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Technical Essay # 21 - FAF 24 November 1990

.ce Dynamic Clearing

Clearing and "Clear" on different dynamics are often misunderstood subjects. Their meaning
is sometimes greatly inflated and misused.

Can one really go Clear on all dynamics by sitting alone in session auditing?

To start with, let's define some names of relative states:

Mind Clear:	Rational evaluation. Cause over mental matter, energy, space and time.
Cause over internal matters. More knowns than unknowns.	
Operation Clear:	Able to act and cause things. Cause over things in life. Cause over
external matters.
Static Clear:	Cause over the creation of things. Cause over what makes internal and
external matters happen.

This is a gradient scale of states that could apply to a certain sphere of influence. They could
also be called Clear, OT, Static or any other appropriate names.

They can be applied to the different dynamics. Before we do that, let's look at what Clearing
is on different dynamics.

1D:	We clear an individual either with a practitioner or solo. We address what he has in his
mind, or what he would like to do, or what postulates he has.

Now, the first dynamic is the only dynamic we can handle directly by having one individual in
session. We can handle the individual's charge on subjects from other dynamics, but we
can't clear another dynamic without having it in session.

2D:	We clear the second dynamic by bringing it in session. That includes at least 2
individuals. For practical purposes we can consider the dynamic being cleared if we are
clearing the relation between two people. We have to address charge between them, stuck
incidents, flows, etc. And get the 2D to do something. And find what is creating it.

Now, an interesting phenomena. We can only clear a being's 2D by addressing at least 2
terminals there as a group. And once we have cleared it his 2D is Clear. No matter who the
other person is later. If one's 2D is cleared one has no trouble dealing with others on a one to
one basis.

3D:	To clear the third dynamic we must bring a group together. We must impinge some
commands on the group, restimulate some charge, and clear it until the desired state is

4D:	The fourth dynamic is being cleared if we appropriate commands or questions thru to
the general public, we get a restimulated response, and we continue until the desired result
is achieved. As with all clearing, the pc must know it is being cleared - it is not something one
can do secretly.

5D:	All things living on the planet must be addressed for 5D clearing to occur. Not just "a
plant" or "a dog", but all living things.

6D:	The physical universe as a whole must be in session. Incidents, stuck flows, improved
ability, postulates that create it, etc.

7D:	To clear the seventh dynamic we must be able to have all viewpoints in the game in
session at the same time, to get commands thru, to cause some restimulation, and to clear it

8D:	The eighth dynamic is cleared by addressing the creation of everything in it.

The point is: a dynamic is cleared by having that dynamic in session. Your 6th dynamic is not
some thoughts you have in your head - it is what you are walking around in. I am not
necessarily saying that the clearing can't be done telepathically, I am just saying that the right
dynamic must be addressed. Handling one's own considerations about 2D, one's problems
with MEST, other beings that are stuck in one's space, and so forth, has nothing to do with
clearing the 2nd, 6th, 7th, or any other dynamic. It has to do with clearing the 1st dynamics
relation to those dynamics and is very valid for that. But don't mistake the different actions.

You are not "cause over all dynamics" if you are still stuck in a body, having the same boring
job, unable to organize effective groups, not to mention mankind, and so forth.

What can easily happen is that one skips a gradient. One would naturally expand one's state
of case from the first dynamic on to the second, third etc. However the later dynamics might
seem more confrontable, if one doesn't quite understand them, and the difficult 3rd and 4th
dynamics can be overlooked.

Many people have had their first dynamic very well cleared. Many have also had their second
dynamic cleared so that they are cause over groups with about 2 people in them. Now, when
it comes to 3rd dynamic, it is a different matter. Being Clear on 3D would mean that the group
one is in would be rational. LRH has by far come the closest to this. And obviously the 4th
dynamic is not Clear for anybody on this planet.

Clearing can be said to be the basic game here. When all 8 dynamics have been cleared
thru the gradients of Mind, Operation, Static - the game is over. That is what we are trying to
do here. You don't go OT on all dynamics and then start playing the game, that is the wrong
sequence. However, going OT on the first dynamic will certainly help clearing the other

This doesn't change the fact that anybody can get out of the game by help of clearing. Being
exterior to the game might end it for the individual, but it doesn't win the game.

Now, let's try to establish what the 3 gradients of Clear means for each dynamic. This is a
quick attempt at that:

1D:	Mind:		Life Clear. Rational and un-reacting in thinking about personal activities.
	Operation:	Freedom from a body. Able to move and act.
	Static:	Full cause over creation of own beingness.
2D:	Mind:		No restimulation generated in a relation.
	Operation:	Able to do things with a relation.
	Static:	Cause over creating and uncreating a relation.
3D:	Mind:		Groups with rational responses.
	Operation:	Groups that can do things.
	Static:	Cause over creating and uncreating groups.
4D:	Mind:		A rational species.
	Operation:	A species that causes its own destiny.
	Static:	Able to create or uncreate a species.
5D:	Mind:		No restimulation between life.
	Operation:	All life working together.
	Static:	Able to create or uncreate life.
6D:	Mind: 	A rational universe.
	Operation:	The whole universe working together.
	Static:	Able to create or uncreate the physical universe.
7D:	Mind:		Rational relations between all viewpoints.
	Operation:	Co-action of all viewpoints.
	Static:	Able to create or uncreate all viewpoints.
8D:	Mind:		Rational contemplation of creating the game.
	Operation:	Able to finish the whole game.
	Static:	Able to create or uncreate the game.

This is also approximately the order one would accomplish these states. It is a gradient of
winning the game.

Skipping a gradient is likely to cause some bypass charge. E.g. if one tries to wrap up the 6th
and 7th dynamic before one has mastered 2, 3, 4, and 5, the charge on those will be
restimulated. Specifically that would cause upsets in personal relations, group problems,
stops in society, body problems, and that sort of stuff.

The application of the tech to dynamics higher than 1 must be worked out. The most needed
area in the first place is the 3rd dynamic.