by John McMasters

   Excerpted from a taped seminar on the Power Processes 23 March 1985

   I only want you to do two drills. Sit opposite each other as coacvh and student. There is no flunking. The whole idea if the effortless creation of a safe space. Sp the coach will say to the student: "Without effort (or effortlessly), create a safe space."

   Now, if you see the student is efforting, then just say "That's it. I will repeat the command", and say it again. That's all, it's very simple.

   The idea for those who are creating safe space is, just let it go and get the whole concept of effortlessly doing this. Then after that we are going to expand. That is what we're going to do first, and we'll do that for 20 minutes each way. There's no strain. You don't have to bull-bait. You don't have to use force. This effortlessness is lacking in the other training drills.

   You see, I am experimenting; and I feel that if you start with the whole concept of effortlessly creating a safe space and you really know you can do so, then the other things will fall away. Then, in that safe space, all the things that could get bull-baited (although I've seen good results with this), don't need to be.

   I feel that with this, we might move much faster where we get the whole concept of being effortless - and creating a safe space. Because in a safe space, one is not afraid to let out anything. You don't have to have it bull-baited out.

   The one thing about the other technology (Now we are, I hope, pioneering into a new concept of tech) is that you don't have to give trick questions like one of the old-timers "What question shouldn't I ask you?" Like you're not going to be honest with me. "What question shouldn't I ask you? What's that? What's that? What's that?

   There is something I've been doing for years now with people who have been desperate with physical complaints, and it's been very real for me.

   I aked "What question would you like me to ask you so you could find out what you're looking for?"

   Then I'd list, list, list and I'd say "This seems to be the charged one. How does it seem to you?" And they would say, "Yeah, it's OK."

   I would repeat that question, and the person would say, "This ..this .. this .." and it went on, and the person would eventually say "No, it's not quite that." He's taken all the charge off that, and he starts to re-word the question.

   Now, on the so-called standard tech, it would be the epitome of Q'n A to now change the question. But I would say, "Fine. What is the new question?" and he would say, "It's this." and we would again list off the charge. Each new question is a cognition or realization. Eventually the person, as he's refining it, might change the question 20 times.

   The preclear is the one who knows, and you are granting him the beingness to know. Even with one who has achieved that level of freedom called clear, which is the result of the erasure of those things which inhibit the ability to look; now that one is free to look, there is so much to look at.

   I have had fantastic results on physical ailments using "What would you like me to ask you, in order to find out what you want to find?" With a safe space, the bank emerges and is able to be seen. The idea that you have to go in there with a sledge-hammer and bash the bank around is unecessary. After all these years look at the end results of this idea.

   Hubbard said to me in those days "John, find out what it is that you're doing, and get it across the world fast. Because there isn't anyone here who can do what you are doing."

   I couldn't put words to it at that time, and so I thought it was obligatory that I should find out what I was doing, so I could communicate it.

   I found that I was sort of hitting the effortless band, and making it safe. I found out that I didn't even think any more. Something else was happening. I saw all these things coming in. When your space becomes expanded and safe, there is no rebuff. All these things come in. And as the concept registers, the mass of the concept erases. Everything becomes effortless.

   So the whole idea is, we flow into this concept of a way to freedom, and we begin by effortlessly creating a safe space.