ACT - 31
                             9 December 1993

                  Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
        Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

      You see finally attaining certainty on various things suddenly puts
you in a position of seeing very clearly what you are NOT certain about.

      It is very comfortable knowing you are going to die for good one
day, because then there can be no chance of an Eternal Hell for you or
anyone else.

      Once a person comes up to the certainty that he doesn't know if he
is going to die one day, then suddenly he is faced with the possibility
that there IS an Eternal Hell and he might be going there, or maybe his
parents or his friends.

      Even if he believes that only his enemies are going to Hell, he
will still be uncomfortable with the thought, but perhaps not as much

      Or the person believes that mere disagreement with party line
doctrine regardless of the quality of the being, is enough to send
someone to hell forever.

      Such people therefore seek agreement with another before making
friends with the 'damned'.

      It takes a lot of righteousness though to believe that Eternal Hell
exists and only your enemies or disadherents are going there.

      It is impossible to hate another without hating yourself, because
it is a failure in YOURSELF that you can not help another become a good
person or fix what is wrong with them.  The limitation in them becomes a
limitation in you.

      Some may justify their position by claiming 'But I don't WANT to
help that person, I HATE that person, he DESERVES to go to Hell

      That is just the Dog Pc syndrome on a grand scale.

      Some people hide behind their Creator like a child behind his
mama's apron strings, by saying, "Well I was never meant to help some
people, that is not expected of me by my Creator", but they miss that it
IS expected of them by themselves.

      They will deny this of course, which seals then their fate.  You
can not entomb your own desire in a coffin, with out locking yourself in
with it.

      It is this unacknowledged self expectation that is the real
determining factor behind what happens to us when we die.  In the
afterlife there is no possible entombment of desire, there is nowhere we
can hide behind the apron strings of God or Mammon, from the Divine
Light of our own souls.

      No one judges us but ourselves.  Fortunately Eternal Hell is not
one of our options.

      And the kind of judgement that does take place is quite beyond
human comprehension and the being is no longer human after he dies.

      The idea of Eternal Hell is fundamentally opposed to the idea of

      "We are going to find out ALL ABOUT YOU, and *THEN* send you to
hell forever, or perhaps you will find the decency to do it yourself."

      Most preclears are afraid of that one, and it forms the basis of an
'afraid to find out' case.


      "Get the idea of:

      Afraid of Finding Out.
      Afraid of Not Finding Out.
      Not Afraid of Finding Out.
      Not Afraid of Not Finding Out."

      If you find one item that applies to all 4, you have a 4 way AND
going.  Blow it and you will have a new being on your hands.

      The above is part of very new and advanced tech circa 2013, so if
you are reading this back in 1993 when this posting was written, you
will have to wait for the rest of it :)

      Now in the far distant future of 2017 we have something pretty
powerful based on the NO FEAR and FEAR button.

      "Get the idea of


      Run it on knowing, finding out, discovering, looking for, seeing
and searching for.

      Once that is flatish, replace KNOWING by every other item and its
opposite of importance to your life.  If you can't think of items you
are dead.  So start with dead.  Fear of dead, fear of life etc.

      Run everything under the Scientology sun including,


      and all of the freezone tone scale and awareness chart.

      And also run the Big 6.


      Remember CREATION is also a noun refering to all of Creation,
anything that ever was, is or will be.

      Run each of the above 5 items against each other.

      Get the idea of

      NO willingness for creation to exist.
      SOME willingness of creation to exist.
      NO willingness for NO creation to exist.
      SOME willingness for NO creation to exist.

      Anyhow a few 10's hours of that will fix the Devil himself.

      Of course he may decide to become a better Devil.

      The whole purpose of auditing is the ability to approach ANY person
and help them over their aberration, evil and hatred.

      To say that some people CANNOT not be helped, is to tell YOU as an
auditor that you are incapable and that as a being you are not
responsible for putting the caged beast there in the first place.

      What you can put there, you can change.

      Responsibility leads to control.

      KRC triangle guys.

      Total willingness and responsibility is total control.

      To say that some people SHOULD not be helped, is to tell YOU as an
auditor to lay off.

      What do you think people do once they get to Heaven?  Forget Hell?
Maybe they come and look over the pits of sulfur as a tourist
attraction?  Maybe take in the screams of the damned?  "Oh please Lord,
let me die, I will love you forever if you will just let me die!"

      Is it worth the admission charge to hear all that?

      Is Heaven a spectator sport over those in Hell?

      Or maybe a vicarious experience to keep the boredom of bliss
forever from overtaking you.

      "Hey there's my son!  Hi Goober, I told you so!"

      Once you are in Heaven, are you allowed to visit Hell on weekends
and kick some of the occupants for sport?

