this life?"
     (5) "How has any Parent overwhelmed any Child in any life?"
     (6) "How has any Child overwhelmed any Parent in any life?"
     (7) "How have you overwhelmed yourself as a Parent in a past life?"
     (8) "How have you overwhelmed yourself as a Child in this life?"
     This is very heavy processing, so expect some fireworks to take
place while running this.
     Surprisingly you may find that flows numbers 3 and 4 above are VERY
important.  You ought to date the life time that you were a Parent and
had a Child that really taught you a lesson.  Perhaps a lesson you
refused to acknowledge.  It will be the same lesson you now as a child,
have been trying to teach your parents in this life.
     What you are looking for in this past life is a glare fight of
magnitude where your Child won and you refused to admit it.  That life
as a parent is the motivator for the overts you have been trying to
dramatize out of valence as a child against your parents in this life.
     Possibly in such an incident lies the solution to the Black V case,
someone who sees all black when they close their eyes and can't get
images or pictures.  The Black V refers to the fact that all 5 senses
are closed down on the memory/mockup level.
     One is supposed to run this by asking "What could be worse than"
what ever condition the pc is complaining about.  For example,
     "What could be worse than being deaf, dumb and blind on the thetan
     Perhaps the answer is looking your child straight in the eyes and
knowing that you have lost their love forever.
     You haven't of course, a little communication saying that he was
right and you're sorry will go a long way to patch things up.  Sort of
like what you want from your parents in this life, you know?
     Overwhelm basically affects a person's ability to BE, DO and HAVE.
It either forces a being to BE, DO or HAVE something or prevents a
person from BEING, DOING or HAVING something.
     This can be run as follows.
     "What are you being forced to BE?"
     "What are you being forced to NOT BE?"
     "What are you being forced to DO?"
     "What are you being forced to NOT DO?"
     "What are you being forced to HAVE?"
     "What are you being forced to NOT HAVE?"
     Of course if your pc gets sick of running motivators, then run the
overt side of it.
     "What have you forced another to BE?"
     "What have you forced another to NOT BE?"
     "What have you forced another to DO?"
     "What have you forced another to NOT DO?"
     "What have you forced another to HAVE?"
     "What have you forced another to NOT HAVE?"
     You can break this down, if your pc wants, into the four planes of
     "What have you forced another to BE on the physical plane?"
     "What have you forced another to BE on the emotional plane?"
     "What have you forced another to BE on the mental plane?"
     "What have you forced another to BE on the spiritual plane?"
     Or you can run it on the 8 flows of forgetfulness.
   (1) "What have you forced a Child to BE as a Parent in a past life?"
   (2) "What has a Parent forced you to BE as a Child in this life?"
     As with any process, at first the pc will give you all the obvious
and trite answers off their case.  Then they will give you that blank
stare, 'Who me?  I don't know what your talking about!' Then they will
start answering the questions at a deeper level.  Each time they run out
of answers, go on to the next question.  As you cycle around them, you
will find they run deeper and deeper.
     How do you know when to stop a particular process?
     Well there are a number of stopping points.  You and your pc can
come to some agreement about it according to your experience.
     1.) When the pc has confidently given you 3 answers in a row with
out communication lag.
     2.) When the process is no longer producing rise and fall of the
Tone Arm (NOT the needle!) on the E-meter.
     3.) When the pc has a win or a minor cognition.
     4.) When the pc has a major cognition.
     5.) When the pc has attained an Ability Regained.
     6.) When the pc has gone exterior.
     NEVER run a process beyond numbers 4, 5 or 6.  Never run a process
against a pc's will, or one that they are protesting utterly.  Once they
get some experience with winning in auditing, they will know when they
are protesting to cop out, and when they are protesting because the
process is turning into a grind.
     Almost any process can be run to a small win, thus if it starts to
grind just find out where the pc was last doing well with the process
and rehabilitate the win and then end off.
     A process can contain a whole battery of questions such as given
above.  You can run each question to where the pc gives you 3 answers in
a row without comm lag.  Then you go on to the next question.  When all
questions are flat in such a wise, you can stop the whole process.  But
usually the pc will run out of answers on a question, and you go to the
next question and continue to do this to a big win.
     The theory of overwhelm goes as follows.  The being does something
that they regret.  They now need a justifier for it.  If something was
done to them prior that was bad enough, they will now use that motivator
as a justification for what they did.  They weren't thinking about the
motivator when they committed their 'crime', but they are sure glad its
there once they need it.
     If they do not have something prior bad enough to justify what they
did, they will wait until something is done to them that is bad enough
to justify it, or they will provoke someone into acting against them so
that they can have their motivator.  Unfortunately such a motivator
comes AFTER what they did so can never justify it.  This creates the
'black hole' effect.
     A being in need of a justifier will use anything that comes his
way.  The more horrible it is, THE MORE OVERWHELMING it is, the more he
can claim that it served his victim right what he did EARLIER to his
victim that he is feeling guilty about.
     For example, there you are as a girl, and one day you have a
romance with a boy.  This boy loves you and is loyal like no other boy
