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                       AUDITING "WHOLE TRACK" 1955
                                 FG - 3
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                       Copyright (C) Frank Gordon
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     In 1955, while living in Indianapolis and working as a research
biochemist on a better flu vaccine, I received PAB 52, "Auditing the
whole track," Tech Vol II, p.195.
     ((PAB = Professional Auditor's Bulletin))
     In the PAB, Ron described a two-way comm process for the whole
track which required an e-meter and ended by:  "we have a method of
handling .. superior to anything we have had in the past and which can
evidently work at any level.  I invite you to try this on your pcs and
then tell me how it works for you."
     I had an old original e-meter and ran this process on a friend.
     Putting him on the cans, the first step was to discover the time
back to where the pc was stuck, which I interpreted to mean a good read.
Then by calling off periods of time, "50 to 100 years ago" etc., at
about 5,000 to 10,000 years ago, there was a read.
     Upon discussion, he was a poor fisherman in Chile, starving to
death.  Then "What could you say to the fisherman?"  "Have him give that
an OK."  "What could the fisherman say to you?"  "Give that an OK," back
and forth until the comm lag was flat (the EP ((End Phenomenon)) in
1955).  Then the same process with the fisherman's environment.
     After this, I scouted around for another read, and this time he was
the chief of a tribe in Africa and had failed them.  We ran the same
process on the chief and then his environment.  This was hot and gave
very good meter action.  It got to the point where he pictured the chief
outside the house.
     There was a third vague area where he was "holding some pine trees
up."  (He owned a tract of pine in southern Indiana).
     I asked him later what the process had done, and he replied that it
was as if a whole bundle of confusion had vanished.  He was very happy
with the result.  Also, he later traded some of his pine for having a
beautiful lake bull-dozed out with considerable financial gain.
     I wrote Ron as he had requested.  In his reply he considered the
appearance of the chief outside the house in present time as the end
phenomena.  I hadn't fully realized this, and spotted some of my
difficulty in recognizing an EP.
     This is the only time I used this process, but I recall Ron stating
that one could find stuck areas or time periods which could be resolved
by this kind of two-way comm, change of space, or Hello-OK.
     I'm looking for a process like this which can be used effectively
in a biofeedback mode.
     Frank Gordon
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