15 September 1993

                  Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith

      What I find most obnoxious about the 'Agree or Go To Hell' crowd,
are their human relation dynamics.

      They are told by their religion that they are supposed to love
everyone, to make friends with the down and out, get close to people

      But how can you afford to get close to or emotionally involved with
someone who is going to hell?  What kind of deep and abiding Love can
you hold for your fellow man when he is destined to hang on a Cross for
all of time, no doubt for his own sins?

      Now the Christian philosophy says that we are all sinners, its not
that Christians are some how more deserving of Heaven than others, so
what it comes down to really is whether you accept their God as your
Savior or not.  You may know you are a sinner, you may seek and ask for
forgiveness and try to repent of your ways, you may even believe in God,
but unless you ask for forgiveness from THE CHRISTIAN GOD, unless you
ask JESUS specifically into your heart, unless you accept all their
'live only once, everyone who disagrees goes to hell' philosophy, then
all of your good intentions and right minded ways are a waste, for you
are going to hell too.

      Thus it ultimately has nothing to do with what kind of person you
are, but what exact philosophy or world view or 'conception of the
cosmic all' that you hold.  For example, you may be a Christian in every
sense of the word, but if you die believing you have lived before and
will live again, a TECHNICAL PHILOSOPHICAL POINT, then right to hell you
go, because apparently you have not purged the Devil from your heart and
mind quite enough.  I mean you would have to have some big unconfessed
flaw remaining in your Soul to dare hold your own ideas against the
Standard Tech teachings of the day, right?

      Thus making friends with a Christian is a fragile undertaking at
best.  They will be most happy to make friends with you in the
beginning, but demonstrate the slightest deviation from their technical
party line and they fold up like a morning glory at night.

      Here today, gone tomorrow.

      No one can get emotionally close to someone who is going to hell or
some other kind of execution with out having their heart torn and
rendered, and why bother if the guy deserves it?

      Now I KNOW I have lived before, I have memories of my friends, my
homes, places I have lived entire lives around, flooding me every day.
The pain and the sorrow and the nostalgia are almost too much to bear,
which is probably part of why I forgot about them in the first place.
They aren't just pictures that seem real, I have lots of them too, they
are probably BT memories.  I have my own memories, I recognize them, I
recognize the people in them, I recognize who I was and what I did, just
as I recognize yesterday.

      But the Christians come along and tell me that this is all
hallucination, the work of devils and demons who hang out around me
feeding me pictures and lies.  I guess they have all been going to the
mortal meatball school of scientific truth which essentially says if you
can't prove it to us, it didn't happen.  So Chris and the Christians
would be on solid ground for agreement here.

      But from my point of view they are all nuts, they have a rather
large and unconfrontable case of amnesia, and frankly nothing is going
to change my mind about having lived before and living again any more
than anyone is going to convince me I didn't exist yesterday.  Proof or
no proof.

      (By the way, so far, proof would be hard to come by, because these
lives I am remembering were clearly not on Earth.  The time frame in
these memories and dreams is of a technological age that Earth has not
yet attained, and apparently the planets they did happen on didn't
survive a nuclear or biological war scenario.  The memories span many
lifetimes, some good, some VERY bad, gas masks and all.)

      So of course all this makes me an enemy to the Christians for
harboring politically incorrect thought.

      I am not even allowed to pursue the POSSIBILITY of past or future
lives with regression therapy, for it would be an immoral waste of time
to study what has already been stated in the Christian Standard Book of
Truth to be patently false.

      But worse, I WANT to live again, I WANT to come back to Earth and
continue my goals here, I don't want to go to heaven and leave it all
behind when I die.  I don't mind if there is a heaven we all CAN go to,
but I mind very much if there is a heaven we all MUST go to.

      You see the big secret is, the Christians DON'T WANT to be here,
they can't wait to get out, so they are sitting back being OBEDIENT GOOD
LITTLE MAMA'S boys in the hope that the Big Soul Train in the end will
take them out of here.

      But it ain't gonna happen that way.

      Besides who is God to interrupt what I am doing for His ends?  It's
bad enough losing a body every 70 years or so and having to start all
over again without some Big Guy with a swelled head, who has forgotten
who hired him in the first place, butting into the matter.

      My plans and projects will take maybe hundreds of life times to
complete.  If I thought I only had one chance on Earth, I wouldn't even
start 99 percent of them.  Those who think they only have 3 score years
to live don't plan for very much.  They build short term goals with
short term considerations.  They can't even think about the long term,
it hurts too much, besides God is going to wipe it all out in 3000 years
anyhow when the final act is played out.

      Their sweetness and light Heaven is the only long term they can
think of which is why so many people have claimed that religion is the
opiate for the masses.

      I also mind very much being separated from those who are going to
hell.  What happens if I want to spend more time on them trying to
salvage them from their fate?  Why should I be forced to quit on someone
just because God says 'Time's up?'

      What happens if you owe your life to someone who 'is going to
hell?' Isn't he worth the extra effort, in fact as long as it takes, to
turn him around?

      You know anyone can be turned around, this being bent for hell
thing is mainly a matter of ignorance and aberration.  Yes they have a
confession to make and yes they are refusing to make that confession,
and yes they are hiding behind all sorts of excuses as to why they don't
have a confession and shouldn't have to make it even if they did.

      But that's what being an auditor is all about, getting the damn

      Now Patrick says that Christianity and clearing have little to do
with each other, and that cleansing unrighteousness from the soul goes
beyond gleaning a confession.  Being the expert on righteousness that he
is, I am sure that Patrick would know.

      However in my opinion he is wrong on both accounts.

      The end goal of clearing is the salvation of the human spirit from
ruin, the return of full self determinism and the rehabilitation of
Operating Sovereignty to the being.

      There are no different goals between clearing and any religion that
ever has been or ever will be, only the approach might be different.

      Christianity tells you that you must ask God to save you and accept
Him and His Other Determinism into your life as its ruling force in
order to be saved.

      Clearing tells you that you must replicate your position in the
game of being unsaved in order to save yourself.

      Christianity offers that saving yourself is impossible, and that
such an idea is in fact setting yourself up as a God above the real God,
the highest High Crime there is.

      Clearing offers that you ruined yourself and that by replicating
the process you used to ruin yourself, you can as-is the condition you
find yourself in, and vanish it returning yourself to your original
pristine state of grace.  Of course you might just go ruin yourself
again, that's your own Sovereign Choice.

      Christianity presents this ruination/salvation thing as very grave

      Clearing presents it all as a game between the creative forces of
lightheartedness and humor, and the destructive forces of seriousness
and tragedy.

      'Tragedy and Travesty, Romance and Sin,
       Miracles and Majesty, that's where I've been.
       Miracles in Majesty, Romance and Song,
       Tragedy and Travesty, that's where I've gone.'

      Christianity says that you are responsible for your ruin, and that
God is responsible for your salvation.

      Clearing says that not only are you responsible for your ruin AND
salvation, you are ALSO responsible for God who has been hired by YOU as
a public servant for this universe, or more accurately who was
commissioned by us or others before us to create this universe as a work
of art, a comedy-tragedy for our own enjoyment.  He's been paid, what's
His beef?

      Now if the Christians are not having a screaming fit by this time,
I will have to look into it and see what I can do.

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