you have ever known.  Just before you are set to get married, someone
whispers in your ear that this boy has been unfaithful to you.  Its a
lie and you don't believe it, but a cold dark fear runs down your spine,
and you call off the wedding and leave town and never tell the boy why.
You were lacking some measure of personal courage.
     The boy never finds out why you left him without word and
eventually he dies of a broken heart.  Years later you finally have the
courage to come back to visit him, but when you get into town people
direct you to his grave.
     On his tombstone it says 'Where ever you are, I love you
     Well where you are is THERE, and the regret that you feel, the
error that you made, stay with you until the end of time.
     It plays in the back of your mind when ever you have a new romance
in your future lives.
     Then one day you run into another man and you have a wonderful
romance with him until one day he takes you home after dinner and rapes
the hell out of you leaving you bloody and bruised.
     Suddenly you no longer feel guilty about having blown that other
boy off long ago because 'he deserved what he got because all men are
bad.' You see how it goes?
     The more of an overwhelm you pull in, the more you can forget how
you have overwhelmed others.  This is the justification side to
     But there is another side.  Ever since you left that boy 15 life
times ago, the one who loved you so, you were totally confused about
yourself for ever afterwards.  You couldn't trust yourself any more.
You didn't know if you would make the right decision if you ever again
met Mr.  Right.
     The whisper in your ear had put a doubt in your mind, and a fear
you could not shake.  Thus the alloying of your courage and self
confidence with self doubt led you to run away rather than confront the
problem and find out the truth with certainty.
     Was the boy a good person or a bad person?
     Many lives later when you finally get raped by a bad person, you
conclude 'all men are bad', and so you decide to NEVER MARRY.  This
means that you no longer have to worry about marrying anyone and hurting
them with your indecision and flakiness.  Thus your overwhelm acts as a
restraint to prevent you from ever making the same kind of mistake again
and hurting another person that loves you.
     Since you feel you can't determine with certainty whether a person
is a good person or bad person, its SAFER to just say that all men are
bad and be done with it.
     The thought of another boy dying of a broken heart over your
indecision and lack of personal courage, is just too much to bear.  Now
you no longer have the problem because obviously 'all men are bad'.
     So who in their right mind would marry a man?
     This is the restraint side to overwhelm.  It restrains you from
doing wrong and hurting others.
     The fixed idea 'all men are bad' is a service facsimile
COMPUTATION, a 'safe solution' to your problem of flaking off on your
lovers at the last moment.  It helps you justify what you did, and
restrain yourself from doing it again.  YOU'RE NO GOOD and you know it.
Thus you conclude 'all men are no good' because it keeps YOU from being
bad and hurting Mr.  Right should he ever come along again.
     It's called a service facsimile computation, because as a
computation that 'all men are bad', it will keep in chronic
restimulation the facsimile of the incident where one guy was bad to
you, namely the rape.  Thus your body will hurt, you will bruise easily,
you will be terrified of the dark and you will be just SURE that you are
going to be raped at any moment.  This will go on for lifetime after
lifetime whenever you are a girl.
     The computation that 'all men are bad' makes sure that the rape
incident sticks to you thoroughly to remind you that 1.) it was ok to
flake off on your lover long ago, and that 2.) you should never go near
men again for THEIR OWN GOOD.
     Then one life time you have a male body, but you still have the
facsimile of being raped as a girl BY A BOY in full restimulation, and
one day you go out of valence into the valence of the guy who raped you,
and YOU RAPE A GIRL.  In your mind it 'serves that girl right for being
such a flake'.  The computation becomes at this point, 'all girls are
     You would know.  It comes from your own experience with yourself!
A long ago forgotten and haunted FEMALE self.
     Maybe some life times later you get sick of raping all these girls
life after life and you become a decent boy.  You fall in love with a
beautiful girl who leaves you without a word on your wedding night.
Twenty years later you die all alone of a broken heart.
     So you see we have come full circle.  By this time you probably
think you live once and die once, and you have no clue about yourself as
a girl and the guy YOU left in tears so long ago.
     And you never get over your broken heart as a boy because you never
got over the heart you broke as a girl.
     Being a broken hearted boy is a final safe solution to having been
a flaky girl.
     Being a flaky girl was a problem to you, a very big problem.  Of
course being a broken hearted boy is also a problem to you.  But being a
victim is far safer and preferable than being the one who did wrong.
     So you will go on life after life being a broken hearted boy.  It's
so cozy compared to the alternative.  You will complain endlessly about
girls, about how you don't understand them, about how they don't care,
about how they always leave you.  And you will always make VERY SURE you
only go out with girls that do leave you!
     So as an auditor you ask them "What the hell have you done AS a
     And they will say, "Who me?  I've never been a girl!"
     Right.  You can know them by their mope.
     People have a lot of this stuff confused with KARMA.  A long time
ago there was an implant that said 'If you do wrong, you will just get
it right back.' It was basically a GOAL to have this happen and thetans
bought into it hook line and sinker and paid a lot of money for it.
     It was pretty and made sense, and it might keep others in check,
you know the usual reasons for wanting such a thing.

