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Technical Essay # 44 - FAF 17 May 1991

.ce Time

Time is based on cause and effect. It is the idea that cause and effect aren't in the same
space and you need to do one before the other one happens.

In the native state of being there is no need for that, there is no separation. If you think
something - it is there, of course. You don't have to do something in order to accomplish

Space is the idea that things can be separate. That is a little more basic. Time is the added
idea that things happen in a sequence. You only get something over there if you do
something over here first.

Time is a variant on space and can be treated as a dimension. It postulates that the contents
of one space is dependent on the contents of another "earlier" space.

This is sometimes frustrating to beings because it is contrary to higher level truth. You only
get something today if you prepared for it yesterday. Your future is determined completely by
what you do right now.

Any part of time can be accessed. The being can travel to past or future as he wishes. You
can interact with what is there.

 You can change PT by running past incidents.
 You can run out negative incidents in the future that you are worrying about.
 You can go to past times and see things from any viewpoint available in that universe.
 You can talk to the participants in past incidents and ask them questions.
 You can even interact with yourself in a past incident.
 You can freeze the frame at anytime and analyze events at your leisure.
 You can go to a future time and analyze PT from there.
 You can go to a desired future and remember what you did to get there.
 You can go back and forth in time on the track of any identity or entitiy.

There are probably many more things one can do with time, timetracks, and incidents. There
is a whole field of potential research. I guess this comes under the heading of Advanced
Incident Running.

There are of course various blocks that will stop one from doing these things ease but that is
just something to work on in clearing.

Accessing past or future incidents is close akin to exterior perception in PT. You need to
assume a viewpoint and mock up what you see from there. PT has the added complexity that
what is here is what was caused just before. It is much harder to hold on to for an exterior
being because it is continuously moving. A past incident you can freeze and hold on to while
you look at it. That is more difficult to do with PT, it is by definition always moving.