It is a general principle in auditing or life, that a flow which flows too long in one direction has a tendency to stick.

  What will happen then, when for a very long period of time, enormous numbers of people (myself included) have constantly pursued the goal of being "Clear?" Isn't this just such a stuck flow?

  LRH stated that the effort ot be good leaves evil on automatic, and the person will wind down rapidly. By analogy, perhaps a concentrated effort to go clear will leave unclearness on automatic.

  If it does, how does one balance it? By going for "Total Fog?" Well, let me try it while sitting here at my word processor. Now, let me think; how am I going to get foggy, restimulated, or into feeling like I want to climb the walls, UN-CLEAR, in other words?

  OK, here's one: "What can really get me going?" Someone advocating drugs for the good life. But on that, I just climb on my high-horse, get a soap-box and start spouting my views. Is this becoming unclear? Not really.

  I need a better biting question; something like: "What can really fog me out?" Ah, that's better, my eyes just went out of whack. Great, but no spots yet! Well, you can't have everything. Sounds like a good phrase for a repeater. And have been thinking about years spent in dull quiet places, like SCHOOLS, so that might be OK.

  Here we go: "You can't have everything." What's happening? I closed my eyes for a moment and it changed, now it's "You can't have anything?" along with another voice, "You can't do anything right!" and a little headache. Great! Progress!

  Now I'm laughing - hmm, is that a good indicator or maybe I'm not taking this seriously enough. Ah, another sonic impression "There's nothing funny about this," from the head honcho on the Parole Board.

  Whoops, back to the original "You can't have everything, Jack." Now where did that come from, Jack. Uh-huh, Union Jack, a tobacco, and the British Ensign, and mutual masturbation.

  At last! A stable datum, and now for the prior confusion, what do you mean, prior? I've still got it.

  You know, this is pretty interesting, I am sort of foggy, though. Not bad! More laughter though. What in hell am I doing, going to hell in a hand basket? AND with Good Indicators? More laughter.

  Well, it feels OK. Foggy, but OK. Better than whiskey. Boy, that stuff sure is expensive. Cheap drunk. Typical of a Scot.

  Well, I'll end off here. What shall I call this? Not an EP certainly. Oh, I know: an FF, "Fog found."