      They do deserve it right?

      Is Medusa the Devil's Harem?

      Say you wanted to audit these people screaming for death, you know,
get them over what ails them.  Would you be able to?  If not, would this
be a limitation in you?

      You should be able at least to audit anyone up to the ability
to die at will, no?

      The Devil would hate that now wouldn't he.

      You can't create an unescapable game for someone else without tying
yourself to it to make sure he never escapes.  Who now is the trapped

      Being in Heaven is the ability to be in Hell unscathed and help
those who are there get to Heaven too.

      You DO want to do this, don't you?

      It might even restore your pride a bit.

      Well Earth itself is sort of a foyer to Hell.  There are better
places to be, and there are worse places to be, all of them are in Hell
though, including where you are right now on Earth.  I am not being
poetic about this, I am telling you the literal truth.  The crap they
taught you as a kid was designed to trap you here by making you afraid
of going to hell when you were already there.  It added up to a massive
withhold and denial of guilt, now didn't it?

      So everyone has this massive missed withhold on already being in

      Hell however does not have to do with WHERE you are in the external
environment, be it a lake of fire, or a 9 to 5 job.  Hell has to do with
HOW you are, hell is something you are carrying around with you
everywhere you go!  We would all be in Hell even if we were in Heaven
right now!

      In truth, Heaven is the absence of Hell, the Eternal light just
shines through on its own for ever for free once the internal weight is
gone from around your neck.

      That really makes the 9 to 5 job so much easier.

      So it doesn't matter who you start with, just roll up your sleeves
and audit the first person who meets your gaze.

      "Got a Yoke there buddy?"
      "Good, tell me about it."

      "Get the idea of

       NO YOKE
       SOME YOKE

      You know society would change over night, if only it were OK to

      They are in Hell, you are in Hell, and it can only get worse,
unless you make it better.

      Someone has GOT to get the ball rolling.

      Jesus, a Master Clearing Technician, said in St.  Matthew 12:36,

      "But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak,
they shall give account thereof in the day of Judgement.  For by thy
words thou shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."

      Translated that means "The first one to talk about the food at
dinner gets to do the dishes."

      So screw God, you are ARE God in carnation, in crucifixion
actually, and asking God won't help you, he will just say "You do
it yourself, who or what is source around here anyway, and while
we are at it, where is my paycheck."

      Orientation (+4 on the Awareness Ccharacteristic Chart) is knowing
where you are, how you got there, where you want to go and how you can
go there.

      We are mostly taught that we live but once and die, and some of us
are taught that we live but once, and if we are good, then when we die
we will go to Heaven forever more, or if we are not good then we go to
Hell forever more.

      It is a control effort on the part of parents, the church or the
state to get their 'children' to behave.  The Hell Forever thing is just
a deeper level of the Santa Claus thing, you know, if you are bad, He
won't leave you anything.

      All this nonsense does is put Heaven and Hell on an OTHER
DETERMINISM, they become something done TO you by another, not something
that you do to yourself.

      Well I get it, YOU are trying to put people into hell, but
you can't, so you ask God to it, and HE makes a note to put YOU
in hell forasking him.

      So audit your most detested terminal, and who or whatever considers
YOU to be their most dested terminal, and POOF!  like matter and
antimatter the two will vanish in a flood of white light once you get
it right.

      I quite assure you that if there ever comes a time to judge you, NO
ONE will be able to get near you, nor dare to make a comment, your light
will be so strong, not even God, nor the Gods above the Gods, as in the
end it is all YOU and they are all your hires.

      They wish nothing but that you be kind to yourself.

      Thus heaven and hell become one large motivator that hide the co
excused withhold and overts of similar kind that you have committed on
others underneath.

      "Who or what do you still want to send to Eternal Hell?"
      "Who or what do you want to send to Hell Forever?"
      "Who or what do you wish to punish forever?"
      "Who or what do you wish to torture forever?"
      "Who or what do you wish to murder forever?"

      So you can see that someone harboring desires to send others to
Hell Forever for what ever reason is most likely going to go to Hell
forever himself under the pressure of his own hatred.  His hatred of
others IS his hatred of himself, for you can not hate another with out
hating yourself, so he goes to that Eternal Hell under his own hand of
trying to send others there.

      His hell IS his own secret internal hate.

      There is a lesson to be learned here about compassion.

      The first is it takes two to go to Hell, you and the other guy you
are trying to put there.  The joke is, YOU are the one who arrives.

      The second is, let it go, NO ONE deserves to go to Hell Forever.

      No matter WHAT they have done.  Let alone for the sins of one life.

