Suppression is a common denominator of mental and life difficulties and a higher level of confront and backflow to it are beneficial. Here are several ways I've discovered of how I could do this:

With Biofeedback

   On the E-Meter (a biofeedback machine measuring body resistence) one approach surprised me by its effectiveness. It  was making crude rebellious and sexually aggressive gestures.

   In theory, this rapid effect parallels the release of an inhibited reach and increasess "havingness.". My early training  was to deny such crude outflows and so I was intrigued by how rapidly the needle loosened on this (a sign of increased reach and ability to have).

   You might like to try this. If so, stand or sit, and grasp your crotch with your left hand, while extending the right arm with the middle finger upraised, and if you like, say what you felt like saying, but didn't.

   You can also find your own satisfying variation of this by rediscovering your childhood gestures of defiance like thumbing your nose, or sticking out your tongue. I do this with a cheerful smile, which probably helps.

   If the needle tightens (a sign of the reduction of the ability to reach), you should of course use something else.

   For me, this exercise seemed to knock out an old chronic suppression. Suppression includes "Can't flow back!" When one can flow back against it in any way, it lessens. This appears to be the case here.

   After several months of working with this, it still blows down and loosens the needle. This fits the description of a good havingness process in Dianetics Today. p.420:

   "If the second squeeze shows the needle looser than the first .. you've got it. .. The havingness process selected, even if the right one, if run too much (more than 10 or 20 commands), will start running the bank. It doesn't harm the preclear, but that isn't its use...The tone arm may 'blow down' toward clear read if you run 15 minutes or half an hour .. on the other hand, it may not"

   Upon rereading this, it occurred to me that this process could "run the bank" (release embedded and internalized suppressions), and this appears to be the case.

   Also, by composing and whistling spontaneous tunes and "dancing" to it, I could also loosen the needle. Not crudity, but uninhibited outflow seems to be the key; although the first version is still the quickest and most effective for me.

   Over time, the feeling tone of this exercise has gone from angry aggression to friendly assertion. And I can now get similar results by cultivating an internal and external sense of unbounded space and time: "Room enough and space enough and time enough."

In Life:

   To be fully alive, one must be able to tolerate a wide range of emotion and action and feel free to "get into" and handle any blockages. But is it safe, and what will the neighbors think? (a suppression)

   The following incidents have demonstrated to me the importance of being able to outflow against suppression.

In a Gestalt Group:

   I was in a Gestalt group and asked the leader if it was safe to scream. He said it was (it's not easy to find a place where one can scream).

   I crouched down on the floor and returned to an experience at 14, when I fell from the top of a tall maple tree. I had reached for the top branch and it snapped. I could actually hear the cracking sound.

   In this group, I felt free to scream out the terror of falling with nothing under me and with a good chance of being killed. I began with the crack of the branch breaking, and ran through it four times. I ended up feeling really good, alive and expansive. A safe space made it possible.

In a County Jail:

   It is easy to suppress physical discharges out of regard for the feelings of others. One time I was in a county jail and extremely tense, as might be expected.

   I badly needed to release this tension. So I told the Sheriff not to be surprised if he heard some odd noises from my cell. Following some observations of Janov and Reich, I leaned over the toilet and stuck my finger down my throat to elicit the gagging reflex and reverse the inflow of "you've got to take it and there's nothing you can do about it."

   This produced some unpleasant sounds. The Sheriff came back and said the other inmates were disturbed by these. I replied that I was sorry, but was going to continue.

   I did continue, finally vomited, and began to cry in a relaxed way with tears streaming down my face. I let everything go, and fell asleep. I slept for 24 hours and woke up refreshed. The tension had evaporated.

   I could release this suppression since I had the agreement of the Sheriff and did not have to worry about what the other inmates would think or do. This is not always the case in everyday life with its frequently highly formalized atmospheres.

In My Apartment:

   At one time alone in my apartment, I had become almost frantic, a dramatization of "I need help." I thought of signing myself into a local mental hospital but knew they could do nothing effective, so I lay down and simply let come up whatever came up. As I did this I was alert for any loosening or relaxation, howeve tiny, that appeared. I had previously learned that this was the workable compass or guiding signal.

   Finally, the thought "Destroy myself" appeared and with it a slight loosening. This was certainly a negative and destructive thought, but I was interested in the accompanying relaxation and probed this area and expanded it. Surprisingly, in about 3 minutes I felt fine again.

   I have taught this technique to a girl and she also obtained good results. This approach is similar to that of Eugene Gendlin in his book "Focusing."

With Insomnia:

   A variation of this has worked with insomnia. One night I couldn't get to sleep. I found myself chewing over what smart remark I could have made to a dominating woman by whom I felt suppressed. I was caught in a seemingly endless struggle. Then I put my attention on the underlying feeling, a kind of exasperated frustration, looked for an earlier time of feeling this way, found several and, fell asleep.

   The blocked energy of these previous times was apparently feeding into the last one.


   These are just few ways I've found to help handle and release those internalized suppressions, which are so closely connected with aberration, depression and "mental illness." You probably have your own which you would like to share.