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Technical Essay # 25 - FAF 3 January 1991

.ce Dynamics Again

Definitions of Clearing

Clearing can be regarded from a different angle depending on which dynamic we look at. So,
clearing can be defined in at least 8 different ways. None is more important than the other per
se, they just belong in different spheres.

8	Resolving areas of limitation
7	Resolving postulates
6	Resolving compulsive creation
5	Resolving fixed or old viewpoints
4	Resolving fixed or old beingnesses
3	Resolving unfinished games
2	Resolving other's case one is misowning
1	Resolving experience blocks	

Stable Terminals

To clear a dynamic we need a stable terminal to do it with. That has to be a terminal that
doesn't react with lower dynamic charge that creates Q&A.

Therefore, one can't very well clear oneself on the 1st dynamic. One isn't a safe terminal, one
is reacting. One needs somebody else who acts as a Clear in that area and who doesn't Q&A
with one's reactions, but who is just effective. That other person basically has to be clear on
the clients 1D, that is he shouldn't bring his own case into the session. In lieu of having
another terminal one could acomplish a bit with Ethics alone, but that is difficult.

The 2nd dynamic requires a clear 1st dynamic to clear it. If that doesn't exist one would react
1D wise to one's interaction with others and won't get to clear the charge. In other words we
can successfully do "solo" clearing when the 1D is cleared.

Likewise one won't be very successful clearing 3D unless one is clear on 2D. That is, a group
issue would be clouded by inter-personal charge.

Same thing with the other dynamics.

Dynamic Case Cracking

In the logical order of going up the bridge we would handle 1D charge first, then 2D, then 3D,
etc. However, there could be several reasons for doing otherwise.

We might need a higher dynamic as a stable space to allow clearing of lower dynamics. For
example, the creation of a 3rd dynamic despite 1D and 2D charge might allow clearing to
happen where otherwise it wouldn't have happened. The Church is an example of that. It
also shows that one can successfully create a 3D despite lower dynamic charge. It might
have problems, but it is possible and often necessary to do it. In that fashion we use a higher
dynamic as a bypass mechanism. By the same method a common 4D enemy or cause would
tend to temporarily release 3D issues.

It might actually be said that we can't create a safe space to clear lower dynamics without
putting higher dynamics in some sort of order.

Also, with some people we might have to restimulate a higher dynamic in order to create a
case entrance. Somebody who doesn't want to or be able to do anything about his 1D might
by cracked in a group setting. That covers the reasons for occasional success of group

Any dynamic can be used as leverage to bring up lower dynamics. Showing a person that
reaction happens in interaction with others (2D) can open the door to 1D. Or aberration in a
group setting can. Or by putting attention on 4D issues, e.g. war. Or 5D, e.g. pollution. Or by
discussing the structure of the universe, e.g. mathematics or physics. Or by bringing up the
subject of spiritual influences, 7D. Or the overall cosmic whole of things, 8D. Different
dynamics might appeal to different people and make them see that something needs to be

Another way of looking at it is: where can we find the need of change of this person. Which
dynamic does he want improved. We can put attention on a higher dynamic ruin, restimulate
1D with it and handle that. The actual higher dynamic charge is not likely to be available.

New types of Processing

Clearing dynamics from 2 and up might require new methods that are different from the
traditional 1 on 1 session. It is doubtful if one can really clear the higher dynamics that way.

For example, group sessions might be required to clear 3D. Getting together a group of
people and restimulating some charge and staying in session until it is cleared. The exact
format and method of doing that would have to be developed. Possibly these people would
have to have been cleared on 1D and 2D first.

To some degree clearing of entities could be regarded as group sesssions. However, they
are not the real 3D. They are more like reactive pictures of real 3Ds. We need to have some
real 3Ds in session.

Relations between Dynamics

Any dynamic carries aspects of all the other dynamics. Those aspects can be mistaken for,
but aren't, the actual dynamics.

For example: a person might have pets and be nice to animals. That means that his 1D has a
good relation to 5D. He can have effects from the 5D. That doesn't necessarily mean that he
is in good shape on the actual 5D. 5D is all things living in the universe. It is not just a house
pet, it is a sphere of influence of incredible magnitude compared to that.

