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HELP AND INSTRUCTIONS Directory: /homer vote2008 Dear Lightlinkers, ador1059.memo GOD, MAN, WOMAN, CHILD and APPRECIATION ador1058.memo ETERNAL DESPONDENCY ador1057.memo RELATIONSHIPS, SECRETS, AND TIME REVERSAL OF JUSTIFICATIONS ador1056.memo NO CHANGE AND CHANGE AGAIN ador1055.memo JUDGMENT AND THE TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL ador1054.memo NEED FOR NO CHANGE AND NEED FOR CHANGE ador1053.memo ABSOLUTE POWER AND ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION ador1052.memo RE INCARNATION AND THE HYPOCRISY WHIRLPOOL. ador1051.memo LOLLIPOP RELIGIONS ador1050.memo REINCARNATION AND THE HYPOCRISY WHIRLPOOL. ador1049.memo AESTHETICS OF CAUSE - SCIENTOLOGY GRADE III PART III ador1048.memo TWO OTs - SCIENTOLOGY GRADE III PART II ador1047.memo SCIENTOLOGY GRADE III AND TAKING RESPONSIBILITY Part 1 ador1046.memo CAN'T AND WON'T ador1045.memo WHAT McMASTERS SAID ador1044.memo POLITICAL CORRECTNESS DONE CORRECTLY v2.1 ador1043.memo ORIENTATION POINTS AND SYMBOLS AGAIN ador1043.memo.aus.aus ador1042.memo WHAT WE ARE DOING IN SCIENTOLOGY ador1041.memo DISASTER AND INACTUALITY RUNDOWN ador1040.memo THERE IS NO GOING BACK. ador1039.memo NO AUDITING ador1038.memo VARIANTS AND DEVIANTS ador1037.memo SCIENTOLOGY AND PHYSICS ador1036.memo NO INTEREST AND SOME INTEREST ador1035.memo A WARNING TO THE UNWARY AND THE NEWBIE ador1034.memo THE GOAL TO CREATE A FUTURE ador1033.memo COMPETING FOR SURVIVAL ador1032.memo POWER ador1031.memo AD HOMINEM revisited. ador1030.memo JUNGLE LOVE ador1029.memo UNLIMITED POWER ador1028.memo LEFT AND RIGHT ador1027.memo NEVER PUT A GOOD CAUSE... ador1026.memo WORTH ador1025.memo THE DUAL GOVERNMENT ador1024.memo TRANSPARENCY AND PRIVACY ador1023.memo FREEDOMS ador1022.memo THE ANATOMY OF A SERVICE FAC ador1021.memo THE SEARCH FOR PERFECT CERTAINTY ador1020.memo DIVINE HOLY TEARS ador1019.memo GODEL'S PARADOX ador1018.memo SCIENTIFIC USE OF WORDS ador1017.memo CAN A NOTHING WONDER? ador1016.memo AMNESIA AND THE WILL TO DIE. ador1015.memo BLACK V AGAIN ador1014.memo WHAT IS WORSE? ador1013.memo ADDENDUM TO MODEL SESSION II ador1012.memo BEFORE AND AFTER ador1011.memo MODEL SESSION II ador1010.memo THE DICOM PROCESS ador1009.memo ALWAYS RUN THE DICOM ador1008.memo LOVE AND HATE ador1007.memo THIS DREAM... ador1006.memo Shakespear: ador1005.memo PERSONAL AD: ador1004.memo Per request, here is a grep for the word ' sync' through out the ador1003.memo BLACK V II AGAIN ador1002.memo BLACK V II ador1001.memo WHERE TO START ador1000.memo THE DANGEROUS AUDITOR RUNDOWN. adore999.memo ALAN WALTER adore998.memo FEAR AND THE NOT-ISNESS CASE adore997.memo SAFETY TRUMPS PRIVACY adore996.memo AUDITING adore995.memo BOYS AND GIRLS adore994.memo DISOWNERSHIP OF SELF adore993.memo LOGIC IS A DESCRIPTION OF TO BE adore992.memo RUNNING SEPARATION adore991.memo AUDITING OTHER BEINGS adore990.memo LOGIC IS KING / REPLY adore989.memo LOGIC IS KING adore988.memo SOLO VS DUAL adore987.memo THE MAJORITY VOTE adore986.memo THE SIT adore985.memo THE MECHANISMS OF LEARNING adore984.memo TEACHING THE PROOF adore983.memo PHD's AND THE PROOF adore982.memo INVITE and DISINVITE adore981.memo FAITH vs CERTAINTY adore980.memo ETERNAL vs IMMORTAL adore979.memo OPEN CHANNEL CASES adore978.memo HOW DO YOU ERASE POSTULATES? adore977.memo Alan said: adore976.memo MEATBALLS IN MOTION adore975.memo BEING NOTHING adore974.memo GOOD AND EVIL adore973.memo COPS AND THE CONSTITUTION adore972.memo AUDITING TECHNIQUE adore971.memo PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE? adore970.memo CAUSE AND CAUSE OF CAUSE adore969.memo.bak I AM THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS adore969.memo I AM THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS adore968.memo QUANTUM MECHANICS, SPECIAL RELATIVITY and PERFECT CERTAINTY adore967.memo A DEADLY PROCESS adore966.memo -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- adore965.memo SCARCITY adore964.memo VALUEABLE FINAL PRODUCT OF BEING AND BECOMING adore963.memo A SIMPLEST PROCESS II adore962.memo A SIMPLEST PROCESS adore961.memo AUTHOR AND CHARACTER adore960.memo PERSISTING IMAGES adore959.memo HOW TO AUDIT THE NIT WIT adore958.memo BEING GOD BECOMING HUMAN adore957.memo MOCKUP JUNKIES adore956.memo RESPECT adore955.memo PERSONAL INVENTORY adore954.memo SPIRITUAL SUCCOR adore953.memo CAUSE AND NO CAUSE III adore952.memo CAUSE AND NO CAUSE II adore951.memo DEAD FOREVER adore950.memo CAUSE AND NO CAUSE adore949.memo IN AND OUT adore948.memo DUBITO COGITO ERGO SUM adore947.memo SESSION NOTES adore946.memo MIRA adore945.memo ON BEING COMPLETELY WELL adore944.memo THE FIVE POINTS OF CLEARING adore943.memo OWNERSHIP II adore942.memo OWNERSHIP adore941.memo Thaddeus said: adore940.memo LIFE REPAIR adore939.memo SCIENCE OF SCIENTOLOGY adore938.memo THE NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER THE FLAG OF SCIENTOLOGY adore937.memo FACEBOOK: Meatballs and Dreamballs adore936.memo THE LIES OF THE RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY. adore935.memo THE SOURCE OF PTSNESS. adore934.memo THE END OF ENDLESS SEARCH RUNDOWN adore933.memo SESSION NOTES 1/29/2013 adore932.memo MEANING OF POSTULATE adore931.memo FUNCTION AND STRUCTURE adore930.memo WHAT WE WANT adore929.memo ARC AND THE VIRTUAL REALITY adore928.memo APPARENCIES ARE REALITY v2.0 adore927.memo GODSOULS adore926.memo INTEGRITY REVISITED adore925.memo NOT-IS CASES adore924.memo NOT-IS BUTTONS adore923.memo SUFFERING adore922.memo COPYRIGHTS AGAIN adore921.memo TO RUN adore920.memo ANDS adore919.memo ANATOMY AND APPROACH Part I Revised adore918.memo THE FIRST OVERT adore917.memo POLITICALLY CORRECT SPEECH. adore916.memo BASIC INDOCTRINATION II adore915.memo POWER OF THOUGHT adore914.memo SUPER OVERTS adore913.memo THE ERASER AND THE BLACKBOARD adore912.memo WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME adore911.memo ELEMENTALS adore910.memo BODY AND THETAN II adore909.memo LETTER TO ENID adore908.memo GAMES IX adore907.memo HOW ARE YOU DOING? adore906.memo TO LEARN OR NOT TO LEARN adore905.memo GAMES VIII adore904.memo FINDING GAMES SPHERE ARCHETYPES adore903.memo LOVE IS GOD adore902.memo GOALS PROBLEMS MASSES adore901.memo CYCLE OF A THETAN II adore900.memo THE CYCLE OF A THETAN adore899.memo PRINCIPLES OF DREAM MAGIC. adore898.memo Honest Abe, adore897b.memo SUICIDE AND KAMIKAZE v2.0 ADDENDUM adore897.memo.aus SUICIDE AND KAMIKAZE v2.0 adore897.memo SUICIDE AND KAMIKAZE v2.0 adore896.memo THE CATESTROPHICALLY DAMAGED adore895.memo LETTER TO ENID adore894.memo LOOK MA, NO HANDS! adore893.memo MAKING A LIVING adore892.memo MURDERING adore891.memo KARMA REVISITED adore890.memo THE 8 DYNAMICS OF ACTION adore889.memo AS MANY AS YOU CAN STAND adore888.memo HOMER'S HUBRIS adore887.memo KARMA adore886.memo NEED AND FEAR REVISITED adore885.memo WHY MY CASE FAILED IN THE CHURCH adore884.memo SHITTING INSANITY adore883.memo WOMEN'S RESPONSIBILITY - A WORD TOO LONG adore882.memo PRESENT EXORCISM (NOTS) PROCEDURE adore881.memo OF CESSPOOLS AND COW PIES adore880.memo GOD VS GOOD adore879.memo THE STRUCTURE OF CASE III adore878.memo THE STRUCTURE OF CASE II adore877.memo A FIRST PROCESS adore876.memo Skip the PREAMBLE and go to the main body of the posting. adore875.memo COPYRIGHTS adore874.memo EXPERIENCES adore873.txt FOR THE DALAI LAMA adore873.memo SCIENTOLOGY NEWS adore872.memo THE STRUCTURE OF CASE adore871.memo FIX AND REPAIR adore870.memo HAPPINESS BY DYNAMICS adore869.memo MEATBALLS AND DREAMBALLS adore868.memo JUSTICE OF CHOICE adore867.memo THE NATURE OF THE PROOF, Part II adore866.memo THE NATURE OF THE PROOF Part I adore865.memo DYNAMICS adore864.memo ADORE714 - ABOUT GOD adore863.memo SEPARATION OF GOD AND SOUL adore862.memo ORIGINS OF RELIGION adore861.memo DEFINITION OF RELIGION adore860.memo This posting is either lost or corrupted or was adore859.memo BASIC BASIC ON EVIL INTENTIONS adore858.memo Letter to Pip removed due to my bad manners. adore857.memo That's making you and Hubbard right and me wrong. adore856.memo GROUND ZERO REVISITED adore855.memo RESPONSIBILITY VS BLAME adore854.memo DEATH AND SORROW adore853.memo WITCH MOTHER adore852.memo