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.ce FAF - 4
.ce 19 March 1990

.ce Copyright (C) Flemming A. Funch
.ce Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes

     The "File Clerk" mechanism hints at an interesting aspect of

     See, there is this mechanism that makes confrontable pieces of case
available and keeps too restimulative areas out of view.  The mechanism
can be overloaded if the being himself insists, but it will always
re-assume it's job later.

     It is this mechanism that makes clearing possible.  It makes it
possible to, on a gradient, view and re-evaluate one's aberrations.  The
mechanism apparently knows which area it would be best to look at next,
and gradually makes the truth available.  Very handy.

     However, the only possible source of this mechanism is the being
himself.  There is no other agency, no other being that is more in
control of it than himself.  He is basically the only one who knows the
truth, and it is his truth that he wishes to find.

     For the file clerk mechanism to operate it has to know all the
contents of the bank, and it has to prioritize the charge in order of
confrontability.  Or in other words the being himself has to be able to
do that.  He has to know what is in the bank in order to put it in the
order he can confront to look at it.  Or, to say it differently, he
can't find and erase charge unless he already knows what it is.  Or, in
other words, he is fully in control of both providing the data to view
and of "finding" out about it.  It is a pan-determined proposition,
being cause over both sides of the game.

     Whatever mechanism the being sets up to perpetrate this "hoax"
doesn't change the fact that he is doing it.  He might be using static
clones or whatever, but it doesn't amount to more than fabricated vias.

     Well, if you already know everything about the case, why do you
have to handle it?  Because that is the game we are playing:  diving
into aberration and digging ourselves out in order to improve the
quality of theta.  It is just a game.

     There is really nothing that stops you from being rid of all case
in an instant, except for that you have agreed not to do that.  Or only
to do it temporarily if it is necessary enough.  Necessity Level (or
OMNI state as mentioned in the ULR ((?)) course) is really just that you
set all your case aside and do whatever is necessary to handle
something.  And then you put all the case back when you are done with
that.  So, of course, you yourself are in control of that.

     It is somewhat reassuring to know that one can never be anything
less than fully in control, one remains a static no matter what, one
really never leaves Tone 40.  Anything else is just something we are

     You can't find the truth unless you already know it.

     ((Yes but Chris can't find the truth even though he knows it.))