to the restim-destim cycle of auditing occurs in:

"The Gentle Art of Interveiwing and Interrogation" by R.F.Royal and S.R. Schutt, Prentice-Hall, 1976.

   The authors state: "There are only two physiological systems basically: those that deal with pain and pleasure .. Merely asking a question produces stress" (p.146)

   Also, "Sometimes prior to the relief of stress, one can induce stress. For example, 'I don't want you to be nervous about what I am going to say.'"(p.147)

   Then the stress is relieved: "A simple 'So what!' is the most powerful relief furnishing tool known to the interveiwer/interrogator. 'You lied about your income tax. So what! Doesn't everybody?'"

   "After furnishing relief, it is necessary to reestablish stress and re-relieve it a number of times so as to establish a pattern of psychological dependence .. (p.148)

   In this way a cycle is established. The interrogator first expresses empathy for a subject with stressful guilt feelings. He restimulates these: "Have you ever stolen a cookie?" and relieves them: "So what? Hasn't everyone?"

   After a moment of relief, he then re-applies the stress, and releases it. Thus the subject comes to depend upon the interrogator for stress relief.

   The authors call this a "conditioned reflex," and a major aim is to establish this. The byproduct of this cycle is information.

   The authors point out the danger of "over-conditioning" (an over dependence upon the interrogator for stress relief) and resulting false confessions. They also emphasize the moral obligation to assist the self-incriminated subject in adjusting to the consequences of his confession.

   The above pattern is interesting as a parallel to the restimulation - destimulation cycle of auditing and any situation where a person becomes dependent and "reactive" to others or the environment.

   It may also apply to the PTS-SP relationship. E.g., can one get into a PTS-SP relationship without such a prior dependance having been established? This aspect of PTSness, to my knowledge, has not been explored.