WOMANIZATION OF MAN adore851.memo TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SURVIVAL OF OTHERS adore850.memo BORED WITH KITTENS AND LOVE. adore849.memo BORED WITH KITTENS AND LOVE. adore848.memo ALPHA MAN adore847.memo EVIDENCE AND PROOF adore846.memo DEATH ROW adore845.memo FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME adore844.memo LOGIC, AGAIN AND AGAIN adore843.memo EGO adore842.memo HOMER'S LOGIC adore841.memo INSANITY AND ACCUSATION adore840.memo CONVERSION adore839.memo DR LOVEDEATH adore838.memo THE DEAD AMONG US. adore837.memo LOGIC AND CRETINS adore836.memo ETHICS AND THE LAW adore835.memo THE PROOF MARKET adore834.memo POWER AND DUTY adore833.memo WHAT IS CLEARING? adore832.memo ARC BREAKS AND SYMPATHY adore831.memo THE GENERAL AND THE SPECIFIC adore830.memo VALUE OF A BEING adore829.memo DOBBSIE'S EXTERIORIZATION adore828.memo VALUES adore827.memo HUMOR IN THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. adore826.memo YOU 10 adore825.memo George, adore824.memo SELF DETERMINISM adore823.memo THE BEGINNING OF MAGIC adore822.memo ABSOLUTE GOOD AND EVIL adore821.memo PRIME DIRECTIVE RESUME adore820.memo GOOD AND BAD adore819.memo TERMINAL AND CONDITION adore818.memo CLEAR LIGHT adore817.memo CENSORSHIP AND THE NET adore816.memo LOVE AND SORROW adore815.memo THE CONVERSATION adore814.memo SUPER POWERS adore813.memo A BET IS A BELIEF adore812.memo ZOMBIES AND THE LIGHT adore811.memo DEATH AND HELL adore810.memo COMMENTS ON THE PROOF adore809.memo BEING BODIES adore808.memo PROBLEMS OF COMPARABLE MAGNITUDE adore807.memo OT POWER PROTOCOL AGAIN adore806.memo C/S FOR ROLAND II, Part 3 adore805.memo POWER PROCESS 4 adore804.memo Ralph, Hilton, adore803.memo TONE SCALE adore802.memo THE QUESTION AND ANSWER GPM adore801.memo ADORE vs SCIENTOLOGY adore800.memo OT's AND THE GOVERNMENT adore799.memo THE RUPTURE adore798.memo TO COMMUNICATE OR NOT TO COMMUNICATE adore797.memo MERCHANTS OF FEAR AND COMPLACENCY adore796.memo DANGER AND SAFETY REVISITED adore795.memo DISCOVERY AND RECOVERY adore794.memo WHAT IS CLEARING? adore793.memo MASTERPIECE PLANE adore792.memo PORK adore791.memo ANTI SEMITISM adore790.memo ENVESSELMENT adore789.memo GAME ROLES adore788.memo MORE ON LESSONS TO UNLEARN adore787.memo LESSONS TO UNLEARN adore786.memo ADMIRATION PROCESSING adore785.memo CHRIST AND SANTA adore784.memo TIME TRAVEL adore783.memo 72 VIRGINS adore782.memo ADORETHEPROOF.BLOGSPOT.COM adore781.memo INDIRECT AND DIRECT PERCEPTIONS adore780.memo CERTAINTY AND UNCERTAINTY adore779.memo PERFECT CERTAINTY AGAIN adore778.memo ONE AND MANY AGAIN adore777.memo WHO OR WHAT IS CAUSE AROUND HERE? adore776.memo INCEPTION adore775.memo ADORE140 REDUX adore774.memo CHRISTIAN KITTENS adore773.memo SAFE SOLUTIONS adore772.memo SOCIAL FORCES adore771.memo PIG IN THE PEN BECOME MASTER (GMWC) adore770.memo KARMA II adore769.memo SNAKES adore768.memo KARMA GROUPS adore767.memo HIGH US II THE CORPORATE CHURCH adore766.memo HIGH US adore765.memo NOTS 5 & 7 adore764.memo NO SOME adore763.memo ALIEN BEAUTY adore762.memo EXTERIORIZATION adore761.memo DISINVESTMENT adore760.memo W.O.W. adore759.memo BELIEFS AND DHARMA BATTLE adore758.memo INFINITIES adore757.memo BLIND MEATBALLS adore756.memo ONE FACSIMILE BT's adore755.memo HOPE AND HOPELESSNESS adore754.memo CRITTERS adore753.memo CRITICS AND ASSHOLES adore752.memo WHAT IS I? adore751.memo WHO and WHAT, CAUSE AND EFFECT adore750.memo CURIOSUS PUT THE CAT TO SLEEP adore749.memo EXTERNAL CAUSE adore748.memo SASHAY OF THE CHURCH adore747.memo OT LOYALTY III adore746.memo OT LOYALTY II adore745.memo OT POWER PROTOCOL RUNDOWN adore744.memo I CLAIM adore743.memo OT LOYALTY adore742.memo OOB's AND SCIENCE adore741.memo SOVEREIGNTY AGAIN AND AGAIN adore740.memo TO MONICA adore739.memo PROVE IT CASES AGAIN adore738.memo TO CHUCK BEATTY adore737.memo THE SELF SYMBOLIZING EVENT adore736.memo FOUNDATION AND IMPIRE adore735.memo THE NONSENSE OF BUDDHISM II adore734.memo CHASE adore733.memo THE NONSENSE OF BUDDHISM adore732.memo EX CATHEDRA AND IN CATHEDRA adore731.memo VISION AND MISSION RUNDOWN adore730.memo NON RADIATIVE SELF LUMINOSITY adore729.memo SELF EVIDENCE adore728.memo WHY AUDIT A DREAM? adore727.memo SOMETHING AND NOTHING II adore726.memo MEET ME AT THE OK CORAL. adore725.memo DREAM ONE adore724.memo SOMETHING NOTHING adore723.memo THE DIVINE AND THE HOLY adore722.memo VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL DICOMS adore721.memo TICK TOCK adore720.memo PHILOSOPHIC vs SCIENTIFIC adore719.memo PLONKING adore718.memo HOMER THE WHACK JOB adore717.memo HELP Part 6 - STATURE adore716.memo GOD AND THE HIGH US. adore715.memo You can answer this one yourself with a little thought. adore714.memo -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- adore713.memo THE WRONG ROBOT adore712.memo HELP Part 5 - PRIDE BY DYNAMICS adore711.memo STUPIDITY AS A SMART SOLUTION adore710.memo THE NOT SO ROUND THEORY BALL adore709.memo GOOD SCIENCE adore708.memo OCCAM'S SHARPENING STRAP adore707.memo SOLIPSISM adore706.memo COMPLEXITY OF DREAMBALL vs MEATBALL THEORIES adore705.memo EVIDENCE adore704.memo DREAMBALLS AND MEATBALLS AGAIN adore703.memo TO DREAM OR NOT TO DREAM adore702.memo HELP Part 4 - SUMMARY TO DATE adore701.memo THE VESTED PERSON adore700.memo EARLY CLEARS adore699.memo FREE FEELING AND DEPENDENT FEELING. adore698.memo SORROW AND LAUGHTER REVISITED adore697.memo THE 8 DYNAMICS adore696.memo PERFECTION BETWEEN PARENT AND CHILD adore695.memo HELP Part 3 - PRIDE adore694.memo PERFECT CERTAINTY AND POWER PACKAGES adore693.memo ORTHODOX DREAMBALL adore692.memo PRETENDER adore691.memo ITEM, BEINGNESS, TERMINAL, CONDITION adore690.memo THE CHURCH AND OT's. adore689.memo THE NO ONE KNOWS CASE adore688.memo HOMER AND SCIENTOLOGY adore687.memo WHIRLPOOL NIGHTMARE adore686.memo BT'S AND CLUSTERS adore685.memo Ted, adore684.memo SIN adore683.memo EYE OF THE DRAGON adore682.memo CODES AND SECRETS adore681.memo HELP Part 2 - DEPENDENCY adore680.memo I make it up as I go along. adore679.memo THE E-METER AND TRUTH adore678.memo HELP Part 1 - DESIRE AND VIEW adore677.memo PROVE IT CASE REVEALED adore676.memo OT PRIME DIRECTIVE PROTOCOL adore675.memo QUESTIONS OR COMMANDS? adore674.memo REMOTE VIEWING adore673.memo PROOF AGAIN adore672.memo CHOICE adore671.memo I am not strange. adore670.memo HELP Part 0 - TRIAD adore669.memo AUDITING Revised 8/11/2009 adore668.memo THE ABOVE DESIRE AND THE BELOW DESIRE adore667.memo UNAUDITABILITY adore666.memo OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA adore665b.memo OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA adore665.memo DESPAIR AND THE UNDUPLICATABLE INTENTION II adore664.memo DESPAIR AND THE UNDUPLICATABLE INTENTION I adore663.memo VALENTINE'S DAY LECTURES adore662.memo VALENTINE'S DAY LECTURES adore661.memo MECHANICAL ANALOGUES ARE NOT SPIRIT adore660.memo VALENTINE'S DAY LECTURES adore659.memo GOD AND CONSCIOUSNESS adore658.memo WITHER LEADS US THE PROOF? adore657.memo WHAT DO YOU WANT? adore656.memo TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY adore655.memo VALENTINE'S DAY LECTURES adore654.memo CLEAR adore653.memo GAMES VII adore652.memo GAMES VI adore651.memo GAMES V adore650.memo WORTHWHILENESS AND HUMOR adore649.memo WHAT THE SOUL DESIRES adore648.memo THE AFRAID TO FIND OUT CASE adore647.memo WHAT A GOOD RELIGION SHOULD DO adore646.memo VALENTINE'S DAY LECTURES adore645.memo INVITE, ZEALOTS AND FANATICS adore644.memo PHILOSOPHY adore643.memo PHYSICAL SIGNIFICANCE II adore642.memo PHYSICAL SIGNIFICANCE adore641.memo LEARNING TO TALK adore640.memo ACCOMPLISHMENT adore639.memo THE COWBOY AND THE HORSE adore638.memo SELF LUMINOUSNESS II adore637.memo INDIRECT PERCEPTION II adore636.memo GUARDIAN DICOMS IV adore635.memo GUARDIAN DICOMS III adore634.memo SCIENTISTS OF THE ROCK adore633.memo CHRISTIANINANITY adore632.memo GUARDIAN DICOMS II adore631.memo CONFRONT adore630.memo ETERNALITY AND OK adore629.memo WHAT DREAMS MAY COME adore628.memo GAMES IV adore627.memo WORSHIP AND IDOL adore626.memo RESTRAINT INDECISION AND JUSTIFICATION adore625.memo CONCEIVE A KINETIC adore624.memo POSTULATES AND PACKAGES adore623.memo GAMES III adore622.memo ABERRATION