ACT - 1
                   Copyright (C) 1992 Flemming Funch
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     Welcome to the first issue of Clearing Today!
     This journal is intended as a medium for interchange between
practitioners of clearing.  It is meant to be a forum for free
technical, philosophical, and organizational discussion.
     The journal is sent out primarily to members of the American
Association of Clearing Practitioners.  It is the primary publication of
the association.
     It is my hope that the journal as well as the association will
represent a common foundation for all clearing practitioners.  With a
common agreement as the basis I hope that we can engage in a free
exchange of research notes, philosophical considerations, useful
techniques, practical tips and so forth.
     The journal is created by its contributors.  All members are
encouraged to contribute material for publication in these pages.
     The format of the journal is not fixed.  It will probably change
and grow in step with the needs.  I feel that this journal fills a need.
It will as far as I know be the first regular technical newsletter for
independent clearing practitioners.
     You, the first readers of Clearing Today are a pioneer group in
this new era of clearing.  You will be the people who will shape this
subject and determine its future.
     Enjoy the first issue with me.
     Flemming Funch, Editor.
     Membership in the American Association of Clearing Practitioners is
currently $25 per year.  Benefits include a membership certificate, and
a subscription to Clearing Today.  Meetings and other activities will
also be open to all members.
     There are two classifications of membership:
     1.) Professional members are active practitioners who work with
clients professionally.
     2.) Associate members are any other interested parties.
     The requirements for membership are:
     1.) A recommendation from an existing member.
     2.) Not being a member of any organization actively opposing the
free use of clearing.
     3.) Having signed the Basic Code of Clearing.
     4.) A filled in application form
     5.) One year membership fee paid in advance.
     ((Do it.))