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.ce FAF - 15
.ce 1 June 1990

.ce Copyright (C) Flemming A. Funch
.ce Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes

     There are more things to say about the characteristics of the
different bands of case.  First of all I now claim that there are 4. And
also more and more subjects can probably be plotted against the levels.
Also I am trying to be a little more ambitious about what we could get
out of the operation levels, just as an experiment.  Remember, this is
how I look at it now - things might and will change.

         Life           Operation      Static         Infinity
State    Life Clear     Operation Cl.  Static Clear   Infinity Clear
         Scn Clear      Theta Clear    Cleared Theta
Ability  No reactive    Don't need a   No need for    Knows anything
Gained   mind. In       body. Exterior beingnesses.   and everything.
         control of     perceptions.   Full recall.   Can cause agreed
         own life.      Can be in or   Can create or  upon effects. No
                        out of games.  not create     dependency on
                                       viewpoints     existence.  Is
                                       and universes. the cause of
Scope of Life as a      Operating from Anything one   Anything that
what is  Homo Sapiens   a viewpoint in has posutlated exists or might
handled                 the physical                  exist.
Who's    The composite  The case one   One's own      The totality of
case     bank of one    is sharing     Theta Bank     all case.
         human being.   with others.
Type of  Security Mind  Social Mind    Analytical     The theta
Mind     (Reactive)     (Interaction   Mind (Logic)   universe.
                        with others)                  (Super
                                                      conscious mind)
Type of  Identification Association    Differen-      ?
Think                                  tiation
Area of  0.0 to 4.0     4.0 to 22.0    22.0 to 40.0   40.0 to 88.0
Tone Scale
Part of  Have           Do             Be             ? ((Know))
one      Valences       Entities       Beingnesses    Statics
is getting
rid of
being    A Human Being  The Physical   One's own      All Universes
dealt                   Universe       Universe

     It is quite a puzzle to fit these last concepts together.  More
work is needed on that.

     An interesting philosophical conundrum is that concepts like
Be-Do-Have, Affinity-Communication-Reality, Space-Energy-Time,
Differentiation-Association-Identification, Tone40-Tone20-Tone0, and so
forth can be regarded in several different ways:

     - as a tone scale or bridge, with the first concept being most
"desirable" and the last one the least.
     - as a triangle, of parts that are equally needed to form a whole.
     - as a cycle of action:  we start as the first one, continue as the
middle, and end up as the last one.

     Seems like they all work on a circular basis.  And eventually one
should have to break out of any circle like that and not have to Be or
Do or Have or anything else.  Total Freedom!

     ((Hmmmm, breaking out of the circle, wouldn't have anything
to do with his next post, now would it?))