University is also named a defendant
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                    From Free Spirit Vol 10, Issue 2
     The Church of Scientology, bristling from public criticism by a
nationally recognized psychiatrist and UCLA professor, has sued the
outspoken educator and the university.
     In a lawsuit filed this week in Santa Monica Superior Court, two
student followers of the controversial church claim that Dr. Louis J.
West has waged a smear campaign of religious intolerance and hatred on
university time.
     The church calls the psychiatrist's persistent verbal attacks a
violation of both U.S. Constitution and state statutes.  Such religious
persecution is against the law, church leaders say.  And taxpayers are
paying a hefty price for it, they say.
     Kendrick L. Moxon, the attorney who filed the lawsuit Wednesday on
behalf of UCLA students John VAn Dyke and Mario Majorski, said "major
First Amendment concerns" are at stake.  It is illegal to discriminate
against someone because of race, sex or religion.
     Pat Alston
     Staff Writer, Daily Breeze