      Except maybe those who think some one deserves to go to Hell
Forever, but they will only go to Hell Forever as long as they hold onto
their desire to send someone else to Hell Forever, and no one can hold
onto that desire for very long once they are in that hell forever

      And that is Sweet Justice.

      Each person is nailed to his own Cross by his own hate.

      The guys crucifying YOU got the idea from your desires to crucify
someone else earlier.

      So you have your work cut out for you as an auditor.

      Trying to get a God to own up is an incredible journey in part
because WHAT they will own up to is way beyond human comprehension.

      You want to know what a God is like?

      Audit one if you dare.

      Just remember that people don't go to Hell AFTER they die, they are
in Hell already, varying degrees of it.  The body is just another Cross
in a long line of Crosses.

      Engrams are not mild injuries, they are the tormentations of Hell.

      It's a Hell more wicked and devious than many have dared suspect or
admit though.  At least the person can learn to be competent and avoid
some of those tormentations, eh?

      You see one of the problems with past lives, is they say something
about the after life.

      If we have lived before, then clearly we did not go to Heaven or
Hell forevermore the LAST time we died.  Therefore why should we go to
Heaven or Hell forevermore this time when we die?

      One of the problems with getting people to remember their past
lives is that doing so gives them a very high certainty that they are
not a body, that they are IN a body, that the body dies, but clearly
they don't.

      You would think that would be a happy day to a pc, for he has
regained his certainty of self as an immortal being.  But no, you find
it is a horrible experience for the pc, because now he is faced ONCE
AGAIN with the possibility that there is an Eternal Hell and the
apparent certainty that if there is, he is going there, whether he
deserves it or not, and even if not in this life.

      He is just SURE of this.

      So at this point you have do to some really fast auditing.

      Why would anyone deserve to go to Hell forever?

      Because they disobeyed God?

      Because they did wrong?

      Because they murdered a meat body?

      Because they took the Lord's Name in Vain?

      Because they refused to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior?

      Because they wish someone else to go to Hell Forever?

      Because they sent someone to Hell Forever by mistake?

      Because they taught their children there was a Hell Forever and
taught them false ways of avoiding going there?

      You know children don't necessarily believe everything their
parents tell them.  You tell your son, "Well son you live once and die
once and they bury you in a grave and worms come to eat your eye balls
until there is nothing left but your white skeleton", and this freaks
the hell out of your kid.

      You think he is freaked out because he believes what you told him?

      No, he is freaked out because HE thinks YOU believe it.  He has to
live the rest of his life with a father who is a Dust in the Wind nut
cake.  For your child, that is HIS hell.

      Half the time you as the father don't fully believe it either, but
you think it would be good for your son to believe it, and your son
misses this and walks away believing that you really do believe the
nonsense you told him.

      Same thing with Hell.  'Well son, a God of Love made you, and if
you don't believe in Him, he will send you to Eternal Hell forever.' The
kid goes tilt at this point, HE doesn't believe it, but he sure as Hell
believes that YOU believe it, or pretending to, or wonder about it
yourself, and THAT stirs up all kinds of Monster feelings that convince
him that maybe you are right.

      Remember the Doubt Effect.  If you doubt the existence of
perfection, THAT will make you feel SO BAD, your feelings alone will be
evidence enough that there is no perfection.  Thus Adore says, "Doubt is
Self Casting."

      And THAT is perfect and as it should be.

      So the first time someone gets out of their body, they freak out
really bad.  It takes some skillful auditing to get them back into a
state of peace with themselves, because what they are upset about is all
this Eternal Hell stuff.  They WERE upset about Eternal Death, NOW they
are upset about Eternal Hell.


      So a lot of good you have done them for blowing their carefully
crafted pretense of the grave and 'to be no more'.

      Well actually yes, because they are once again confronting the
earlier problem they had with Immortality that led to their hiding their
heads in the sands of Eternal Death.

      The problem arose because they confused Immortality with
Eternality.  Immortality IS hell forever in time, Eternality is
peace forever outside of time.

      No time, no hell.  Get it?

      But this peace you are going to help them attain as an auditor, has
to be a NEW peace, one they haven't had in a LONG while, and it has to
be founded on absolute PERFECT certainty.

      The slightest doubt about the nonexistence of Eternal Hell CREATES
an Eternal Hell of feeling right there.

      Doubt of perfection is self casting.

      You can not have a stable certainty of Eernality unless there is a
stable certainty on the Eternal Beauty of the Future.  That means not
only no Eternal Death, but also no Eternal Hell, for anyone, even if
they want it, and are screaming for it.

      Because down deep they don't, no one does.

      Eternal Death and Eternal Hell just are not beautiful.