In clearing each dynamic in order we would naturally also clear the relations to other
dynamics. When we are clearing 1D we would make sure the person could have effects from
any of the other dynamics. When we handle 2D we would also handle its relations to 1D, 3D,

.ce Dynamic Mastery Chart
The Road to Clearing of all Dynamics

Degree		Name	Subjects Cleared	Ability Regained
s	Master of Infinity
Infinity Clear		Ability to make anything
z	Possibilities	Anything possible.	Knowledge of all that might
z	Limits	Any limits to possibilities.	Freedom from limits.
z	Actualities	Anything actual.	Awareness of all that is.
s	Master of Cause
		Ability to cause anything that
is possible
z	Source	The potentials of a being.	Achieving one's full potential
as a being.
z	Cause	New postulates.	Ability to postulate anything.
z	Postulates	Persisting postulates.	Freedom from postulates.
s	Master of Creation
Static Clear		Abiltiy to create or uncreate
z	Magic	Illusions, Telekinesis.	Ability to create perceivable
illusions in any universe.
z	Creation	Creation of universes.	Ability to create new
z	Universes	Persistent universes.	Ability to choose universe.
s	Master of Viewpoints
		Ability to see anything,
z	Approximation	Ways of viewing.	Ability to approximate any
z	Permeation	Locations to view.	Ability to visit any location.
z	Remote Viewpoints	Unknown remote viewpoints.	Recovery of remote
s	Master of Beingness
		Ability to make and unmake
any category of beingness.
Freedom from humanity.
z	Categories	Creation of categories	Ability to make new
categories of beingness.
z	Species	Species aberrations.	Ability to affect a whole
z	Roles	Beingness creation drills.	Ability to assume any
z	Personality	The basic personality one is
using.	Freedom from a fixed

s	Games Master
Operation Clear		Ability to start, stop, and play
any game
z	Games Making	Practice in the creation of
games.	Ability to make games
z	Games	Unfinished games.	Freedom from past games
z	Administration	Training in the techniques of
administration.	Able to manage groups
z	Groups	Group aberrations.	Able to confront and
understand groups
z	Perception	Exterior perception drills.	Exterior perceptions
z	Creativity	Creative processing.	Able to create what is
z	Abilities	Creations blocking abilities.	Able to expand abilities at will
z	Attention	Attention drills.	Ability to move attention
z	Connections	Connections through time and
space.	Freedom from forgotten
s	Master of Interaction
		Ability to interact with
anyone, anywhere
z	Interaction	Past and current interaction with
other beings.	Freedom from negative
results of interaction
z	Telepathy	Telepathy drills.	Ability to communicate
without physical means
z	Mind Control	Infiltrated thought.	Freedom from other-
determined thought
z	Clearing	Training in the techniques of
Clearing.	Ability to clear others
z	Intention	Intention.	Ability to project intention
z	Exteriorization	Body dependency.	Ability to leave the body at will
z	Entities	Other beings in one's space.	Recovery of own space
z	Implants	Artificial overwhelming incidents.	Freedom from artificial

s	Master of Experience
Life Clear		Ability to experience life
exactly as it is
z	Experience	Methods and subjects of
experience.	Ability to confront effects
z	Words	Restimulative words,
Misunderstood words.	Freedom from the aberrative
factors of words & language
z	Identities	Identities, negative intentions.	Freedom from negative
intentions and identities
z	Incidents	Past Traumatic Incidents.	Freedom from effects of past
z	Power	Attention stuck in time.	Ability to hold one's position
z	Rightness	Fixed ideas, Right/Wrong
mechanisms	Freedom from fixed
z	Change	Upsets, Changes.	Ability to confront changes
z	Ethics	Perpetrations, Withholds, Self-
limitation, Ethics, Justice.	Freedom from a need to
withhold one's actions
z	Problems	Responsibility, Problems,
Objective awareness.	Ability to have or not have
z	Communication	Barriers to communication.	Ability to communicate freely
under any conditions
z	Memory	Recall, Pleasure moments.	Ability to recall the past
z	Drugs	Bodily and mental effects of
drug use.	Free from the harmful effects
of drugs
z	Help	Blocks for getting Clearing.	Ability to improve