     You can't ever really make a thetan DO anything, you can't make him
have a body or be a slave.  You can however give him a GOAL to be a body
or be a slave and attach some aesthetic to it to make it attractive.
and charge him a steep markup on it.  Once he buys it the thetan will do
what ever you want him to do.
     He paid for it after all, and there is nothing worse than
wasting good money!

     Thus one enslaves or imprisons a thetan by giving him goals to be
so abused and making them pretty and attractive, and that is the only
way to hold him.  He holds himself.  The suffering is just all too
beautiful to give up.
     This karma implant has caused no end of confusion down the line as
people have tried and failed to understand why bad things happen to them
and why people's reactions to these things are so crazy.
     The basic error in the implant is the idea that bad things happen
to you BECAUSE you have done wrong or feel guilty.  The truth is, there
is no CAUSATION in it.  Bad things merely happen.  However there IS
something that you will need to understand thoroughly if you want to
help your preclears over their trauma.

     Take the girl in the above example.  She ran away from her lover
who pined away and died of a broken heart wondering why the one girl he
had ever loved left him without even a good bye.  The guy died alone,
never knowing the girl still loved him.  She left him because she did
not TRUST HERSELF because of the person who whispered strange evil
nothings in her ear, the THIRD PARTY who put doubt in her mind as to who
her friends were.
     Now this girl finds out long after her lover is dead and buried
what she has done, and she goes into a horror and regret about herself
the magnitude of which is probably unimaginable to those who have not
does this to themselves.  This regret will follow her to the end of her
     In desperation she will look for a justifier for her actions, a
justifier either before or after her act.  All thetans have this flaw,
no thetan can stand up alone to the supreme regret of an unconfessed
dashed love.  Those who think they can are lying to themselves and
already haven't.
     Many life times later, when she gets raped, she finds the justifier
she has been quietly praying for, for so many lives.
     So here is where we must get straight on the subject of Karma.  She
did not get raped BECAUSE she needed a justifier.  Bad things happen.
Period.  She may have never gotten her justifier.  But then she would
have been unhappy to the end of time.  Guilt is that way.
     But boy was she relieved when she did get raped, because now she
could blame all her 'troubles' on men rather than confess the damage she
had wrought to her lover with her shallow and shortsighted heart.
     If someone gets raped and they have never done anything themselves
that REMAINS REGRETTED AND UNCONFESSED in this or prior lives, it won't
stick to them.  They get over it.  Lesson learned.  They chalk it up to
experience.  But if they NEED that rape as a justifier, watch out.  They
will NEVER get over it and although they will scream bloody murder to
the end of time, inside they will feel guilty and dirty.
     THEY were raped, and THEY feel GUILTY.  Strange eh?
     Well now you know why.
     You needn't bother telling people about this who are in this state
of mind because they don't want to know.  But if perchance they do want
to know, the way you run it out is this.
     "What (earlier overt) does being raped justify?"   
     "What (later overt) does being raped restrain?"
     Run these two questions until you have a clean slate again and a
resolution of the original problem the person had that made them need
the rape as a justifier and a restraint.

