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Technical Essay # 22 - FAF 21 December 1990

.ce More on Dynamics

The Dynamics can be described in different ways:
 spheres of influence or operation, bigger and bigger areas.
 various states of awareness or ability.
 a cycle of action of creating an effect

The dynamics can be regarded as various representations of "Self". The higher dynamic the
closer we are getting to the basic origin of things. The lower the dynamic, the more we are
talking about the results.

Full erasure of anything or everything can only be done by identifying the 8th dynamic
aspect, or rather by viewing the aspects of all the dynamics. One's own causation of things is
found on higher dynamics, not on lower. With "Self" I mean all dynamics, not just the 1st. The
first is the effect, not the cause. Saying Self is sort of paradoxical since all of it both is and
isn't oneself.

Clearing the first dynamic basically amounts to identifying what the effects are. Not just what
one is effect of, but what one is as an effect, how one is represented as an individual. Erasure
of 1D case is basically identifying the point of being effect. In doing that one doesn't really
have to be effect, if one has fully found what the effect is. That is an erasure or clearing for 1D,
but only a meager release as far as the higher dynamics are concerned. Restimulating
charge from higher dynamics will inevitably create new effects on the 1D. But again,
identifying what those effects are would clear 1D again.

8D 	is the infinite pool of potentialities that actualities can be taken out of. No games
conditions. Just knowingness.
7D 	is being source, causing something "from the outside", making it happen without
necessarily any reason and without being involved in it.
6D 	is the actual creation of a game and a playing field.
5D 	is the establishment of players and pieces inside the game.
4D 	is the election of category of player.
3D 	is grouping by selected strategy.
2D 	is the interaction between players.
1D 	is the experiencing of playing the game.

That is pretty rough, I don't understand this fully yet.

As mentioned 1D would be cleared by identifying and being able to identify what it is that one
is experiencing, what the effects are. And by realizing that it is something one is experiencing
and "mocking up" as per the Clear Cog. And one should be able to experience and be effect
at will.

Similarly, the 2D would be cleared by viewing what interactions happen between players
and being able to spot them. And gaining the ability to enter into any of those interactions

3D is cleared by becoming able to spot groupings and different strategies. Or implement
them. Becoming able to change strategy, activity, and grouping at will.

4D is cleared by having identified all categories of players and being able to spot them at any
time. And being able assume any of the categories, being able to be any level or type of
player. Free to assume any standard identity.

5D is cleared by identifying all "Play Units", that is all active internal individual agents in the
game. And being able to assume any of those specific viewpoints.

6D is cleared by viewing the total game and universe and everything in it. And becoming
able to start, change, or stop it.

7D is cleared by identifying all specific causation, all outside the game postulates relating to
this probability space.

8D is cleared by identifying all implemented potentialities, and becoming able to know any
and all potentialities.

What I have called the Life Levels corresponds to clearing 1D, the Operation Levels (should)
correspond to clearing 2D and 3D, the Static Levels would be 4D, 5D and 6D, and the Infinity
Levels would cover clearing of 7D and 8D.

I retract my earlier doubts about the completeness of the 8 dynamics. These dynamics are
more than enough for containing and categorizing all of existence and non-existence.