adore621.memo IDEAL SCENES II adore620.memo IDEAL SCENES adore619.memo ON PURPOSE, OFF PURPOSE adore618.memo GUARDIAN DICOMS adore617.memo THE YO-YO adore616.memo C/S FOR ROLAND II Part 2 adore615.memo C/S FOR ROLAND II Part 1 adore614.memo THE REASON FOR THE PRIME DIRECTIVE. adore613.memo TESTING THE EXTERIORIZATION adore612.memo AGING AND BROKEN DRAMATIZATIONS adore611.memo EXTERIORIZATION adore610.memo DHARMA adore609.memo CONTEXT adore608.memo MEATBALLS AND DREAMBALLS adore607.memo SCIENCE AND RELIGION adore606.memo ELECTRA AND ME adore605.memo YOU 9 adore604.memo NO FUTURE - SOME FUTURE adore603.memo POSTULATES OF SCIENTOLOGY adore602.memo THE SERVICE FAC adore601.memo YOU 8 adore600.memo THE DUALISM OF NON DUALISM adore599.memo YOU 7 adore598.memo WHAT HOW AND WHY adore597.memo TYPES OF BEINGS adore596.memo YOU 6 adore595.memo YOU 5 adore594.memo YOU 4 adore593.memo YOU 3 adore592.memo YOU 2 adore591.memo YOU 1 adore590.memo THE ANATOMY OF ABERRATION adore589.memo OT AND MOTIVATION adore588.memo THE ANATOMY OF ABERRATION adore587.memo OT AND MOTIVATION adore586.memo SUICIDE AND KAMIKAZE CORRECTED adore585.memo CLEAR AND OT REVISITED AGAIN Version 2.0 adore584.memo WHAT THE PROVE IT CASE REALLY WANTS adore583.memo WHERE ARE THE CLEARS? adore582.memo WHAT DETERMINES HOW YOU FEEL? v2.0 adore581.memo OT POWERS AND MOTIVATION adore580.memo HELL adore579.memo CLEAR AND OT adore578.memo POWERS AND PROOF adore577.memo EVIDENCE SCHMEVIDENCE adore576.memo DEATH, HELL AND INDECISION adore575.memo BIGOTRY adore574.memo THE NO CASE adore573.memo GOD, SOUL AND THE PROOF adore572.memo SCIENCE AND RELIGION adore571.memo LOGIC AND PERFECT CERTAINTY adore570.memo LIFE SUCKS ROCKS adore569.memo CAN'T MOCKUP adore568.memo NOTES FROM THE DEEP END adore567.memo PEDOPHILIA adore566.memo WHAT IS PATRIOTISM? adore565.memo LOGIC CHEATERS adore564.memo MAYA AND ILLUSION adore563.memo TRUTH IS WHAT IT IS adore562.memo MORTAL CHAGRIN adore561.memo HELL FOREVER adore560.memo DHARMA TREASON adore559.memo ILLUSION CASES II adore558.memo SPIRIT adore557.memo THE ILLUSION CASE adore556.memo ATTACHMENT adore555.memo HIGH US adore554.memo PROOF OF EXTERIORIZATION adore553.memo DHARMA TREASON adore552.memo CHARGE AND POSTULATES adore551.memo THE PROBLEM WITH MEATBALLS adore550.memo THE JANUS FACTOR adore549b.memo THE DECENT Of A BEING, PART 2 adore549.memo THE DESCENT OF A BEING Part 1. adore548.memo HOW THE PROOF WAS BORN adore547.memo BODY THETANS AND SPIRITUAL TEAM MATES adore546.memo SUPPRESSION OF COMMUNICATION adore545.memo YOU ARE A REAL PERSON! adore544.memo CERTAINTY, LOGIC, MATH AND SCIENCE adore543.memo PROPER SUCCESS STORIES adore542.memo LOW REALITY PCS adore541.memo DO IT AGAIN adore540.memo UNION STATION adore539.memo RECOVERY OF PURPOSE adore538.memo THE DWINDLING SPIRAL adore537.memo MY DREAM LIFE adore536.memo DOUBT IS SELF CASTING adore535.memo DESIRE AND BELIEF adore534.memo PRAYER adore533.memo BUGS AND BABES adore532.memo CHOICE ON COMING IN adore531.memo CHOICE TO NOT KNOW PAST CHOICES adore530.memo SANITY AND INSANITY adore529.memo AUDITOR AND PROCESS adore528.memo IN SEARCH OF AN ARC BREAK WITH SOURCE. adore527.memo ARCX WITH SOURCE adore526.memo UPSET WITH SELF adore525.memo GLUM AREA adore524.memo HEAVEN AND HELL adore523.memo SEARCHING FOR THE ARCX adore522.memo ARC BREAKS adore521.memo I AM FOREVER adore520.memo THE PARTY LINE adore519.memo THE AUTHOR AND I adore518.memo AWARENESS OF SELF AS AN IMMORTAL BEING. adore517.memo RADIUS OF MURDER adore516.memo NATURE OF THE ALLTHATIS adore515.memo BASIC ABERRATION adore514.memo PERFECT CERTAINTY adore513.memo IMMORTALITY adore512.memo LONELINESS adore511.memo DUTY - From Adore adore510.memo UPPING AND DOWNING adore509.memo NOT LOOKING adore508.memo PURPOSE, ORIGINATION and MOCKUPS adore507.memo THE GAME OF CASES adore506.memo THE HIGH US adore505.memo MEANING OF THE WORD GOD adore504.memo VILLIFYING GREAT PEOPLE adore503.memo TATTOOS ON THE BODY OF GOD adore502.memo DEFINITION OF GOD adore501.memo ZERO DIMENSIONALITY adore500.memo TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY adore499.memo ENTROPY AND ANTI ENTROPY adore498.memo ACCORD adore497.memo COMMITMENT TO A POSTULATE adore496.memo IMPINGEMENT AND THE IMP SOUL adore495.memo GOD THE CREATURE adore494.memo DESIRE OF THE CREATOR, DESIRE OF THE CREATURE adore493.memo BEINGS AND OTHER BEINGS adore492.memo USELESSNESS OF PURPOSELESSNESS adore491.memo LESSONS TO UNLEARN adore490.memo A THEORY OF SOVEREIGN DESIRE adore489.memo FAILURE TO HELP = NO AUDITING adore488.memo THE BODY IS NOT A POSSESSION adore487.memo LINEAR INCARNATION UNLIKELY adore486.memo CHOOSING TIME AND PLACE OF DEATH adore485.memo SCIENTOLOGY WOG II adore484.memo SCIENTOLOGY WOG adore483.memo THE REAL HOMER adore482.memo VALIDITY OF THE OT LEVELS adore481.memo OT I II III adore480.memo BODY THETANS adore479.memo WARP CORE OF EVIL adore478.memo BODY THETANS AGAIN adore477.memo BODY AND CARS adore476.memo POWER AND KNOWLEDGE adore475.memo KNOWLEDGE AND LEARNING adore474.memo FREE WILL adore473.memo LEARNING AND UNLEARNING adore472.memo LESSON OF UNLEARNING LESSONS v2.0 adore471.memo LIFE IS NOT A SCHOOL adore470.memo THE PROCESS OF LOGIC adore469.memo MOTHER AND CHILD REUNION adore468.memo THE SCIENCE OF CERTAINTY adore467.memo THEORY adore466.memo SEEING THE WORLD THROUGH THEORY COLORED GLASSES adore465.memo THE COLOR OF AGENCY adore464.memo DEMONS adore463.memo CERTAINTY, TRUTH, NECESSITY AND CAUSE adore462.memo PROVE IT CASES adore461.memo SELF SYMBOLIZINGNESS AND SELF LUMINOUSNESS adore460.memo OCCAM'S RAZOR adore459.memo THEORY BALLS adore458.memo MADE OF adore457.memo THE PROOF AND CERTAINTY adore456.memo SEEING adore455.memo DEMONS AND LRH adore454.memo DEMONS adore453.memo GOD MAN WOMAN CHILD adore452.memo I AM NOT adore451.memo GOD IS NOT THE GREAT I AM NOT adore450.memo BEING AND BEINGNESS adore449.memo OT POWER III adore448.memo OT POWER II V2.0 adore447.memo OT POWER adore446.memo OT MOTIVATION AND HUMAN MOTIVATION adore445.memo ASSIGNMENT OF QUALITIES II adore444.memo CLEAR GLASS adore443.memo INDIRECT KNOWLEDGE adore442.memo TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE adore441.memo ASSIGNMENT OF QUALITIES adore440.memo THE HELL AND HEAVEN MATRIX adore439.memo THE FINAL PROCESS II adore438.memo THE FINAL PROCESS adore437.memo LOOKER AND LOOKED AT adore436.memo WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS adore435.memo DIRECT AND INDIRECT OBSERVATION. adore434.memo DIFFERENCE AND EXISTENCE adore433.memo LIMBO IN HELL adore432.memo RUSSIAN DOLLS adore431.memo SUCK IT AND SEE adore430.memo GETTING BETTER adore429.memo WOW'S ARE NOT CENSORED adore428.memo QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS adore427.memo MOTHER IS THE NAME OF GOD... adore426.memo CHEMISTRY AND CONSCIOUSNESS adore425.memo WANT AND DON'T WANT adore424.memo GOD THE FATHER adore423.memo OBJECTIVE PROCESSES adore422.memo TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE adore421.memo OH HOLY NIGHT adore420.memo THE RUPTURE adore419.memo WHAT IS IMPROVEMENT adore418.memo DOES CLEARING WORK adore417.memo DEFINITION OF THING AND NO THING adore416.memo DEAD FOREVER adore415.memo THIS DREAM... adore414.memo CONSERVATION OF SOMETHING AND NOTHING adore413.memo STATIC - KINETIC adore412.memo THE ONE AND THE MANY adore411.memo TRUTH, ILLUSION AND DIMENSIONALITY adore410.memo THE BROKEN CHALICE adore409.memo MUST CREATE adore408.memo THE NATURE OF NATIVE STATE adore407.memo NATIVE STATE AND COMING IN adore406.memo TO DUPLICATE OR NOT TO DUPLICATE adore405.memo TERRIBLE TRIO II adore404.memo HOW TO AUDIT adore403.memo GOD THE MULTI I-AM BEING adore402.memo THEORY OF EVERYTHING adore401.memo MACHINES ARE FOREVER DARK INSIDE adore400.memo QUALITIES, OBJECTS AND CLASSES adore399.memo If you adorn your face with looks of disgust, eventually you will come adore398.memo THE PROOF IN A NUTSHELL adore397.memo NO DESIRE AND DESIRE III adore396.memo NO DESIRE AND DESIRE II adore395.memo NO WONDER and WONDER adore394.memo NO DESIRE AND DESIRE (Prologue) adore393.memo THE CHRONIC CASE adore392.memo MEN AND WOMEN adore391.memo If women were running the world, there would be no electricity. adore390.memo