Here are some excerpts from a letter I received from "St. Roggie," a frequent contributor to The Heretic, commenting on the Fast Havingness Process:

   One knows that he is impinging upon the world by outflow. Outflow is the opposite of inflow, which is experienced often in the world, and may lead to overwhelm.

   "I think, therefore I am," is a very wimpy outflow.

   "I roar, therefore I am," is much more effective.

   An excellent fast havingness process of my own is roaring, making animal sounds, and singing in the shower. This is a natural effusion which many people indulge in if they haven't been told to "shut up" too often.

   "Letting it all hang out" is excellent fast have, particularly if a person uses aggressive wilful intent. This will float a needle.

   Suppressing one's own communication for whatever reason, ruins people. Most of Grade 0 processing and much of the other Grades focused on this point.

   "At least I let the bastards know I was here," is a good thought to think before the final croak.

   At the bottom of a scale of beingness in this world lies obsessive need and comsumption without much creativity. At the top lies the "emanator," the person who indulges in and has certainty on his own creativity. He needs nothing because he can create at will.

   So bringing out the roar, singing from the belly, letting out the love flow, after the hate and misunderstanding is blown off, is the basic process; and the quickest one to fill the body and perimeter with life force.

   "Getting it out" is the best all around fast havingness process for pre-session and even the session focus itself.

   One can fly the rudiments, all three of them, by finding what the person would have liked to say or do to another; and getting him to emit such WITH FULL EMOTION. This will float the needle.

   Getting the pc to emit AN AWAYS WANTED TO is even better. This might be available before session or it may only be available during mid-session. This "primal scream" type of thing is at the core of most traumas, and emitting it AS ONE WISHED TO DO AT THE TIME will float the needle and blow the trauma.

   I suggest that at the upper end of a case, suppression of para-normal abilities is also dangerous to the individual. Sometimes these make their initial manifestation with the effusion of anger without reservation. Fear of the Power of Self is the basic inner fear which keeps people being people, and results in the avoidance of what and who we really are.