     Once they no longer need the rape, no longer benefit from having
been raped, it will heal and become as if it never happened.
     Again I would emphasize that they didn't get raped BECAUSE they
needed a justifier, but boy did they have a good use for it when it came
     People do not get raped because they are guilty.  Bad things
happen.  Just note some people are praying for something to happen to
them to relieve the unconfessed burden of regret they carry along with
     It's how they handle the rape after it happens that lets you know
whether they had a use for it or not.
     An awful lot of self righteous people are going to blow a fuse over
this material.  I am sorry there is nothing I can do about it.
     Have you ever had something really bad done to you and all you
could feel was guilty?  The guilt is for something lost in your long
ago, and in fact is a corridor back into the past life you probably most
need to look at to regain your composure.
     You can face what others do to you with unbelievable equanimity and
aplomb, almost God like serenity, as long as you yourself have a clean
heart.  One dark corner though, one skeleton in your closet, and
everything everyone does to you becomes a nightmare, a reason for
     There are lots of girls who have been raped in this life without
having raped others as a man in a past life.
     There are lots of men who rape in this life without having been
raped as a girl in a past life.
     However SOME girls who were raped in this life, raped others as men
in a past life.  That's their DED prior to the DEDEX in this life.
     Just so, SOME men who rape in this life, were raped as a girl in a
past life.  That's their MOTIVATOR prior to the OVERT in this life.
     You gotta know this when you go to audit these people to help them
out of their trauma (overwhelm) or compulsive misdeeds.
     You are never going to get some guy to give up raping girls in this
life if he is sitting in a life as a girl where he was gang banged and
hung out to dry for the bugs to eat.
     You are never going to get some girl to give up her bitterness for
being raped in this life, if she is sitting in a life where she took
part as a male in that same gang bang.
     People CAN be helped over their trauma and misdeeds, but you gotta
get the whole story or it just won't erase.
     If it does erase, it will be GONE.  The being will feel brand new,
like it never happened.  Except of course for the clear analytical
memory remaining of the incident and what wisdom they may have gleaned
from the fact.
     But it will be analytical, they won't feel IMPURE about it.  They
won't be RUINED by it anymore.  Things will be perfect and GOOD again.
And a sense of willingness, wonder and beauty about life will be
returned INCLUDING THE RAPE.  Their concept of what life is about will
have also expanded a tad.
     For those still screaming mad about DEDEX's in this life, get their
DEDS in past lives.
     For those hell bent on committing OVERTS in this life, get their
MOTIVATORS in past lives.
     You will win every time.
     Just remember the valence switch.  The girl who perpetually hates
men for hurting her in this life, WAS A MAN who hurt girls in a past
life, regretted it and then justified it when it came back at her in
this life.
     The boy who perpetually hates women for hurting him in this life,
WAS A WOMAN who hurt boys in a past life, regretted it and then
justified it when it came back at him in this life.
     It's real easy to spot.  Find out who they are fuming about and
reverse it around.  Use an E-meter if you have doubts.  Just get the
     cycle off the thing.
     The screwy question you gotta ask them is,
     "How does being hurt as a girl by a boy in this life justify or
make you feel better about having hurt a boy as a girl in a past life?"

     Past Life:                Present Life;
     You as Girl hurts Boy     Boy hurts you as Girl
     Answer: "All boys are bad because they hurt me as a girl in this
life, therefore it was ok for me as a girl to hurt a boy in a past
     "How does being hurt as a boy by a girl in this life justify or
make you feel better about having hurt a girl as a boy in a past life?"
     Past Life:               Present Life:
     You as Boy hurts Girl    Girl hurts you as Boy
     Answer: "All girls are bad because they hurt me as a boy in this
life, therefore it was ok for me as a boy to hurt a girl in a past life.

     For Parent and Child its:

     "How does being hurt as a Parent by a Child in this life justify or
make you feel better about having hurt a Child as a Parent in a past
     Past Life:                   Present life:
     You as Parent hurts Child    Child hurts you as Parent

     Answer: All Children are bad because they hurt me as a Parent in
this life, therefore it was ok for me as a Parent to hurt a Child in a
past life.