Carol, adore389.memo CHILD OF THE 1950's adore388.memo MONSTER FOOD adore387.memo Yes I know. adore386.memo WHEN DUTY CALLS adore385.memo OK, so collapsed space = withhold, restraint and justification. adore384.memo WHO DONE IT? adore383.memo IMPINGEMENT AND INVITE adore382.memo WISE GUYS adore381.memo BIRTH AND DEATH adore380.memo You still don't get it. adore379.memo GOD AND RELIGION adore378.memo PROBLEMS adore377.memo STRONGER CLAIM, WEAKER CLAIM adore376.memo A perfect duplicate is made by making the object again in its own adore375.memo This is totally ass backwards. adore374.memo Reality, to the degree that it persists, is altered actuality. adore373.memo WHAT IS adore372.memo Well either you got MU's on the intended meaning of the words, or adore371.memo You have 'falling apart' confused with destruction or vanishment. adore370.memo THE WAY GOD CREATES THINGS adore369.memo Emanation is a act in time. adore368.memo Way understated. Try FIXIDITY on the ACC scale, just above adore367.memo MADE AND UNMADE adore366.memo People define down their words to their own level of non adore365.memo DUPLICATION AND REPLICATION adore364.memo GAMES II adore363.memo WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU adore362.memo BIRTH AND DEATH adore361.memo INACTUALITY adore360.memo I guess the real issue here is counter-intention. adore359.memo NO ITEM and SOME ITEM II adore358.memo APPARENCIES ARE ACTUALITY 26.0 adore357.memo ITEM AND NO ITEM adore356.memo I am sorry, you are quite right, still got the wrong adore355.memo Adore says there are 4 planes to existence, body, heart, mind and adore354.memo ACTUAL AND REAL adore353.memo ACTUALITY, REALITY AND OT adore352.memo HEAVEN AND HELL adore351.memo THE PHILOSOPHICAL CLOUD adore350.memo THE UNCERTAINTY OF CERTAINTY adore349.memo STATIC = SCALAR adore348.memo CONSCIOUSNESS AND BODY adore347.memo TRAUMA adore346.memo RUNNING AN INCIDENT IN OR OUT? adore345.memo On the other hand being in a body is a psychotraumatic disorder adore344.memo Significantly clarified and corrected in (( )). adore343.memo FIFTY FIFTY adore342.memo Yes of course. adore341.memo THE MORTALITY - IMMORTALITY RUNDOWN adore340.memo KARMA AGAIN adore339.memo AD HOMINEM AND THE CLEAR-L CHARTER adore338.memo X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2] adore337.memo I evolved from no claim at all, as before scientology I did not believe adore336.memo COMING IN adore335.memo RELIGION adore334.memo THE WAY TO HAPPINESS IS PROBABLY NOT THIS adore333.memo Human's fight because OT's create. adore332.memo This won't work by definition. adore331.memo AUDITING THE BLACK V CASE adore330.memo MOTHER AND SON adore329.memo My experience in the Church was NCG. No Case Gain. adore328.memo OT POWER AND OK-NESS adore327.memo LIE COLORED GLASSES adore326.memo KNOWS HE OR SHE WON'T GET WORSE adore325.memo OVER AWE and SCIENTOLOGY adore324.memo The basic question is: adore323.memo You treat the tone scale as a scale of mistakes the being is adore322.memo GAMES adore321.memo OT POWER AND OT MOTIVATION adore320.memo SPIRIT OF PLAY AND QUALMS adore319.memo CONTROLLING EXPECTATIONS adore318.memo THE THREE GREAT TRUTHS OF ADORE adore317.memo OBSERVATION AND THEORY adore316.memo IN AND OUT adore315.memo SUB DEATH adore314.memo THE GO OT NOW CLUB adore313.memo It is amazing how many of us bought into the license to survive adore312.memo JUSTICE AGAIN adore311.memo TO DEAL OR NOT TO DEAL adore310.memo Charge arises from non accord between desire and view. adore309.memo LOCAL AND GLOBAL CAUSE adore308.memo SYMBOLS AND REFERENTS IV adore307.memo INFERENTIAL LEARNING adore306.memo MECHANICAL LEARNING adore305.memo Mr. Zindler, adore304.memo FEAR OF AS-ISNESS adore303.memo Hubbard was lax sometimes in his wording. adore302.memo DWINDLING SPIRAL adore301.memo SUPER HUMAN OT OR DESIGNER OT? adore300.memo GOD THE CHAMELEON adore299.memo SPEAKER OF BORG adore298.memo SEPARATION AND THE MULTI BEING. adore297.memo SCIENCE adore296.memo *I* have made things go right, and am continuing to do so. adore295.memo AUDITING OTHER BEINGS adore294.memo GOD POSTULATES REVISITED adore293.memo FOREVERS AND NEVERS II adore292.memo SOMETHING NOTHING, FOREVER NEVER. adore291.memo If God is all that is, and God is a multi I-AM being, and the adore290.memo I disagree, one can play the game by its rules and not get stuck adore289.memo OT MOTIVATION AND HUMAN MOTIVATION adore288.memo PERSISTENCE AND LIES adore287.memo INFINITE CHARGE adore286.memo Rationalizing inhumanity to others IS engaging in the dwindling adore285.memo Right, most new age crystal gazers talk about transcending adore284.memo Phil, adore283.memo PRINCIPLES OF ADORE adore282.memo OVERWHELM adore281.memo Either/or thinking can be dangerous when there is a third answer. adore280.memo Nah, he suffers from Phd-ism, thinks he knows something because adore279.memo DISCUSSIONS ON CONTEXT adore278.memo Do you have the same hypothesis about the people you meet in the adore277.memo SOMETHING AND NOTHING adore276.memo ONLY YOUR PSYCH KNOW FOR SURE adore275.memo CONCEIVE A STATIC adore274.memo OUT THERENESS IS AN ILLUSION adore273.memo Each being has and lives in his own copy of the MEST universe. adore272.memo STATIC adore271.memo STATIC AND SPACETIME adore270.memo Ah you have me confused with prior religions and philosphies. adore269.memo The day you understand that a mockup of space doesn't take adore268.memo BRICK OR DREAM OF BRICK? adore267.memo The decision of an eternal timeless being to create bodies and adore266.memo When I am making good case gain my dreams cycle pretty dependably adore265.memo People who insist on asserting that adore264.memo Abhorrence and denial are both considerations and have nothing adore263.memo ACTUALITY vs REALITY adore262.memo THE NON COGNITIVE CASE adore261.memo Words fail. adore260.memo IN SEARCH OF THE UNDOUBTABLE adore259.memo ORIENTATION POINTS AND SP's adore258.memo This is correct. Science is about the virtual rules in the adore257.memo SELF AND NOT SELF adore256.memo No real OT would ever act this way. adore255.memo CHINESE FINGER TRAP adore254.memo PEACE AND HUMOR adore253.memo ON 'BECOMING LIKE GOD' adore252.memo BIGOTRY AND RELIGIOUS INSANITY adore251.memo "Cancerous views of reality lead to cancerous conditions adore250.memo MOVING adore249.memo OFFEND - DEFEND adore248.memo BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS adore247.memo BEING OBJECTS adore246.memo Tahiti people say "You eat life or life eats you." adore245.memo Adore says that 'lessons' are the yoke around our necks with adore244.memo GOD IS GOOD adore243.memo Direct Vision of the Cosmic All. adore242.memo AM I CLEAR? adore241.memo SITUATION AND APPROACH adore240.memo CLEAR OR CLEAR? adore239.memo Nah its an ARC break process if run alone... Accept, Accept, adore238.memo SESSION GOALS adore237.memo HANDLE and NOT HANDLE adore236.memo DREAM LESSONS adore235.memo ---------------------------------------------------------- adore234.memo True. But look even in solo session I have to be VERY Careful to adore233.memo Drive = to give purpose to, reason to be do have. adore232.memo SENIOR DATUM adore231.memo THE WAY OUT IS THE WAY IN adore230.memo WOMEN AND MEN adore229.memo ATTRACTIVENESS adore228.memo I as a mother have brought a male son to believe that women and adore227.memo Last night I dreamt I was sleeping on a warm beach surrounded by adore226.memo ORANGE BARREL SUNSHINE adore225.memo DRUGS adore224.memo WILLINGLY BLIND adore223.memo Amended... adore222.memo POSTULATES adore221.memo THE JOKE adore220.memo FEMALE AND MALE adore219.memo I am stunned. What comments? adore218.memo This is the virtual facade that life puts on for us in the adore217.memo WHY WRITE adore216.memo Sigh, typo fixed. adore215.memo Correct. adore214.memo WHAT DIFFERENCE MATTER OR DREAM? adore213.memo MOCKUPS adore212.memo MIND BROKE adore211.memo If I say, adore210.memo ACTUALITY VS REALITY adore209.memo DESIRE AND VIEW adore208.memo AMERICA AS A CHRISTIAN NATION adore207.memo THE GOD BLOB adore206.memo PRIMARY DICHOTOMIES adore205.memo FAIR GAME adore204.memo FAIR GAME adore203.memo GOOD AND BAD adore202.memo DREAMS adore201.memo ACTUAL vs REAL adore200.memo