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Technical Essay # 37 - FAF 10 February 1991

.ce Eight Steps to Divinity

The Road to Optimized Existence is roughly this:

1.	Clear away unwanted reactions and unwillingness to experience
2.	Learn to re-route and re-pattern the desires of self and others
3.	Gain the ability to generate new desires and vectors
4.	Assume the exact beingness one wants and none one doesn't want
5.	Become able to occupy any space or viewpoint
6.	Create your own universe
7.	Make, unmake, or adjust your postulates about existence
8.	Allow possibilities to appear as actualities

That is the mastering of the eight dynamics again. The new insight is on what it takes on D2
and D3.

D1 is about clearing unwanted reactions. We are mainly dealing with personal reactions
here; automaticities one gets all by oneself that are in the way of experiencing life. And we
are talking unwanted stuff: case one didn't ask for and has no need for. And what we do with
it is to clear it, that is we erase or release the unwanted parts.

If we do that job well enough we are mostly done with internal reactions, we are mostly done
with purely unwanted stuff, we are now fully able to experience. From that we can suppose
that the next level is about something else.

On D2 we can no longer blindly suppose that everything is unwanted and must be deleted.
Actually most unwanted responses are based on wanted patterns that have been mis-
directed. Also, we are no longer talking about unknowing internal reactions, but more about
responses to external situations. One still has certain ways of responding to the environment.
These ways would mostly need to be aligned with each other and with the overall goals of
the being, not to be erased. And we need to give the being the ability to route the patterns
and responses of others and align with them when he so desires. In other words, this is about
positive self-guidance and the ability to get along with others. Freedom from unwanted

If D2 puts us on top of the flows and patterns that are already there, the next step up would be
to make new ones.

D3 is then about generating new vectors of action. Positively constructing the direction things
should move. That includes programming of mental patterns and desires, and it includes the
ability to engage self and others in new activities. That means a high level of positive self-
control and the ability to make an arbitrary stick. We are not really talking clearing of charge
here, or even re-direction of existing forces. We are talking about how to start new abilities
and activities.

See, this is quite a different view, and it moves us away from the strict meaning of clearing.
Clearing unwanted charge in a session is only fully in its right for the D1 area. Going on with
the next areas will likely bring up more unwanted reaction that would have to be cleared, but
it wouldn't be the main line of address.

According to this the main focus of each area would be:

D1:	Unwanted Reactions - Remove them
D2:	Non-optimum Responses - Re-route them
D3:	Persisting activities - Generate them

Now, each dynamic has aspects of all other dynamics. For example, on D1 unwanted
reactions can relate to interaction, groups, beingnesses, viewpoints, creations, postulates, or
limitations and can be cleared. And on D2 any of those areas can produce non-optimum
responses and can be rerouted. Or on D3 they can be generated to produce persisting

One can also devise processes that include all dynamic aspects. For example a D1 incident
handling could include the clearing of the blocked experience, unwanted reaction, re-routing
of the related desires, generation of a new approach to the area, charting of the identities
involved, seeing the incident from all viewpoints, observing which universe it is part of,
finding postulates behind it, and recognizing the possibility sphere it is part of.

As a little aside, the dynamic areas can be described as harmonics of energy phenomena.
Energy can appear as ridge, flow, or dispersal. There are cycles of these going through the
dynamics as there are in most other scales, the tone scale etc. For this purpose a ridge is
something persisting, clearing it or setting it up; a flow is something that needs to be
channeled; a dispersal is the generation of something.

1 - Ridge:		Persisting charge, automaticities, etc. Needs to be cleared.
2 - Flow:		Own and others' directions and patterns. Need to be routed.
3 - Dispersal:	Generating action patters.
4 - Ridge:		How to set up persisting terminals.
5 - Flow:		Moving and changing in space.
6 - Dispersal:	Generating a universe.
7 - Ridge:		Setting up persisting postulates.
8 - Flow:		Channeling possibilities into actualities.

Clearing and optimizing the dynamics looks much more realistic now.