There is at the present time (1989) a plethora of "new tech." This reminds me of the early fifties; with Ron Howes as a self-proclaimed "clear," the Eidetic Foundation (remember everything), Examiner Therapy (there is an "examiner" in you that will run your case), and BAMs (beliefs, attitudes, motives) and many other off-shoots of dianetics.

   In addition to these, we have in 1989 what I call a fascination with hyperspace, jumping off into the empyrean blue and driving for a million light years beyond nirvana.

   However, my personal view is that if anyone is going to really go Ron one better, he's got to "cut the meat closer to the bone," and find even more fundamental fundamentals, some simple obvious stuff. So simple and obvious and right in front of our noses that it's very hard to see. I may not have reached this point in these articles, but its what I am reaching towards.

  What is required for auditing to work? The participation of the pc, certainly. Something grabs me, but even more, it's something I can DO something about. What I'm doing CAN make a difference.

  This is like Oswald Veblen's concept of the spirit of craftsmanship. The craftsman wants his actions to be effective and not frittered away on inconsequentials.

   Auditing, either solo or by another, moves the pc from being a mouse: evasive and ready to run and hide behind inconsequentials; into being a curious cat: actively probing, interested, and making things happen.

   Biofeedback or solo work cannot have a "do something to or for me" stance. It drives toward "What are you (am I) up to?" and "Well, what's stopping you (me)?"; "How could you do it without getting caught?" or even, "What part of your (my) life have you (I) participated in?"

   I see it as a process of GETTING THE CAT TO SEE THE MOUSE! Or more precisely raising my perception of those tricky, slippery not-ising sides of myself or others and what I (or they) have smoothly "gotten away with."

   This is a fundamental.

   This thrust lies behind the following  articles on the use of the e-meter in the biofeedback mode. They are given as a series of personal experiences, experiments, and explorations into the Terra Incognita (unknown world) of who and what I am.

   They have two governing considerations: my personal interest at the time, and whether or not the topic gives action, e.g., an active loosening needle and BDs on the meter, plus my sense that "this is going somewhere."

   In every case, I have looked for a question fundamental enough to be reuseable. Then, even if I felt good by using it; I could still return to it later for further work.

   These questions should be fundamental enough so that they could ultimately serve as subjects for meditation and contemplation. Thus, they bridge into the recurring concerns of my everyday life.

   These ideal subjects of solo or biofeedback work are also of phiosophical interest to me in my search for fundamental stable data, not only about life in general, but especially about my life as I have lived it, and hope to live it. Stable data to help me look at what it's all about.

   So it isn't just a question of how to "feel better" or "go clear" but also to resolve and clarify who and what I am and what in the dickens am I "up to."