CHRISTIANS adore199.memo QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS adore198.memo The old testament God of vengance and wrath sound more like space adore197.memo ARGUS adore196.memo Attend to the barrier of birth then. adore195.memo MANIFEST AND UNMANIFEST adore194.memo MEN AND WOMEN adore193.memo Or something. adore192.memo I guess the real issue here is inaccessibility. adore191.memo Well someone had to start it. Adore says the woman did. adore190.memo BEDROCK adore189.memo PARENTAL ABUSE adore188.memo Look its really very simple. adore187.memo In any given sphere of activity where a being has just adore186.memo Adore says because the mortal woman stuck her self with the prime adore185.memo Mudlets covertly destroy with their left hand more than adore184.memo SIZE OF MY EGO adore183.memo I don't hate women. adore182.memo psychic warrior (Cant_Touch_this) wrote: adore181.memo Yes because men help women live, and women want to die. adore180.memo Adore has its own very well delineated concept of karma which it adore179.memo THE NATURE OF GOD adore178.memo VICTIMS adore177.memo VOLUNTARY OR INVOLUNTARY adore176.memo Something of the form "I am here". adore175.memo Well the implied application is that time is better spent adore174.memo DESCENT FROM NATIVE STATE adore173.memo ARCX's AND SELF ANSWERING QUESTIONS adore172.memo POSTULATES OF NON SURVIVAL adore171.memo BEING AND BECOMING adore170.memo COMMISSION AND COMMITMENT adore169.memo QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS adore168.memo UCP AND THE RUNNING OUT THE QUESTIONS adore167.memo Solo. Enid is a helper. adore166.memo ASKING WHY IS WHY adore165.memo QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS adore164.memo Good girl, so how come God doesn't? adore163.memo BLACKNESS adore162.memo Goodness starts at the personal level with pleasure and avoidance adore161.memo GOD IS GOOD adore160.memo GOD AND HUMAN adore159.memo God is Author. adore158.memo AUTHORS AND CHARACTERS adore157.memo AUTHOR AND CHARACTER adore156.memo Carol, adore155 THE HUMAN AND OT's adore155.memo The human's very desire to change the present to protect adore154.memo UNHUMAN vs INHUMAN adore153.memo "Why is it? adore152.memo Also it is clear to people who can see other beings directly adore151.memo I don't see how anyone can run 200 hours adore150.memo UCP2 adore149.memo CONNECTION adore148.memo Zinj was a pretty stupid guy. A WHAT DREAM? case. adore147.memo Don't know about need. adore146.memo SHADOWS adore145.memo STATIC AND KINETIC adore145.memo.bak STATIC AND KINETIC adore144.memo BEAUTY AND ILLOGICS adore143.memo WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? adore142.memo Point is 0 dimensions adore141.memo HOW TO END UNWANTED GAMES adore140.memo MEATBALLS RELOADED adore139.memo GOD KING AND IMP SOUL adore138.memo Clearly if space and time are CREATED, then that which adore137.memo SERIOUSNESS AND HUMOR adore136.memo DREAMBALL VS MEATBALL adore135.memo COMMANDINGNESS adore134.memo OT POWER adore133.memo BAUBLES OF BUBBLES OR BUBBLES OF BAUBLES? adore132.memo SPACE/TIME DIMENSIONALITY AND THE ILLUSION/DELUSION DICHOTOMY. adore131.memo Well if I sit down at a table with an apple on it, and I mockup adore130.memo Is a mental image picture of wood made out of wood? adore129.memo DREAM TIME adore128.memo The question is mis worded. adore127.memo Yes, me and a lot of others. adore126.memo BELIEF AND PERFECT CERTAINTY adore125.memo ACTUAL vs REAL adore124.memo HALLUCINATION adore123.memo CHARGE adore122.memo Homer said: adore121.memo KP, adore120.memo All of the 'evidence' for the existence of an independent adore119.memo BUGS AND BABES adore118.memo TAKING BACK RESPONSIBILITY adore117.memo IS GOD GOOD? adore116.memo YOU ARE A BT! adore115.memo WHERE DID THE PROOF COME FROM? adore114.memo HOW THE PROOF CAME ABOUT adore113.memo DICOMS AGAIN adore112.memo It makes a huge difference to the basic question that Adore adore111.memo LUCID adore110.memo THE BODY AND THE LION adore109.memo PSYCHOSIS adore108.memo METHODS OF SCIENCE adore107.memo I would say anyone who says that 'process didn't work' means adore106.memo ARE OPPOSITES NECESSARY adore105.memo Yes. My view is that postulates ABOUT postulates are more adore104.memo LESSONS and TRUTH adore103.memo ASSURED adore102.memo ETERNAL DOOM adore101.memo THE DICOM TORTILLA adore100.memo MASTER OF DICOMS adore99.memo HUMOR SANDWICH adore98.memo Someone trying to 'transcend' dicoms is like an Author trying adore97.memo Phil, adore96.memo Basically *IF* polarities and dicoms can be 'transcended', adore95.memo RESISTENCE AND PERSISTENCE act94.memo UNAUDITABILITY adore94.memo THE SUPPRESSIVE PERSON. adore93.memo SPIRIT OF PLAY act93.memo INFINITE CHARGE AND THE BLACK INFINITY CASE adore92.memo POLICY ON KILLING act92.memo THE GAMES WE PLAY act91.memo THE WINDS OF WAR adore91.memo IS SEX A GAME? act90.memo THE CHANNELS OF FREEDOM adore90.memo HUMAN VS OT act89.memo THE WIND BETWEEN THE EARS adore89.memo "Put up or shut up!" adore88.memo PROVE IT CASES AGAIN AND AGAIN act88.memo MISSING TERMINALS RUNDOWN II act87.memo MISSING TERMINALS RUNDOWN adore87.memo I want to know what I want and I want to have what I want. adore86.memo ON THE WINGS OF THE DICOM III act86.memo AN ADORIAN C/S FOR THE CHURCH adore85.memo ON THE WINGS OF THE DICOM II act85.memo GROUND ZERO act84.memo RUNNING ENGRAMS adore84.memo Ron's model of the time track as the source of aberration was a adore83.memo VERIFICATION act83.memo THE SCHMOO LEVEL adore82.memo Yes, this is very Adorian. act82.memo MURDER BY POSTULATE act81.memo TRUE RELIGIONS AND FALSE RELIGIONS adore81.memo DREAMBALL VS MEATBALL act80.memo LITIGATE NOW adore80.memo Karma adore79.memo MY VIEW act79.memo ALIEN IMPLANTS adore78.memo ACCORD act78.memo EXORCISM WANTED, CHEAP act77.memo SESSION NOTES 09/14/94 adore77.memo IDIOTS AND PROOF act76.memo FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME adore76.memo THE PROFESSIONAL VICTIM act75.memo TROM VI adore75.memo A Black V case is not a pc who can't make any mockups, its act74.memo TROM V adore74.memo NULLING KARMA act73.memo TROM IV adore73.memo CREDO adore72.memo GWMC, MASTERY OF GAMES AND GAME SPHERES act72.memo TROM III adore71.memo GOD, MAN, WOMAN and CHILD act71.memo TROM II adore70.memo RESPONSIBILITY act70.memo TROM I adore69.memo Adore is a baby phase religion. As such it has most of its act69.memo THE PERFECT GAME act68.memo PROBLEMS, CONDITIONS AND SOLUTIONS. adore68.memo Any game that trains the male child to use his agressive danger act67.memo ETERNAL BEAUTY AND THE NATURE OF THE GAME adore67.memo THE QUALITY MALE RUNDOWN. adore66.memo UNAUDITABILITY act66.memo OT III act65.memo ADORE AND THINGS adore65.memo Single mom = euphemism for woman who bred out of season and for adore64.memo Well sugar tits, if you don't know, then you as a female are part act64.memo RUIN AND WITHHOLD act63.memo LIFE REPAIR adore63.memo Adore has it as CO-OPERATE. act62.memo BODY READ LIST adore62.memo X. wrote: act61.memo QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS adore61.memo FEARLESS FUTURE hom61.memo ACCEPTANCE AND RESISTANCE hom61b.memo ACCEPTANCE AND RESIGNATION adore60.memo Peace will not come until act60.memo THE ADVANTAGES OF DISADVANTAGES hom60.memo LOVE FOR CREATURE AND CREATOR hom59.memo The Universe as a Hologram act59.memo SESSION 4/18/94 adore59.memo People don't do drugs to forget the past, adore58.memo The problem with farewell is act58.memo GRADE III hom58.memo PARENT AND CHILD act57.memo LIVE FOREVER *AND* TO DIE FOREVER AT THE SAME TIME FOREVER FOR FREE.)) hom57.memo Most parental correction comes down to: adore57.memo KARMA hom56.memo DELICIOUS ANGER adore56.memo SOURCE AND KNOW ABOUT act56.memo OT'S AND VIOLENCE act55.memo POWER AND WILLINGNESS adore55.memo There are two spheres of interest, the Actual Whatis that hom55.memo CODES hom54.memo ANALYSIS OF GOOD AND EVIL act54.memo CASE AND GAMES adore54.memo GOD, MAN, WOMAN and CHILD hom53.memo Questions that beg the question usually result from questions act53.memo GOOD ALWAYS LOOSES adore53.memo COMPARATIVE RELIGION hom52.memo Homer: act52.memo DIVINITY, EVIL, AND GOOD adore52.memo THE BLACK INFINITY CASE