ACT - 26
                            7 November 1993
                 Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     It is pretty clear that the reason we do not have telepathy is
because we have too much telepathy.
     We have lost links to some because we have too many links to
     'Do you desire a link with someone?'
     'Are you trying to enforce a link to someone?'
     'Are you trying to inhibit a link to someone?'
     'Are you refusing a link to someone?'
     When people start to think about telepathy they immediately get
into trying to explain the MECHANISM by which a link could be made.
     In variably they start thinking in terms of OUT THERENESS, like
electric wires, or radio or some such kind of thing.
     They want some sort of causal emanation to go from themselves
THROUGH space and time to another.
     They see a loved one dragged off by the invading army and thrown
onto a boat.  The boat is leaving shore and the loved one is waving
goodbye to you crying on the stern of the ship.  You are just a boy and
can not follow.  You swear to find her some day.  You TRY to establish a
link but can not, you try to CAST OUT your cause from where you are to
where she is but it does not work.
     That is because cause is not OUT THERE.  The telepathic link is
already physically in place, that is how you are sharing your little
virtual nightmare with her in the first place.
     All that needs to be done is to enable the bit that says you can
communicate directly on the mental plane.  If you dare.
     Are you willing to have another see your pictures and feelings as
they come to you?  Are you willing to see and feel other's pictures as
they come to them?  What happens if you enable the telepathic bits for
everyone at once?  How do you shut out some and let in others?
     What happens if you enable the bits for those who are in Hell or in
pain?  Can you just shut them out to find someone more pleasant to while
away the hours with?
     I submit that those who can't find telepathy with those they want
are unwilling to have telepathy with those they don't want.  The
compulsive OFF turns it off for everyone.
     Then you are alone, in your body in your virtual nightmare, waving
good bye forever to loved ones across a distance that does not exist.
     There is no world out there.  Just because you SEE space does not
mean there IS space.  It only means there is conscious pictures of space
which themselves do not take up space.  It's a holodeck.
     There is more 'holo-space' INSIDE you then you could ever find out
side you.
     Exteriorization is a joke you know, its trying to get free by
getting OUT of your body.  Being in this universe is as OUT as you can
get.  Freedom is being able to go INWARD to bigger spaces and larger
freedoms.  Once IN, YOU can even go OUT to other universes, other
virtual helmets.
     Trying to escape your suffering by exteriorizing into the space and
time shown to you by your virtual helmet is a trap.  Even if you could
get away from your present space and time tormentors, you would just run
into more out there.  The only way OUT is IN, into where you were before
you stuck your head OUT into your virtual helmet to see this world.
     Anyhow its no wonder that telepathy comes back on the OT levels,
because that is where the pc first starts addressing misownership of
attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains, goals and games, friends and
foes, Gods and Devils, Deities and Demons, ridges and masses, that he is
taking as his own.  If you cross spaces with another being you will see
their pictures and frights.  If you take their experiences as yours,
such as in a heavy clustering incident, you will forget that you are not
alone and start trying to deal with these things as if they were your
own.  This will get you into fighting things that won't as-is and go
away because THEY AREN'T your own.
     Finally the being tries to do away with all mis ownership by
turning off all telepathy, and he finally finds a silence and peace that
makes it seem like he succeeded, but it was SOMEONE ELSE'S SILENCE AND
PEACE!  So he is locked in the loneliness of someone else's dream,
thinking he is being himself and that there are no others, and that he
can't communicate with others, all the while he is solidly BEING other's
and trying to communicate to the rest of the world from THEIR viewpoint,
from THEIR universe, from THEIR virtual helmet!
     This loneliness was someone elses!  If you WERE alone you could
never get stuck in being alone.
     There never was an absence of telepathy, only too much telepathy
that was mistaken as no telepathy.