In part II of this series I stated my desire to find indefinitely recycleable questions, and gave a report on my results with: "How could someone be right?"; and the effort to keep a shoulder lifting effort and smile from going away, both of which I still use.

  The generalized confront process: "What unconfrontable thing could someone present?" still gives TA, and I used a mild form in a group by bringing up socially disapproved bodily discharge mechanisms (with laughter). "Whoops! Excuse me."

  On the fast havingness process presented in Part II, I continued to explore the surprising effectiveness of making crude gestures.  I also tried radiating "universal love" and although this gave BDs the needle didn't loosen. I found that by composing a spontaneous tune on my recorder, and then whistling it while doing an uninhibited dance I could also loosen the needle. The key is apparently not crudity, but uninhibited outflow; although I must confess I still enjoy the first version which is the quickest and most effective.

The Process I'm Looking For:

  In each of the above, I can return to the process when I feel like it, and so far, continue indefinitely. For me at this time, the ideal solo process is one that will counteract my tendency to disperse, and is simple, fundamental, and can be recycled.


  The fundamental for the First Book was the Axiom: "Survive!" Ron mentioned later that survival is basic to every workable process. "Survive!" fits these requirements. In Part I of this series, I reported some success with "Dead - Alive" on the Chart of Attitudes, which is actually "Dead - Survive!" One misunderstand-ing I had with "Survive!" originally, was to feel that it came from a source other than myself. But why not run my own inner urges and determinations to "Survive!" as the source of this impulse?

  After reviewing some related concepts: grit, gumption, drive, persist, stick-to-itiveness, keep at it, push through, damn the torpedoes, etc.; I held the concept of "Survive!"  and its associated energy field and kept trying to improve and expand this concept into various areas (the dynamics).

  This gave TA and evoked areas of sensed opposition in my field which I had agreed to or compromised with: "Hold back, you're bad cause, etc." Then, I could compare the concept of "Survive!" with the shades of "Don't!."

  The positive side reminded me of the old Dianetic command, "Please continue," a friendly encouragement to survive. It is also related to the "Continue processes" in HCOB 3 June 71, Tech Vol VII, p.268. Most recently, I've felt irritated by "Survive!" as a demand rather than a desire. "You have got to--, etc."

War Stories:

  "What have you survived?" gave TA. I got the feeling that this is the actual EP of running an engram, the recognition that I had survived it (with a sense of satisfaction at overcoming it). The feeling of no longer "there and then," but "here and now" provided an indicator of when to end off.

"How could someone survive?":

  I used "How could someone survive?" to take the place of brackets and got an immediate .5BD on an incident of "I don't see how I can live," and the cog that this is a question I am continually trying to answer (with a new appreciation of DMSMH). Then I hit some heavy material: concerning cannibalism, killing, and hiding with some body heat.

  This is like "How do you handle life?" and "Why?" which I ran a few times. I handle life as little as possible, so it won't kick back; and by living in the lap of luxury, because I deserve it (with a line charge!). This form requires me to be more consciously cause.

Mastering the Basics:

  The Survive processes above align with the key fundamental of DMSMH. They are as direct as you can get. Self-determinism, responsibility, and confront enter in but I havn't given them any special attention.

  With the "What-" one might treat the second question as a listing and nulling action, but I didn't and just survived.

  "Survive!" is more than exist or live, but to successfully live through, above, or beyond with a sense of surmounting and overcoming. Nice choice, Ron, although at first I thought of it as "Getting by SOMEHOW!" and primarily other-determined (this concept is still kicking - hence my current irritation).

  By returning to and re-working these basic concepts I can gain a greater appreciation of the "old," and reduce my apparently built-in obsessive hunger for the "new," fresh, and startling. In theory, this is probably just a dispersal against blocks.

A Note on "BTs":

  Although I've seen no official materials (it's confidential you know) on this BT stuff, I have a couple of observations.

  Ron met and tried to help or otherwise a great many people, as have each of us. This left a lot of unfinished business, and it could be finished off by "auditing them in absentia" as it were.

  I tried running such an "absentee session" on someone I've had a lot of stressful interaction with: "Alright, Hiram, start of session." - rudiments, etc." TA 4 at start, BDs, and ended off loose at 3 and laughing. It seems to be a workable technique and somewhat similar to "Hello-OK."