adore51.memo SCIENTOLOGY AND EPISTOMOLOGY hom51.memo Half of that indicates to me, and the other half says, wait I act51.memo CLEAR AND OT act50.memo SESSION NOTES 3/3/94 hom50.memo CONTRIBUTIION TO EARTH adore50.memo HELL, DEATH AND INFINITY hom49.memo EXTERIOR AND THE SOVEREIGN STATE adore49.memo PERSISTING AND VANISHING TRUTH act49.memo SESSION NOTES 3/1/94 hom48.memo EXTERIOR adore48.memo PERSISTENCE AND VANISHMENT AGAIN act47.memo THE SINS OF THE CHILDREN hom47.memo HELP vs CHARITY adore47.memo Here is the crux of the difference. hom46.memo TROM GPM on employment. adore46.memo CLEARING hom45.memo RISING TA AUDITING act45.memo WHAT IS OUT ETHICS? adore45.memo AUDITING GOD act44.memo WHAT IS OUT ETHICS? proof44.memo THE PROOF FOR 3rd GRADERS adore44.memo Here is what I see as the difference between Palle's process and hom44.memo CYCLES OF LOSS adore43.memo NEED, FEAR and TROM act43.memo OPERATING THE TECH hom43.memo EXTERIORIZING FROM THE MIND proof43.memo IS CONSCIOUSNESS USEFUL? hom42.memo SURPRISE act42.memo DIRTY TRICKS adore42.memo NEED AND FEAR proof42.memo THE PROOF, ORIGINAL THESIS adore41.memo POCK MARK ON THE FACE OF GOD hom41.memo LOSS AND LIES proof41.memo CONSIDERATIONS ON THE IMMORTALITY OF SELF sci40.memo ARTHUR JANOW AND PRIMAL SCREAM THERAPY, REFERENCES hom40.memo RESPECT AND NO RESPECT II act40.memo CASE FACTORS proof40.memo PERFECT CERTAINTIES AGAIN adore40.memo The Clam wrote: sci39.memo INDEPENDNENT CONTACTS TAKEN FROM FREE SPIRIT proof39.memo DELUSION ABOUT ILLUSION adore39.memo OPENING THETAN hom39.memo RESPONSIBILITY DUMP act39.memo MY PURPOSE ON THIS NEWSGROUP hom38.memo DEBASEMENT AND EMPOWERMENT. adore38.memo CONSCIENCE OVER LAW act38.memo PATHOS IN A HOLE proof38.memo MECHANICAL INTEGRITY sci37.memo THE EVIL AND THE DUMB adore37.memo If it is an article of my belief, research or religion that physical hom37.memo WOMEN AND MASTER OF DEFENSE. proof37.memo Missed a few postings have we. act37.memo MY RELIGION, MY MESSIAH proof36.memo THREE PHASES OF THE PROOF adore36.memo This is what I am saying, hom36.memo GOD MAN WOMAN AND CHILD yet again. act36.memo AN OPEN LETTER TO INTERNET USERS adore35.memo HERE AND THERE proof35.memo SYMBOLS AND REFERENTS III hom35.memo TELL ME ABUSE act35.memo COMPETITION AND THE CHURCH sci34.memo IS LIFE A STATIC? hom34.memo PILOT and CO PILOT proof34.memo Such small tests. act34.memo CIRCLE OF LIGHT adore34.memo The final final end of cycle is a Big Hello, as everyone sci33.memo KAREN HORNEY, REFERENCES proof33.memo USEFULNESS OF MODELS act33.memo AMNESTY FOR THE CHURCH hom33.memo MEN AND WOMEN adore33.memo THE WAY IN IS THE WAY OUT adore32.memo DEMANDS FOR PROOF hom32.memo TEACH AND LEARN proof32.memo You are 100 percent wrong. act32.memo OTHER DETERMINISM, OPPOSED BY OR CONTROLLED BY? sci32.memo EYE SIGHT AND AUDITING hom31.memo DEMASCULATION adore31.memo THE PRIME DIRECTIVE sci31.memo I'M STILL A SCIENTOLOGIST act31.memo DEATH FOREVER AND HELL FOREVER proof31.memo SYMBOLS AND REFERENTS II proof30.memo SYMBOLS AND REFERENTS act30.memo THE PURPOSE OF CLEARING hom30.memo MASTER AND APPREHENTICE sci30.memo CHURCH OF THE NEW CIVILIZATION adore30.memo HARD AND EASY PRECLEARS hom29.memo WANT AND DEMAND logic29.memo TRUTH AND CAUSE sci29.memo WHY NOT PUT A.C.T. UNDER RELIGION? adore29.memo THE BEAST act29.memo ELECTRON LOVE proof29.memo DELUSION ABOUT ILLUSION act28.memo THE GOD FACTORY logic28.memo PERFECT CERTAINTY AND SELF CASTING DOUBT adore28.memo Look if YOU want to demonstrate OT powers and become a matter of hom28.memo LRH said "Once God created the universe, he became the Devil" sci28.memo INDEPENDENT FIELD CONTACTS proof28.memo CERTAINTY AND THE PROOF act27.memo WAS L. RON HUBBARD SIR ISAAC NEWTON? adore27.memo THE OT POWER proof27.memo SYMBOLS logic27.memo PERFECT CERTAINTIES vs BETS sci27.memo SESSION ON SOVEREIGNTY cd27.memo DAVID MISCAVIGE AFFIDAVIT hom27.memo I find a semantic problem with the idea that one one needs to accept sci26.memo HOW DOES CLEAR TECH GROW? act26.memo TELEPATHY adore26.memo INTIMATIONS OF THE OT POWER PROTOCOL RUNDOWN logic26.memo CHECK-OUT-ABLE proof26.memo The subject of proof is a dangerous one, but a valid one at that. cd26.memo ARMSTRONG APPENDIX hom26 TO ACCEPT OR TO RESIGN? hom26.memo It would seem to me that the tiniest slightest desire to change or get cd25.memo DECLARATION OF HON. JOHN M. IDEMAN act25.memo VIOLATION OF DESIRE sci25.memo SOVEREIGNTY adore25.memo TO WHAT END...? hom25.memo SOURCE AND SOURCER logic25.memo CAN A PERFECT CERTAINTY BE WRONG? proof25.memo You see the problem with people who can't be certain of anything sci24.memo WHY CLAIM OT? act24.memo THREE DREAMS OF A HAUNTING hom24.memo I want to add to this. logic24.memo There are two broad categories of Logic. adore24.memo APPRECIATION AND REGRET cd24.memo BRECKENRIDGE DECISION proof24.memo Adore considers that the single most important certainty to sessio24.memo SESSION NOTES 5/11/03 hom23.memo WINNING act23.memo BASIC BASIC ON THE CHAIN OF CHAINS proof23.memo Actually I did a number of times times, via reductio ad absurdum. cd23.memo DAVID MAYO AFFIDAVIT logic23.memo One can choose to distinguish between sessio23.memo The relationship one has to one's future is the primary adore23.memo THE FOUR GREAT LIES sci23.memo EFFECTS OF DEMONSTRATING OT POWERS proof22.memo BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT act22.memo OT POWER AND COMING IN sci22.memo WHY IS SELF AUDITING DANGEROUS? adore22.memo PROBLEMS ARE SOLUTIONS. cd22.memo ROBERT VAUGHN YOUNG AFFIDAVIT II hom22.memo SYMPATHY ENGRAMS sessio22.memo Here is another amazing process, can run solo or dual. logic22.memo LOGIC IS KING, THE BASIS OF LOGIC hom21.memo CLEAR proof21.memo Meatballs tend to think of certainty in terms of evidence and act21.memo MANIFEST AND UNMANIFEST adore21.memo DREAMS AND DRUGS logic21.memo When a mind is not tested by the problems of survival sci21.memo TO DEMONSTRATE OR NOT TO DEMONSTRATE OT POWERS cd21.memo STACY BROOKS YOUNG AFFIDAVIT II sessio21.memo Alan's process, cd20.memo STACY YOUNG AFFIDAVIT adore20.memo The INTENT of the Creator is not GOODNESS, it is Mischief and sessio20.memo Session Notes 02/09/2001 logic20.memo LOGIC IS ILLOGICAL! sci20.memo WHAT IS CLEARING TECHNOLOGY hom20.memo After all that I have written, after all that has gone on here in the proof20.memo "All certainties can be wrong." act20.memo BETTER AND WORSE hom19.memo BIG WINS FROM WRONG INDICATIONS logic19.memo LOGIC IS ILLOGICAL! sci19.memo THE 'LONG ROAD' TO OT? act19.memo RIGHT AND WRONG proof19.memo "Spot a certainty that could be wrong." logic19a I will bite. eco19.memo INVESTMENT, ROI AND CHARITY sessio19.memo FEAR AND NEED adore19.memo A home is but a small termites nest in the scheme of things, cd19.memo ROBERT VAUGHN YOUNG AFFIDAVIT hom18.memo Yes, experience-of is certainty-of and certainty-of is sessio18.memo WORRY AND FAITH sci18.memo WHAT CAN BE EXPECTED OF CLEARING TECHNOLOGY? proof18.memo CONFRONT23, cd18.memo VICKI AZNARAN AFFIDAVIT II WRITTEN 5/19/94 act18.memo THE SCALE OF DISCOUNT cd18a.memo VICKI AZNARAN AFFIDAVIT WRITTEN 5/19/94 adore18.memo GOD eco18.memo ON IHACA DOLLARS logic18.memo GOOD AND BAD act17.memo AGREE OR GO TO HELL adore17.memo *BLACKNESS* is not an absence of light. proof17.memo All certainties are doubtable, cd17.memo LETTER OF 8/29/94 TO SMALL, LARKIN AND KIDDE eco17.memo THE HELPING HAND sessio17.memo ENLIGHTENMENT logic17.memo Yes, it was defined as maximum REASON applied to the goal of hom17.memo I would like to stop HAVING to BE, DO, HAVE, VISION etc. sci17.memo HOW TO HANDLE ARC BREAKS sessio16.memo OTVIII FLINCH AND CRINGE eco16.memo We have written that quality of product is guaranteed only cd16.memo Letter of 8/26/94 from Small, Larkin and Kidde hom16.memo Stark, proof16.memo A perfect certainty does not conceed the possibility that act16.memo HYENAS (PREAMBLE) adore16.memo OK, Cool. logic16.memo SELF DENYING SYLLOGISMS ado16.memo PERSISTERS AND VANISHERS sci16.memo WHAT IS OUT TECH? sessio15.memo MOTION AND NO MOTION eco15.memo COPYRIGHTS AND ADDICTION TO LIMITATION logic15.memo OK, at least you answered the question. cd15.memo VICKI AZNARAN AFFIDAVIT adore15.memo Adore calls it perfect