ACT - 2
                   Copyright (C) 1993 Flemming Funch
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     This is the interview I usually use with a new client who comes
into my office.  This is a simple way of getting to know a client,
finding the main areas that might hinder clearing, and getting something
to run.
     Immediately following the interview I would give a demonstration of
clearing, preferably by starting work on the most pressing issue right
     A Wants Handled
     1.)  What made you come here?
     2.)  What are you trying to accomplish in life?
     3.)  Is anything keeping you from doing that?
     4.)  What do you want to improve?
     5.)  I anything or anyone stopping you?
     6.)  How is your physical condition?
     B. Resistive Points
     7.  Do you already have solutions to your problems?
     8.  What drugs have you used?
     9.  Are things going wrong for you when you least expect it?
     10. What other self-improving practices or therapies have you
     11. Do you recall things in pictures? (e.g. Recall breakfast)
     C. Vital Data
     12. What type of work do you do?
     13. What are you interested in?
     14. Tell me about yourself
     15. Tell me about your close relations and family
     16. What groups are you part of?
     D. Reality
     17. What do you think a human being really is?
     18. How good could you possibly get?
     Clearing Today, October 1991