A Book Review:

ON AUDITING, Martha Courtis HDA, 1953, 76pp. $10
Reprinted by UPSTAT, P.O.Box 1413, Riverside, CA 92501

by Frank Gordon

   This early classic is invaluable to anyone interested in the early spirit and development of Dianetics. I found it refreshing.

   The importance of the preparation, motives, and intentions of the auditor are strongly emphasized. On p.6: "I call the auditor the forgotten man in Dianetics because so little emphasis has been placed on his preparation - and so much on his knowledge of technique."

   It has a discussion of the original Auditor's Code, and one line rings a curious bell 37 years later: "The auditor uses only techniques designed to restore the self-determinism of the preclear. He refrains from any authoritarian or dominating conduct, leading always, rather than driving."

   The goal and purpose of auditing are continually used as a reference point. On p.26: "Confused by all this? Go back to the GOAL of processing, the Unconfusor...Know what you are purposing."

   The discussion is, of course, centered on the techniques of 1953. In retrospect, it appears that much of value has been left behind.

   The search for what lies behind effectiveness is an underlying theme. On p.39: "What made the difference? What is the potent element .. What are preclears doing that we don't recognize they are doing? .. Do results occur for the reasons we ascribe to them or is the actual reason as yet undiscovered?" A good question. And just as good today as in 1953.

   Straightwire is given prominence. I was especially intrigued by her discussion of Validation Processing. Running pleasure moments until, and even while, the tears were streaming down the pc's face! A definite classic.