This forum is intended to be a scientific forum for the discussion
and advancement of clearing.

     Scientific forums demand a certain amount of scientific decorum in
their proceedings.

     Things don't have to be utterly dry and formal here, every good
scientist jokes around, gets sarcastic, engages in hyperbole, but always
to the advancement of the science, not to the end of tearing it down.

     There are 4 high crimes that I want to see eradicated from the

     1.) Ad hominem, A is false because B is a drunk and C uses it to
torture people.

     2.) Attribution of Intention, A is false because B's intention was
evil before, during or after he said A.  Or D's intention is evil
because he asserts E.

     3.) Attribution of Source, you believe A because B told you to.

     4.) Attribution of identity, A is not A but B posting as A.  Or A
is a covert OP of B.

     People who engage in such forms of debate are engaged in
destructive out ethics and do not belong in a serious scientific forum.

     That said, anyone posting to the forum is fair game in the forum,
you don't get respect just and only because you breath.  If you post
stupidity, illogic, vested lies, or low tone death directedness, then
expect to get your sorry ass flamed off its scrawny bones.

     But saying someone is wrong because they are stupid or illogical is
not the same as saying they are wrong because they do drugs, or are
planning a con on people, are brainwashed, or a church op.

     The only other person who has been removed to date was KP, and he
had a lot more positive to say about clearing than Phil does.


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