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Technical Essay # 33 - FAF 7 February 1991

.ce Descent from Eternity

Eternally there is totality of all that might be. An infinity of ascending and descending
infinities. Total knowingness of all potentialities.

Descension into actualities is accomplished by limitation of potentialities.

The first and highest actuality is the static. There is an infinity of statics. The static is total
cause without reservation.

The static considers things to be and they are.

The entire purpose of cause is to produce effects. Cause creates a universe of effects. A
universe is a collection of created effects. Creation involves reach and withdraw.

A universe is kept in existence by and is based on an illogic agreed upon to be in-
duplicatable. All logic is based on illogic.

The universe of a static and the universes of any other statics can be are are brought to
overlap by common creation. Thus a playing field is created that is commonly available to all

On the playing field many universes and dimensions are agreed upon.

Most universes have
the consideration of apartness which is space,
the consideration of potential which is energy,
the consideration of thereness which is matter,
the consideration of sequence  which is time.

In universes viewpoints might or might not be required.

In this physical universe viewpoints are mandatory in order to participate.

The static creates viewpoints within and as part of the universe. Viewpoints are points from
which to view. These viewpoints can again extend remote viewpoints.

Things are accomplished in this universe by the manipulation of a viewpoint and by the
extension of remote viewpoints and dimension points. Dimension points are points to view.

Any viewpoint can also be considered a dimension point, and any dimension point can also
be considered a viewpoint. Any point can both view and be viewed. Any part of the whole
contains the whole. Opinion is the selection of viewpoint and the assignment of other points
to be viewpoints or dimension points.

The static creates all other viewpoints and allows its own viewpoints to be created by all other

Viewpoints can and do interact. They can and do exchange remote viewpoints. Thus any
interaction is possible.

Viewpoints can consider things. Thus thought occurs.

Viewpoints perceive space by considering dimension points as being apart.
Viewpoints perceive energy by considering dimension points as being different.
Viewpoints perceive matter by considering different dimension points to be similar.
Viewpoints perceive time by considering dimension points to change.

Combinations of viewpoints and dimension points construct any function and structure.
Viewpoints monitor them through thought.

The action of a viewpoint is to construct, to observe, and to evolve. The urge of a viewpoint is
to achieve ordered complexity.
The action of a dimension point is to be constructed, to be observed, and to decay. The urge
of a dimension point is to achieve disordered simplicity.

The interplay between viewpoints and dimension points and the confusion between them
accounts for all phenomena within the universe.

A viewpoint can assume a beingness or category of beingness. Thus a viewpoint takes on
persistence and consistency. The viewpoint achieves beingness by identifying with a limited
group of dimension points.

A beingness can associate with other similar beingnesses and engage in a game of common

Through the activity the beingness engages and interacts with other beingnesses.

Finally the effects of life are experienced by the beingness.

Any situation of existence can be resolved by observing the experiences, interactions,
activities, beingnesses, viewpoints, universes, sources, and potentialities involved and
optimizing any concourse between them.

This description will likely be further evaluated and modified, but contains at this point a great
deal of the basics of life, the universe, and everything.