I was reminded a few days ago of a simple headache remedy when a friend called and asked me to assist a girl who had had a headache for several days.

  He put her on the line, and I asked, "When did it begin?"-"Two days ago." "What else happened about the same time?" - She didn't understand me. "What was your situation?"

  "I was trying to find a room." (I don't always ask this question, but it helps find hidden connections).

  "OK, what solid object could cause a headache like this?"

  "A rock."

  "Good, get a picture of a rock out in front of you. Got one?" "Yes." "OK, shove it into your head." (Pause) "Did it change?"

  "It's not as bad."

  "OK, get a picture of a rock out in front of you." "Uh-huh." "Good, throw it away." Back and forth, different positions and getting  several rocks at once. "How is it now?" "Gone." "OK."

  In one case, the guy would shove in a car (he'd been in an accident) and the headache would turn on, and when he threw the picture of the car away, it would turn off.

  My nephew had "a migraine headache". A knife could cause it. Did the above and it went away, but he remarked, "Don't tell my mother." I didn't.

  I've had quite consistent success with this use of mock-ups, but feel that a solid object is required



   Recently, I met an old friend who had a stroke a year ago, and who was not making the expected progress. Trying to help,I put together 3 exercises:

   1. I asked if someone could give her a touch assist for 10 minutes a day, and showed how it was done.

   2. I demonstrated the "cat process" to her, and how she could make a game out of slapping away my hand as it approached. She laughed.

   3. I shared a "fast havingness process" with her which would zoom my can squeeze very rapidly. This consisted of making crude gestures (variations on thumbing one's nose at the world, plus some unprintables) in private. Again, she laughed.

   This combination should be helpful to anyone with severe physical problems, and I'm interested in any feedback you might have on this.