replication, like the caps lock key on ado15.memo AGENCY sci15.memo WHAT IS CASE GAIN? proof15.memo "I am perfectly certain but I could be wrong." hom15.memo SHOCK POINT sessio14.memo MORTAL, IMMORTAL AND ETERNAL adore14.memo HUMAN AND INHUMAN hom14.memo Being 100 percent ARC broke with all of existence, it is hard for ado14.memo CONSIDERATION AND OBSERVATION cd14.memo MARY TABAYOYON AFFIDAVIT act14.memo SCIENTOLOGISTS SUE UCLA logic14.memo CBWillis is a woman. sci14.memo WHY IS SCIENTOLOGY NOT LIKED? eco14.memo THE ROYALTY HOUR proof14.memo "All certainties can be doubted." adore13.memo GOD THE FATHER cd13.memo ANDRE TABAYOYON AFFIDAVIT act13.memo NATIONAL HEALTH ALLIANCE FAX UPDATE sessio13.memo SESSION NOTES 7/12/2000 eco13.memo We are not talking about handouts. hom13.memo OK, I am going to say this one more time. ado13.memo CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS logic13.memo Yes, your God is one sick puppy. If any HUMAN had created sci13.memo WHAT'S YOUR GAME HOLMES? proof13.memo ADORE, LOGIC and THE PROOF cd12.memo CD - 12 eco12.memo My Plan? ado12.memo THE SINS OF THE CHILDREN adore12.memo COULDN'T, WOULDN'T, SHOULDN'T CASES hom12.memo VIRTUE sessio12.memo Run, proof12.memo If you were to show the proof to everyone on Earth, maybe 100 would logic12.memo Homer: ado11.memo MORE ON MISSED WITHHOLDS sessio11.memo I have always felt the creation flows from something bigger than proof11.memo ASSUMPTIONS AND CERTAINTIES logic11.memo I am responsible for all the actions that I engender in the world. eco11.memo OWNERSHIP vs STEWARDSHIP hom11.memo WIN PLAY LOSE adore11.memo I disagree, you show your separation. Whether the universal cd11.memo LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF L. RON HUBBARD sci11.memo WHY THE CHURCH IS NOT LIKED eco10.memo HUMANS act10.memo AUTUMN 1993 CAUSALITY PROGRAMS proof10.memo ENGRAMS AND TWO BEING ENTANGLEMENT sessio10.memo Surely Enid is doing clearing. No question about that, eh? sci10.memo TRUTH IN ADVERTISING, THE MARK VI adore10.memo UNIVERSAL AND INDIVIDUAL cd10.memo AFFIDAVIT you10.memo YOU 10 proof10.memo.bak The apparency is a MEST - MEST collision, rock against body. hom10.memo RUIN AND ENHANCE ado10.memo SUPPRESSED UNEXPRESSED RESENTMENT logic10.memo Homer: ado9.memo FIRST HELLOS AND LAST GOODBYES sci9.memo MAYO DECISION UPHELD, COUNTER SUIT BEGINS logic9.memo The long religious tradition that you are refering to that arises eco9.memo NEGATIVE WORTH PEOPLE proof9.memo SOURCE AND PERFECT CERTAINTY gmwc9.memo GMWC, COMPLEMENTATION AND ENCOMPASSMENT session9.memo I understand your feelings, however some of us choose to continue games9 GAMES IX act9.memo RULES, GAMES AND OT'S adore9.memo CHANNELING hom9.memo "Are you suppressing a higher universe?" cd9.memo LETTER FROM A. you9.memo YOU 9 proof8.memo It is unclear if my definition of sophism is the same as Carol's, eco8.memo BUYER SELLER, EMPLOYER EMPLOYEE act8.memo WHERE'S THE CHARGE? cd8.memo All you8.memo YOU 8 logic8.memo So let's take a deeper look at Carol's propositions. gmwc8.memo DEPENDENCY hom8.memo THE CYCLE OF HELP ado8.memo WHO DID WHAT TO WHOM session8.memo IS SPACE A DREAM? games8 GAMES VIII adore8.memo Well yes, if one assumes that Self is natively Omni Sovereign. sci7.memo ROUTE 2, PROCESS 45 cd7.memo AFFIDAVIT OF TONJA BURDEN ado7.memo VILLAIN VICTIM AND HERO apl7.memo A D O R E - L P O L I C Y L E T T E R games7 GAMES VII eco7.memo Now I know you all don't like cops, but we have one on our system you7.memo YOU 7 logic7.memo So you put 'linguistic intuitions' and 'grasp of intention' above session7.memo My recent auditing into 'overwhelms' indicates there are 4 gmwc7.memo BEING AND BECOMING adore7.memo Yes, but danger has to be defined as threat of PERMANENT LOSS, proof7.memo THE PEER REVIEW PARADOX act7.memo THE UNDERGROUND THERAPIST hom7.memo FAIR EXCHANGE FOR LAUGHTER AND WISDOM proof6.memo ALONENESS AND UNALONENESS help6 HELP Part 6 - STATURE cd6.memo F.A.C.T. am6.memo ART MATRIX PO 880 Ithaca, NY 14851-0880 USA hom6.memo acceptable or act6.memo THE SERVICE COMPUTATION eco6.memo LEFT RIGHT gmwc6.memo EQUALITY you6.memo YOU 6 ado6.memo THE TRUE NATURE OF MISSED WITHHOLDS adore6.memo EXOTHERMIC AND ENDOTHERMIC logic6.memo ALL THAT COMES FROM GOD IS GOOD games6 GAMES VI apl6.memo A D O R E - L P O L I C Y L E T T E R session6.memo MEST OR BEINGS? adore5.memo HELL FOREVER AND DEATH FOREVER act5.memo MULTIPLE VIEWPOINT INCIDENT CLEARING sci5.memo VIOLENCE IN THE CHURCH ado5.memo HOW TO AUDIT THE "I DON'T KNOW" CASE proof5.memo ORDINARY AND EXTRAORDINARY am5.memo Figure 1. help5 HELP Part 5 - PRIDE BY DYNAMICS session5.memo DRAMATIZATION logic5.memo I wish to make clear that I admit to the possibility of higher cd5.memo MY RESIGNATION FROM THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY apl5.memo A D O R E - L P O L I C Y L E T T E R you5.memo YOU 5 hom5.memo QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS AGAIN AND AGAIN gmwc5.memo GOD, MAN, WOMAN and CHILD 5 eco5.memo POGROMS copyrig5.memo As for copyright the problem here is that the internet finally games5 GAMES V cd4.memo LETTER FROM BRUCE BISHOP adore4.memo Fundamentally, dramatization means to bring drama too. am4.memo ART MATRIX SUMMARY FINANCIAL STATEMENT 1985 - 1990 help4 HELP Part 4 - SUMMARY TO DATE eco4.memo POVERTY AND WEALTH gmwc4.memo UP AND DOWN GRADES session4.memo MODEL AUDITING games4 GAMES IV copyrig4.memo POLICE FORCE act4.memo POWER PROCESS FOUR ado4.memo TOMBSTONE JONES logic4.memo LOGIC hom4.memo GOD OF FEAR AND LAUGHTER proof4.memo I happen to find the tone scale very real to me, if it was apl4.memo A D O R E - L P O L I C Y L E T T E R you4.memo YOU 4 clr3.memo IN SEARCH OF A HIGH COMMAND gmwc3.memo GOD, MAN, WOMAN and CHILD 3 apl3.memo A D O R E - L P O L I C Y L E T T E R games3 GAMES III you3.memo YOU 3 session3.memo Enid, adore3.memo HAVE FOR A WHILE, LOSE FOREVER help3 HELP Part 3 - PRIDE proof3.memo CORRELATION AND CAUSATION logic3.memo You see when ever Carol uses the word IS in a statement, we have no copyrig3.memo You see copyrights have to do with communication, specifically eco3.memo GOVERNMENT AND ALLOPATHY helpharm3.script HELP AND HARM ff3.memo THE 5TH DIMENSION ado3.memo MISSED WITHHOLDS AND CO-EXCUSED WITHHOLDS lcc-mct3 INTRO TO LOGIC am3.memo Introduction cd3.memo PAULETTE COOPER, OPERATION FREAKOUT hom3.memo SUPERMAN AND OT. act3.memo GPMS helpharm2.script There is, proof2.memo The Proof says that looking at effects do not prove cause. roland2.memo C/S FOR ROLAND quotes2.memo ADORE (tm) cd2.memo BERRY'S WORLD codes2.memo Apparently Adore has been expelled from Kn for speaking its Codes. power2.memo PRIME DIRECTIVE hg2.memo MORNING GOALS apl2.memo A D O R E - L P O L I C Y L E T T E R politics2 POLITICS AND MARKETS permis2.script PERMISSIONS 2 act2.memo AN INTRODUCTORY INTERVIEW you2.memo YOU 2 gmwc2.memo ME TARZAN YOU JANE cp2.script KANT'S IMPERATIVE session2.memo Run, devil2 THE DEVIL'S RELIGION supplement2.memo Dr. Michael Colgan sess2.memo X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2] devil2.memo THE DEVIL'S RELIGION privacy2.memo Notice the date on this posting below. eco2.memo THE INTERNET candl2.memo CRIMINALITY AND THE LAW copyrig2.memo NAPSTER ff2.memo CLEARING TECHNOLOGY junk2 clr2.memo AND WHAT OF STANDARD TECH? lcc2 Rough draft... posted 7/19/2006 games2 GAMES II adore2.memo WHY GOD? precious2.script "Something precious?" games2.aus am2.memo ART MATRIX SUMMARY FINANCIAL STATEMENT lkin2.memo CHAPTER 4.1 THE PREPCHECK ado2.memo CALVARY jm2.memo MASTER POWER PROCESS - TAPE 1 media2.script Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology help2 HELP Part 2 - DEPENDENCY sci2.memo IN DEFENSE OF DYNAMISM logic2.memo If you use an IS statement to say something, you MUST remain hom2.memo ACCEPTANCE pgp1.memo Testimony of Philip Zimmermann to way1-10.txt The Way - 1 ff1.memo FLEMMING FUNCH MEETS THE CHURCH adore1.memo THE SOURCE OF ALL SUFFERING copyrig1.memo Here is where the world is heading. dianeti1.memo It's the PTS's who get institutionalized and the SP's who put cd1.memo BUREAU OPERATIONS 1970 help1 HELP Part 1 - DESIRE AND VIEW hom1.memo LIFE IS A GAME? jm1.memo JOHN MCMASTER TAPE No. 1 session1.memo