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Technical Essay # 47 - FAF 31 May 1991

.ce Dimensions and Case

Here are a few wild guesses about some of the history of case around here.

The main problem with this part of the universe is its limited number of dimension and the
fragmentation of beings here.

Dimensions roughly correspond to dynamics. That is, this is a 7 dimensional universe, or 8
dimensional if we include the 8th dynamic which really isn't part of the universe but which
hides the key to its resolution. To be at your best in this universe you need to operate in 7
dimensions, and to resolve it you would need 8.

Limiting the number of dimensions further than that provides some interesting games. The
most common variant is to limit space to 5 or 4 dimensions. In 5 dimensions you quite
naturally have full exterior perception without even trying. In 4 dimensions you don't
necessarily, but you don't have the slightest problem knowing you are an eternal being and
not just a body.

In this local area there are only three dimensions, or we could maybe say three and a half.
Time is also a dimension, but here you can't move in it except for in a very fixed pre-
determined way: forward at a fixed rate.

To enter this area one loses one's automatic perception of the dimensions above 3. One
leaves ones faculties for dealing with them outside. The higher dimensions don't stop
working here, but they are not directly observable.

The life forms available here are also only geared to a limited number of dimensions. In other
areas they would support the use of higher dimension abilities. That is, bodies have facilities
to aide exteriorization, psychic perception, telepathy, and things like that. Here these aspects
are suppressed and even if one starts to develop these abilities the equipment is not very
cooperative. There seems to be a correspondence between the number of strands of DNA
and the dimensions that a body will work well on. Human bodies here are built upon 2
strands of DNA, the double helix, and therefore only perfect for 2 dimensions of operation.
They are not made to withstand drastic space changes such as in hyperspace travel. And
they are certainly not made for time travel.

To get into this area of space one had to leave higher dimensional parts of oneself outside.
That is in itself a drastic decrease in ability. What makes it worse is that these parts have
since then been fragmented considerably and have been scattered all around. So that if you
start reaching out and trying to encompass them again you will get an entangled mess very
different from what you left behind. Implanting has a lot to do with that.

So the difficulty in expanding to encompass more dimensions is two-fold. One, this space
doesn't naturally accommodate it, and two, the higher dimensional parts of you have been
fragmented.  One can re-develop one's sense of the higher dimensions. However, one has to
do it by one's own creative force, the universe doesn't help automatically. And one has to re-
integrate the fragments that have been scattered around.

Be aware that bodies are an integral part of at least the first 4 dimensions. Only after
mastering the fourth can one be free of being a human. The body or at least one's interface
with bodies has to be brought up also. It is not quite workable here to just exteriorize and not
worry any more about bodies. That would be an attempt to go from 1D to 5D directly, and that
isn't practical. Bodies are very much agreed upon around here.

Because faculties for understanding the dimensions from 4 and above are lacking here,
those are exactly the areas we have trouble with. Space (the first three dimensions) doesn't
provide a whole lot of aberration. However, time, the fourth dimension, provides loads of it.
We can easily be fooled into believing that things have to happen in a certain order and that
we have to be dependent on what happened "earlier". That provides all the aberrations of the
time track. They are caused by the inability to comprehend and freely move in time. The time
aberration centers around the inability to discern different points in time from each other.
Other points in time are where they are, it is really kind of silly to think you have to act on them
here and now which is another time. That is like trying to say that the telephone pole on the
other side of the street is out to get you.

The same things would apply for they higher dimensions. I can't quite comprehend the 5th,
but I think it is related to viewpoint or beingness. Trouble with that one causes the confusion
of what is you and what isn't you. That is valence issues, entities and so forth. If you could see
in the 5th dimension there would be no reason to be confused, it would be crystal clear what
is "you".

In other words, dimensions you can't perceive develop case. The solution is to regain the
ability to operate in those dimensions. The first couple of dimensions are of course more
basic than the higher ones. For the first dimension you basically have to realize that you are
there. That is symbolized by a point. For the second dimension, which is more like a line, you
must realize that you are "here" and somebody else is "there", basically to grant others
beingness. For the 3rd dimension you have to allow more degrees of freedom, that is being
able to flow with activities in many directions, handling many variables at the same time. 4th
dimension is then freedom from the time constraint. And so forth.

The path of development goes through regaining the ability to perceive and work with higher
dimensions that have been not-ised and fragmented.