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                       A FAST HAVINGNESS PROCESS?
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     ((Havingness is a clearing term referring to a thetan's sense of
having things, ownership and well being.  A being can have a high
havingness even without owning much of anything material, it is all a
matter of his internal sense of having what he wants.
     It is measured on the E-meter by a wide swing of the needle with a
light can squeeze.  A small swing of the needle indicates low
havingness, and a larger swing, higher havingness.
     Often after a session of pulling withholds, some sort of Havingness
process must be run on the pc because he will feel kind of empty if you
don't.  Relieved but empty.  The Havingness gets him back into reaching
again towards the environment which is it self a sign of good
     There were many havingness processes, and one was selected for the
pc more or less by experiment.  You ran a few commands of each one until
you found one that improved the can squeeze test.
     The classic havingness process was,
     'Look around here and tell me something you could have.'
     'Look around here and tell me something you could confront.'
     'Look around here and tell me something you could dispense with.'
     Run each command in order, and then start over again, until pc is
extroverted and can squeeze test is good.))
     One approach to Havingness surprised me by its rapidity and
effectiveness, causing the e-meter needle to bang the right pin in less
than a minute (at Sens 2.5), when I squeezed the cans lightly.  The
approach was to make crude, rebellious, and sexually aggressive
gestures.  In theory, this rapid effect parallels the release of an
inhibited reach.  My early training was to deny such "crude outflowing
reaches" and so I am intrigued by how rapidly the needle loosens on
     You might like to try this, and compare its effect with other
Havingness processes.  If so, grasp your crotch with your left hand,
while extending the right arm with the middle finger upraised, and if
you like, say what you felt like saying but did not.  It can also be
done by thumbing one's nose, or with other variations.  I do this with a
cheerful smile, which probably helps.
     If the needle tightens, you should of course use something else,
since the effectiveness of this process may be peculiar to this stage of
my case.  You will probably not be surprised that a Confront process I
can alternate with this is
     "What unconfrontable thing could you (or some one) present?"
     On this one I will spare you the details.
     As a researcher, I go for what feels like an intriguing
fundamental, so I've kept coming back to this surprising phenomena.
     There was an incident I had often recalled without blowing it.  I
was about 8 and was in bed with the mumps.  My mother came in and said
"Frank, if I catch you playing with yourself again, I'm going to have
the doctor come and cut it off."  I said nothing, but pushed her out of
my mind.  The whole incident was unreal.
     This incident came up while I was doing the 'fast have' process
((discussed above)), and although I felt I should not make such crude
gestures to my mother, I continued and broke loose some interesting
incest fantasies.  Running these proved helpful.
     Recently, I found that I could do this process in a very relaxed
state of mind as a dignified and mild "royal finger."  Expanding on
this, I could also get good results with just the inner feel of this
pleasantly asserted independence.
     Frank Gordon, 25-C Talmar Wood, Orono, Maine 04473, Tel (207) 866
2050.  Frank is a retired research biochemist.  He has an early HDA from
Wichita and a BScn from Phoenix (Ross Lamoureaux).  He is interested in
applying scientific methodology to the humanities, and tapping the vast
experience base in the Independent Field.
     Frank Gordon
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