One approach to havingness surprised me by its rapidity and effectiveness, causing the needle to bang the right pin in less than a minute (at Sn 2.5). It  was making crude rebellious and sexually aggressive gestures. In theory, this rapid effect parallels the release of an inhibited reach. My early training  was to deny such "crude" outflows and so I am intrigued by how rapidly the needle loosens on this.

  You might like to try this, and compare it with other Havingness processes. If so, stand or sit, and grasp your crotch with your left hand, while extending the right arm with the middle finger upraised, and saying what you felt like saying, but didn't.

  It can also be done by thumbing one's nose, or sticking out one's tongue and wiggling both hands with thumbs in one's ears. I do this with a cheerful smile, which probably helps. You might like to try your own variations. What works for you is what works for you.

  If the needle tightens, you should of course use something else, since this process may be peculiar to this stage of my case. You will probably not be surprised that a Confront Process I can use to go with the above is "What unconfrontable thing could someone present?" On this one, I will spare you the details.

  In theory, this is an "Out-of-ARC" process, but I don't see it that way. It seems to be knocking out an old chronic suppression, and thus improving Havingness. Suppression includes "Can't flow back!" When one can flow back against it in any way, it lessens. This is the case here.

  This is a modified version of O/W. Instead of "What didn't you say?", using "What gesture didn't you make?", or the like. I've only done this solo; with another person it might be developed into a two-way bull-baiting exercise, similar to those seen on "Cheers," and other popular TV programs.

  After several months of working with this, it still BDs and loosens the needle. This fits the description of a good havingness process in Dianetics Today. p.420. "If the second squeeze shows the needle looser than the first .. you've got it. .. The havingness process selected, even if the right one, if run too much (more than 10 or 20 commands), will start running the bank. It doesn't harm the preclear, but that isn't  its  use .. The tone arm  may  'blow  down'  toward clear read if you run 15 minutes or half an hour .. on the other hand, it may not"

  Upon re-reading this, it occurred to me that a good havingness process alone could run the bank and give a clear read or an F/N. Thus, one could use this as aa repetitive process and keep at it.

  I have done this with the Fasthave process, and have noted that there are two ways in which this exercise is working with only one end of a stick:

  (1) I noted that there was a suppression, "Shut up, Frank," with a headache. So it's my protest and rebellion against another who wants me to "sit still and take it."

  (2) In HCOB 27 Sept 68 "ARC Straightwire," Tech Vol VI, p.261 "A true fact is that ARC must always precede an ARC Break." This kind of "Go to hell," "Shove it, etc," could be running out what follows an intention to give or receive ARC that was blocked, denied, rejected, or unacknowledged.

  This accords with the view of St. Roggie's "New Definition of Charge" in Issue 10 of The Heretic, p.10: "it is real to me that all 'charge' is hung up intent or intention .. A read indicates an old intent which is still hanging in present time."

  By running the low end of this emotional curve, the havingness increase could result from a release of the previously intended, but now blocked, positive flow.

  Could I get the needle to loosen by beginning with good ARC, instead of working up to it? I tried radiating "universal love" and although this gave BDs the needle didn't loosen.

  There is an old process which increases havingness in a way similar to the one above. This is running explosions as in "The Cycle of Action of an Explosion," PAB 12, Tech Vol I, p.467. This makes sense, since both free up and outflow energy.

  Composing a tune on my recorder while doing an uninhibited dance, also loosened the needle. The key was apparently not crudity, but uninhibited outflow; although I enjoyed the first version as the quickest and most effective.

  As a researcher I go for what intuitively feels like an intriguing fundamental, so I've kept coming back to this surprising phenomena.

  The next step was to explore the gag reflex some  more  (See  "Self-Clearing"). Both W. Reich and Janov noted that this could loosen things up. It also increases Havingness, especially if the gagging and urge to vomit are "run" afterwards. This reverses any you've got to swallow it inflow and flows back against enforced agreement.

  There was an incident I had often recalled without its blowing. I was about 8 and had the mumps. I was lying in bed and my mother came and stood at the foot of it and said, "Frank, if I catch you playing with yourself again, I'm going to have the doctor come and cut it off." I said nothing, but recall pushing her out of my mind. The whole thing was too mind boggling and unreal.

  This incident came up while I was doing the fast have process, and although I felt I should not make such crude gestures to my mother, I continued and broke loose some interesting incest fantasies. Running these proved helpful.

  My most recent observation is neat; and on this you need some background. Years ago I was run on remember - forget (See "Getting into Session") and went nowhere. I hadn't made any progress reviewing this solo, but visiting another x-scn, I got into a "firefight" conversation with him while bitching about this. I found later that I could now work this better solo, and that it was like reach-with-draw, or remembering - letting go.

  On "What you wouldn't mind remembering," I realized that "would not mind" was a pretty relaxed state of mind about anything from engrams to victories. So I got the sense of remembering "something" as a full nice feeling.

  At this point, and in harmony with this relaxed state of mind, I found that I could do the fast have process as a really dignified "royal finger (kissing it):" gently, mildly, and with a nice inner glow. Continuing, I also found good results  with just the "inner feel" of this pleasantly asserted independence.

  I find this whole thing rather fascinating because it seems so odd, and would appreciate hearing how this works for you.