     "How does being hurt as a Child by a Parent in this life justify or
make you feel better about having hurt a Parent as a Child in a past
     Past Life:                   Present life:
     You as Child hurts Parent    Parent hurts you as Child

     Answer: All Parents are bad because they hurt me as a Child in this
life, therefore it was ok for me as a Child to hurt a Parent in a past
     It's screwy as hell, but people are doing this full time and
calling it their lives.
     Thus when you find a being in a high state of overwhelm you know
that what ever is wrong with them is acting both as a justification for
what they did not confess long ago, and as a restraint to make sure they
never make the same mistake again.
     Overwhelms, once they happen and the being glues them to himself,
POKE THE BEING, and so act to motivate the being to dramatize the
villains in them and continue to hurt others more.  Thus the being not
only uses the overwhelm to justify what he did BEFORE he received the
overwhelm, he will also use it to justify going on a continuous rampage
and doing it again for the rest of time, over and over again.
     If she was raped by a boy as a girl, she will go on a rampage
against boys because she is poking herself uncontrollably with the
facsimile of the rape, which hurt like hell, but which is being KEPT in
restimulation to ameliorate her past life guilt for having hurt a boy
for no good reason.
     The STRANGE thing is, she in her next life AS A BOY will go on a
rampage about girls by raping them on and on.
     The being will alternate between being restrained and subdued, and
being murderously crazy both as a girl and as a boy.

     Regret is fair chosen and indicates the basic underlying goodness
and sensitivity of the being hitting them back in the face after doing
someone wrong.  If the being has not felt regret (yet), there will be no
motivator stickiness.

     One can audit this very directly.
 "What does being overwhelmed justify you being, doing or having?"
 "What does being overwhelmed justify you NOT being, doing or having?"
 "What does being overwhelmed restrain you from being, doing or having?"
 "What does being overwhelmed restrain you from NOT being, doing or
 or having?"
     ((These are multiple questions, I would break them up into single
     "What does being overwhelmed justify you being?"
     "What does being overwhelmed justify you doing?"
     "What does being overwhelmed justify you having?"
     Or more brutally,
     "What does being overwhelmed justify?"
     "What does being overwhelmed restrain?"
     If your pc does not grok "overwhelmed" you can run,
     "What does overwhelmed mean?"
     until they get a very good personal reality on what THEY mean by
being overwhelmed.
     You can also list out using an E-meter a question like,
     "What is overwhelming you?"
     "What is restraining  you?"
     They will list out things like death, loneliness, no comm lines,
being in a body, etc.  Pick out the one that reads the most when they
say it, or the one they are the most interested in and run it as above.
For example, say "no communication lines as a child" reads the most or
is the most on the pc"s mind.  You would run,
     "What (prior overt) does 'having no comm lines as a child' justify?"
     "What (later overt) does 'having no comm lines as a child' restrain?"
     If you need to you can fill out the sentence to,
     "What does 'no comm lines' justify you being, doing or having?"
     "What does 'no comm lines' restrain you from being, doing or
     Word the item in the shortest way possible that makes the pc happy.
Make sure the pc understands the question too!
     When that process is flat or taken to a win, pick up the next
reading item on the pc"s overwhelm list and run it if the pc is still
interested in it.  The pc may come up with new items as their idea of
overwhelm changes, and their overwhelms as-is.
     Of course a very direct approach is also possible.
     "How are you overwhelmed?"
     "How are restrained?"
     "How have you overwhelmed others?"
     "How have you restrained  others?"
     "How are you being overwhelmed?"
     "How are you being restrained?"
     "How are you overwhelming or trying to overwhelm others?"
     "How are you restraining  or trying to restrain  others?"
     "How will (or might) you be overwhelmed?"
     "How will (or might) you be restrained?"
     "How will you overwhelm or try to overwhelm others?"
     If the 8 flows of forgetfulness drive you crazy you can shorten it
     "How could a Parent overwhelm a Child?"
     "How could a Child overwhelm a Parent?"
     or even,
     "What overwhelm is there?"  (assumes all flows).
     "What restraint is there?"  (assumes all flows).
     If your pc wants to run higher material, earlier than bodies, you
can use,
     "How could another overwhelm/restrain you?"
     "How could you overwhelm/restrain another?"
     However I think you will find they eventually come back to Mother
and Son, or Father and Daughter or some such thing.  It really does need
to be handled, being at the end of a very long chain of glare fights and
doing people in.
     Especially the overt of CREATING others and BEING CREATED
by others.

     ((I disagree, one can only audit the second dynamic, parent
and child, boy and girl etc just so long until you have to go up
the dynamics to the top.  Eventually parent and child just stops
running as it is simply too small an arena compared to the seventh
and higher.))

