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                       AUDITING VS ORDINARY LIFE
                                 FG - 7
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                       Copyright (C) Frank Gordon
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     To say what auditing is, is to distinguish it from apparently
similar activities, and to also say what it is not.
     Auditor Chumly stirs up the pc, Percy Chump, and gets him going.
He wants what he is doing to bite.  So, he teases Percy, needles him,
and makes him jump.
     Isn't this ordinary life?  Bozo Wog likes to make Percy cringe, and
show some respect!  Bozo likes to push buttons and create effects per
Axiom 10.  ((Axiom 10:  The highest purpose in the universe is the
creation of an effect.))  He likes to get missed withholds stirred up.
"I know something about you that you don't know I know," says Bozo to
     "Oh my god," thinks Percy, "does he know about what I did to that
Marine in the back of the bus?"  Shame - Flinch - Cringe!  Red flares!
Then Bozo Wog walks off, smiling secretly to himself.
     But here is where ordinary life and auditing part company, and in a
similar situation Auditor Chumly calmly allows this "thought bomb" to
explode.  So Percy Chump gets a chance to take the time to feel
extremely uncomfortable.
     Percy can watch the red flares go off and explore his desire to run
away and hide.  He can allow himself to blush and hang his head.  He can
actually feel free to be upset, afraid, embarrassed and confused.
     "Hey, that's a new thought." thinks Percy.  "I actually have the
ability to be scared to death!  Great!  I don't have to squash this
feeling, quickly think of something else, and pretend it doesn't bother
     Ordinary life provides very few opportunities to do what Percy has
been allowed to do.  He has been given an opportunity to recover in a
safe environment without immediate and severe consequences.  "Huh, the
roof didn't fall in."
     He has had time to take a few deep breaths and look over what
really did happen when the "gas-works" exploded.  This can be very
different from what frequently happens in everyday life.
     Frank Gordon
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