Run, mum1.memo THE CORE THIS LIFETIME INCIDENT you1.memo YOU 1 finder1.memo NOODLES AND TECH FINDERS lzw1.memo This is long, please bomb out of it when ever it gets boring. ado1.memo CO-EXCUSED WITHHOLDS codes1.memo I would imagine basic basic codes to be something we did alone, apl1.memo A D O R E - L P O L I C Y L E T T E R logic1.memo Statements, yes. typo clr1.memo THE ORIGIN OF VISTAG permis1.script PERMISSIONS 1 dharma1.memo Dharma Pool of Cause: homer1.memo Most people want to exteriorize. They want out of their body eco1.memo.aus Some shopping is, but most isn't. Most people go for the lowest sarge1.memo THE PURPOSE OF VIEWING koos1.memo THE CODE de1.memo Digital E-Meter Project - Sources #1 gmwc1.memo YIN YANG COMPLEMENTATION games1 GAMES sess1.memo "Tell me about being Mortal." fs1.memo COPYRIGHTS AND TRADEMARKS act1.memo WELCOME TO CLEARING TODAY eco1.memo Some shopping is, but most isn't. Most people go for the lowest proof1.memo PROOF I proph1.memo THE UNDERGROUND THERAPIST am1.memo Art Matrix Financial Statement lcc1 Rough draft... posted 7/18/2006 Long, hard to read, meant for wings0.memo WINGS hello I think when people are born you should say Goodbye to them, cfs.memo CRIMINALITY AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH matrix.memo MATRIX OF WORD DEFINITIONS sess SESSION NOTES finder PC, AUDITOR, TECH FINDER apl.memo A D O R E - L P O L I C Y L E T T E R hide.memo HIDE AND SEEK DEATH faq.memo FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS copyrights There are three software suites now available that make copyright viral.memo I do hope your sarcasm meter works.... :) permeate.memo TO PERMEATE and TO BE PERMEATED orientation.script ORIENTATION POINT AND SYMBOL eandr.memo ENHANCE AND RUIN proof PREPARING A PC FOR THE PROOF PHASE I vision.memo VISION AND MISSION v3.0 bailing.memo BAILING WATER carol Thank you Carol. I rest my case. internet.memo Article 733 of alt.answers: logic.memo LOGIC AND FEMALE LOGIC roland EVIL OR STUPID? junk.memo That's because it's unfair that a game exists where the penalties vitalism 6:45pm JRL [From Olav Hammer and Mikael Rothstein, eds. The Cambridge Companion to finder0.memo OK, so now that I finally see where *I* am coming from, took me wod.memo THE WAR ON DRUGS gmwc00.memo GOD, MAN, WOMAN and CHILD fear.memo FEAR OF / FEAR OF NOT tetra.memo TETRAHEDRON homer0.memo Good people are cooperative in their quest for survival, they adore0.memo WHO STARTED IT devil THE DEVIL'S TUNE siegel.memo Article 3876 of cause.memo CAUSE AND ASSIGNED CAUSE session0.memo This was written prior to NO and SOME, so run NO and SOME nelsond.memo NELSON DEBRIEF value VALUE gmwc0.memo WOMAN WITH CHILD pong.bak CAUSE AND ASSIGNED CAUSE (PONG) workathome.memo If this is too long or boring, skip down to the sub heading gdw.script GUNS, DRUGS AND WAR zeros.memo ZEROS FOR THEETIE WHEETIES politics DOUBLE PLUS GOOD DOUBLETHINK logic LOGIC AND FEMALE LOGIC onephil.memo ONE PHILOSOPHY codes I think the fighting is caused by Code conflict, once everyone doubt.script DOUBT hackers.txt HACKERS AND THE LAW ' CONSIDERATION AND OBSERVATION certs It's also deeper than might be suspected. auditors.script AUDITORS missed MISSED AND BYPASSED morning.txt PRIVACY AND THE MORNING GLORY DEMOCRACY archive TO BLAH OR NOT TO BLAH murder.memo THE MURDER RUNDOWN you YOU 1 cyberlaw.memo CYBER LAW EXTRACTS structure.memo THE STRUCTURE OF CASE power POWER AND THE PRIME DIRECTIVE lcc0.memo Rough draft... posted 7/16/2006 bashing Mr. MU wrote: misery.memo MISERY AND ECSTACY patriotism WHAT IS PATRIOTISM? roos.memo THE OTTO J. ROOS DEBRIEF sorrys SORRY!'s agency.script CASTING AGENCY andrea Well its been a good week of dramatizing on my favorite Nemesis One lcc0 Rough draft... posted 7/16/2006 russell SANITY AND INSANITY lzw.memo LZW COMPRESSION AND DECOMPRESSION dianeti0.memo DIANETICS TODAY theproof.memo THE PROOF adept.memo ADEPTS dianetics Must do and must not happen again form the basic dicom of third THE PROOF FOR THIRD GRADERS filters PHILOSOPHY - ACCOUNTABILITY AND ANONYMITY marilyn Marilyn, chalice.memo THE BROKEN CHALICE law.memo THE LAW OF THE LAND AND THE LAW OF THE SKY kp Well when someone can't afford to let someone else be right and gmwc GOD MAN WOMAN CHILD prime TO DEMONSTRATE OR NOT TO DEMONSTRATE OT POWERS pat alive DEAD AND ALIVE anonhelp.memo HOW TO USE THE ANON SERVER AT ANON.PENET.FI nemesisone.memo Lightning: wings.memo WINGS OF THE DICOM revisited integrity.script Found this in a dusty pile of paper... native ADORIAN CATECHISM PART 1 murder0.memo MURDER RUNDOWN REVISITED help.memo TRIAD hatch.memo THE FDA, NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS AND MIND MACHINES. engrams DO ENGRAMS EXIST? cu.script LOGIC OF CLASSES kp.memo Well when someone can't afford to let someone else be right and codes0.memo CODES ucp.memo UCP vs SCIENTOLOGY morning PRIVACY AND THE MORNING GLORY DEMOCRACY postulates POSTULATES media.memo Subject: media list murder MURDER RUNDOWN hubbard.memo HUBBARD phil Do what others wilt. god THE GOD POSTULATE proof0.memo The proof admits to 2 flows of cause as the only cause that a adore-l.memo ADORE-L CHARTER roland0.memo ROLAND'S EXTERIORIZATION anon.memo AN EXPERIMENTAL PROPOSAL logic0.memo It is one thing to say that there is knowledge outside of the model MODEL SESSION II copyright COPYRIGHTS AND THE POLICE STATE. typescript law.txt THE LAW OF THE LAND AND THE LAW OF THE SKY scalars From Learning, Certainty, Causality and Consciousness you.script YOU 1 rho It means no dimension. One has to have 1 or more dimensions to have contents.memo THE INTERNET PROJECT act.memo THIS FORUM sov.memo SOVEREIGNTY color.memo -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- sungod.memo SUN GOD rendition RENDITION OF DIMENSION symbolsandreferents BUABLES OF BUBBLES, or BUBBLES OF BAUBLES? truefalse.memo TRUE RELIGIONS AND FALSE RELIGIONS sandr SEPARATION AND RESISTANCE enlight.script ENLIGHTENMENT thrume.memo From ADORE-L 7/4/89. oxygen I certainly see body changes taking place. charter.memo CHARTER FOR NATIVE.memo ADORIAN CATECHISM PART 1 otpower OT POWER morning.memo PRIVACY AND THE MORNING GLORY DEMOCRACY copyrig0.memo Deserve? Deserve is a sarcasm. lcc-srm THE STANDARD REFERENECE MODEL. clearing CLEARING sess0.memo SESSION NOTES triad.bak HELP Part 0 - TRIAD games GAMES copyfaq.memo FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT COPYRIGHT (V. 1.1.3) pogroms POGROMS AND THE CHURCH color COLOR WHEEL law THE LAW OF THE LAND AND THE LAW OF THE SKY dating.memo DATING intentions.memo TWO INTENTIONS discount SCALE of DISCOUNT nemesisone NEMESIS ONE groups.script I do not deny that I have secrets and that they are bad. dane.memo THE DANE TOPS STORY otqa.memo Session notes, 7/27/1997 hom0.memo HUMOR AND RESOLUTION bofj.memo ADORE AND OTHER HERESIES. codes.memo TO TALK OR NOT TO TALK session.memo SESSION NOTES is.script IS AND IS NOT, THE PHILOSOPHY OF CRIMINALITY hackers HACKERS AND THE LAW helpharm.script HELP AND HARM myview.memo MY VIEW want.memo There is a WANT and a WANT NOT. supplements.memo DHEA, 25 mg in morning (adrenal hormone) (declines to 50% of sanity What Adore teaches us is that sanity lies in the desire to help0 HELP Part 0 - TRIAD onetruth.memo ONE BASIC OPERATING PRINCIPLE firstovert.script FIRST OVERT sickness THE SICKNESS OF MEATBALLS fact.memo F.A.C.T, End of 1993 triad HELP Part 0 - TRIAD adore ADORE (tm) precious.script PRECIOUS/NOT PRECIOUS pong CAUSE AND ASSIGNED CAUSE (PONG) rape.memo PORN, RAPE and DUTY scn WOG AND RAW MEAT eco0.memo You gotta ask yourself a question: lkin.memo SCIENTOLOGY, MORE THAN A CULT? (Vol 1.) desire.script DESIRE trueforyou Hi Homer, receive.memo John Ramsey dharma False. The process of Dharma Battle follows strict guidelines of primedir.memo THE PRIME DIRECTIVE RUNDOWN sorrow.memo SORROW AND LAUGHTER privacy.memo PRIVACY AND THE MORNING GLORY DEMOCRACY session SESSION NOTES sotc SINS OF THE CHILDREN phil0.memo INDICTMENT OF PHIL. story.memo THE STORY OF ADORE roland.memo EVIL OR STUPID? at.memo ANARCHY AND TYRANNY objective.script OBJECTIVE PROOF eco What Ed says about intelligent buyers making informed an

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