     One last thing.  Don't expect to vanish every overwhelm the pc has
just by running them on these processes.  Most people are not even up to
recognizing that they are overwhelmed, and when they are they will
usually be concentrating on their human overwhelms, and not their OT
     Also remember that overwhelms are a SAFE SOLUTION to a being, thus
in a way they are NOT overwhelms to him because they protect him from
greater overwhelms, or so he thinks.  

     Being  utterly free is an overwhelming problem to an OT!

     And boy does a native state being need a restraint!

     Thus when you list for your pc's overwhelms, he may list really
theetie wheetie material, skirting the obvious issues of his life.  You
should run what he gives you.  His idea of what an overwhelm is will
change, especially once he sees that he is using them to protect himself
from the *REGRET* of having overwhelmed others, and from doing it again.

     The overwhelm is a ridge against continuing forward overt action.

     Pulling in motivators to deal with prior regrets is a bad effort of
finding redemption with one's self and the other that one hurt which
every regret demands.

     Redemption never comes from jusitifcation, regret or self
     ((Redemption comes from putting it there, the whole while in which
the cycle of fall happened.  That puts you outside coming in, which is a
positive creative flow rather than inside trying to get out which is a
negative destructive flow.))

     If you as an auditor just bluntly remind the pc that he left his 2
inch thick eyeglasses off his overwhelm list, he will probably say back
to you "Oh no, that's not an overwhelm, that's SAVING MY ASS!"
     Sure it is.  You can try and talk him out of it, but you will just
ARC Break your pc because he can't see far enough down the road to know
you are right.  Eventually he will come around and want to run it and he
will see you were right all along.  Avoid telling him "I told you so!"
     ((This is inpart why auditor's charge their pc's to work on them,
it helps the auditor to keep his temper while his pc spews endless blame
on everyone including himself in order to avoid simply putting it there
and taking full responsibility for all parts of the event.))

     You have the right as an auditor to not audit someone if they are
too theetie wheetie, that's just another form of inaccessibility and
there are plenty of worthwhile people just screaming for good auditing
who can admit their deceits.
     ((Of course putting endless theetie wheetie pc's there forever for
free, is good practice for an auditor!))

     Run each overwhelm item to a win or until flat.  If you do this
thoroughly the pc will start to gain a new consciousness about overwhelm
and will begin to respond to life in a new way.  He won't be as prone to
solving his problems and guilts by shopping for overwhelms and crazy
gluing themselves to himself.
     He will understand the proper route to self redemption,
significance free putting it there, and be able to help others on the
same path.
     And when he does continue to use justification and restraint to
solve his problems, he will at least know he is doing it.  At the very
least you will have increased his awareness of responsibility for being
overwhelmed.  This will start a slow climb upwards, rather than a
persistent sinking downwards.
     It is possible to produce spectacular case gain, or tremendous
emotional releases during a session, but sometimes, the case gain that
comes from a session is very quiet and happens during the days after the
session is over.
     Sure, case gain is being able to get out of your body and fly off
to the Van Allen Belts, but case gain is also being able to work with
your boss for an hour and find some peace at the end of it rather than
sea sickness.  It's actually quite a joy to be able to work and not find
yourself lower at the end of a day.
     Case gain is also not getting enturbulated by the craziness AND
OVERWHELMS of others, including THEIR justifications and restraints, and
being able to see and hold onto the hope and knowledge that people
really can be helped.
     If you run overwhelm thoroughly enough on a pc who is ready for it
with lots of earlier auditing, you will eventually come up to handling
OT III which is everyone ELSE's overwhelm including all those pesky Body
Thetans nobody believes in.  OT III is such a long process only because
you have to audit everyone else out of THEIR overwhelm!  At least those
who are bugging you.
     So you had better be a good auditor.  It starts with yourself, your
parents, your wife and children, your friends and those who you work
with during the day.  It also starts with a thorough and unshakable
     The end result is worth it, Freedom from Overwhelm and Awareness of
Self as an Immortal Being, not to mention return of powers to act on
your own determinism.  You might even get to chose your next life and
parents if you do it right.
     There are a lot of present day OT's who will want good parents in
their immediate next life.  THEY are up to choosing their parents.  Are
you up to providing them the home and safe space they so desire?  Do you
want an OT child?
     Where are all the Old Timers going to go in the next 10 to 20 years
for Parents?
     When it comes time for you to be OT and choose your next parents,
will there BE any parents you will want to have?  Or will the planet be
a Zombie Zone, a worthless wasteland of arrogant zombies and sniveling
     Well if you want people out there who can help you as a child when
you come back you had better put them there by helping them first as a
parent NOW, while you can.
     The technology of understandings is available to do this.
     You know helping people is not a matter of doing something strange
to them, something new or alien or dangerous.  People have help mixed up
with Chemistry or Magic, or something a Doctor dispenses from his Black
Magic Bag.  This comes from a childhood time when the only help there
was was being saved by an aspirin or a drug and never knowing why it
     You know people think that help means only helping someone who is
down and out, someone who is DAMAGED, helping them to recover their
functionality in life.  Yes this is help, but people also help each
other during the normal course of day to day action, any cooperation at
all is just people working in tandem, in teams, 'helping' each other
play the game.  Help doesn't always mean help from DAMAGE.
     Help is any form of cooperation.

     Help is TEAM PLAY.
     Help is really any cooperative CO-ACTION.  People were doing just
fine acting together and helping each other in the dance of life, until
they got screwed up on the MOTIVATOR-OVERT and DED-DEDEX sequences.  In
other words helping by harming, at first accidentally, and then on
purpose.  The resulting regret, justifications, restraints, withholds
and NO ACTION put a permanent damper on their production and joy in
     Thus believe it or not, helping people consists mainly of
rehabilitating their ability to help people!  This may sound idiotic and
circular, but really auditing is just the action of getting people back
into the swing of life and willing to interact again and 'help' each
other in the normal course of action without the fear of hurting each
other and getting into uncontrollable angers, regrets, justifications,
withholds and self-restraint.
     The idea that being 'mortal' and stuck in a body are the result of
efforts to help gone awry may stretch your imagination, but it is none
the less true.  Thus one can regain one's status as an Eternal Being by
auditing help and its demise.
     "How does you pretending to be mortal help anyone?"
     "How does others pretending to be mortal help you?"
     Help comes naturally to people who are on their Basic Purposes and
have people to team up with.  There is unhappiness in life because there
are no more teams and no more goals, and people are full of safe
solutions like forgetting their pasts and thinking they live only once.
Not to mention exile, imprisonment, enslavement and entombment.
     Thus help is not magic, it is not medicine, it is not chemistry, it
is not witchcraft or a sorcerer's spell.  It is not doing something
arcane, mysterious, alien, strange or specialized that only the learned
can know how to do.
     Help is only getting people to look at, and re-evaluate how they
have tried to help each other in the past, and the short sightedness of
their solutions and the ultimate abandonment, demise, and, entombment
that it led to.
     The whole world we are stuck in, the whole mess, is merely the
result of all the wrong turns we took on the road to helping each other
survive as Immortal Beings!  ((She means Eternal.))
     This is the message of Scientology.  There IS NO MAGIC but the
magic of one's own Spiritual and Eternal Sovereignty.  THAT's the weird
     HELP is as humble as apple pie.  One helps people by helping them
RESTORE the help and co action they were indulging in before you ever
came along.  You do this by gleaning the confession, by relieving people
of the burden of undischarged anger, regret and grief and sending them
on their way.
     The result is humor, joy and peace.  And LOTS of ACTION.

     I mean all engines full throttle forward.
     And a stunning self confidence that would make you smile as wide as
the sky.
     But that's not the magic of Scientology, that's the magic of YOU.
     Scientology is just the codification of the obvious way to help
people after it all went wrong.  Remember it went wrong on PURPOSE.  You
can't hand a thetan any condition without selling him a pretty goal to
have that condition.
     Seller: "Yo!  Here's some hell and damnation, ain't it pretty?"

     Thetan: "Whoa, cool.  Hey thanks man, how much?"

     Seller: "All you got."

     ((If you can CREATE the disaster, you can uncreate simply by
putting it there again by spanning the while in which it lives.  That
puts you above and out of the while before any suffering was conceived,
created and entered.))

     Making a mess was just another pretty goal the thetan bought or
made for himself.
     Fortunately the thetan also bought the goal to CLEAN IT ALL UP, in
order to guarantee himself a way out.
     But the magic, the mystery of it all, the chemistry if you wish, is
not in the help that we use to clean it all up, but lies in the fact
that we are all here in the first place with this game to play, this
love to give, and this incredible experience to share with each other.
     For where else could we have come back from the bottom of Hell, and
live to tell the tale?