      So that is what the Int-Ext Rundown is about, the guy goes exterior
for the first time in session, has a huge blow out cognition that he
really is Immortal, and then he crashes way down tone as he remembers
what an asshole he is and why being Immortal was not such a good idea.

      He wants eternality but no longer belives in that, so he
finds out he has Immortality and that's forever and ever INSIDE of
time, no sleep, no rest, boredom enough to give you willies, and
he doesn't want more of that.

      So once he is out of his body you HAVE to quickly get him to spot
the differences between Immorality which he detests and Eternality which
he is.

      You see he was wandering around in some endless wasteland of a Hell
for a long time, not a lake of fire necessarily but, you know, what ever
was bugging him, and then he finds this dark hole in the wall with a big
neon sign flashing 'Death Forever Offered Here'.

      Now you have popped him out of this hole in the wall called his
body and he is exterior alright, but he is back in the endless waste
land of whatever Immortal Hell that he was in before he stuck his head
in the hole of Death Forever.

      So yes he is doing better, but no it's no good leaving him there,
because he will just go back into his Death Hole and NEVER come out
unless you do a good INT-EXT on him.

      You know attaining a certainty that you live forever ain't nothing
compared to attaining certainty that there is no Hell Forever.

      He has been in an Immortal Hell forever for so long (it did have a
beginning in time but no end in sight yet) he has lost sight of
timeless, impingeless eternality, and no longer knows how to get there.

      He will ridicule the idea and try to put YOU into a timeful
immortal hell to prove to you that you are wrong about the existence of
Eternal peace in Eternality.

      People got so worried about the Hell Forever thing that they short
circuited the problem by adopting Death Forever.  That is called a Safe
Solution.  It becomes a fixed idea that can not be shaken no matter how
many arguments you throw at it, because it is protecting the person from

      Death is better than being tortured forever.  A thetan can stand
anything, as long as it is not forever and as long as he can find some
sense of responsibility for having made it happen, so that he is at
least FREE to choose to not have it happen again.

      A thetan can out wait anyone and anything, but he can not out wait
forever (in time).  He would rather die than suffer forever.  So you can
see he must have had a small problem with himself if you find him in a
mortal meatball state.

      It is the PROMISE of death that is so attractive.  They can't
actually die, the best they can do is LOOK FORWARD to dying one day.

      Of course once they die, they are in that Hell again, so zip they
go and take on another body, live once, die once, stiff upper lip you
know and all that.

      The belief in Death Forever is an ADDICTION, it kills the pain of
Hell Forever, for a while...

      Like most addictions it arises from an effort to wipe out the past,
an apparently immortal past, and an intolerable future.

      That's why the Proof is so dangerous, it gives one certainty they
are Immortal, but not certainty there is no Eternal Hell.

      It gives one certainty there is no Death Forever but no certainty
that there is no Hell Forever.

      Life forever is unacceptable as long as there is the possibility of
Hell Forever for anyone including the Devil, so people chose the
illusion of Death Forever instead of confronting their fears and looking
to find out the truth.

      You see once you put an immortal thetan into doubt about Hell
Forever, once he gets the idea that there MIGHT be a Hell Forever, that
makes him feel SO BAD he becomes almost SURE there IS a Hell FOREVER.

      Now he is afraid to look.  He might find out that Hell Forever
really is true.  So he prefers to not look, but his doubt IS torture
forever, so he has to run away from the doubt too.  This leads to
entombing himself in the grave of Death Forever.

      All because he was afraid to look lest he find out what he didn't
want to know.

      Death Forever solves his doubt, it gets rid of his fear of the
possibility of Hell Forever, by getting rid of HIM!

      You wake him up out of his Death Forever, and he is back at his
Doubt Forever about Hell Forever.  He won't pay you for that session you

      So if you want to get paid, you will have to blow this Hell Forever
thing and you had better do it fast, or you will be auditing him as he
is walking out the door swearing to never come back.

      How do you audit his belief in Hell Forever?

      Just like you audit anything else in existence.

      Whatever he is worried will be done to him, he is trying to
do to another.

      "Who or what are you trying to send to Hell Forever?"
      "Who or what are you trying to cause the Death of?"

      "Do you have a Co Excused withhold on Hell?"
      "Do you have a missed withhold on Hell?"
      "Do you have a withheld motivator on Hell?"
      "Do you have a withheld overt on Hell?"
      "Have you ever tried to send someone to Hell Forever?"
      "Have you ever tried to throw others into Doubt about Hell Forever?
      "Did you offer them Death Forever after they bought your joke?"
      "Did you accept payment for your services?"
      "Is there something about Hell Forever that you are not saying?"
      "Is there something about Immortal Hell that you are not telling me
      "Is someone creating an Immortal Hell for you in present time?"
      "Are you creating an Immoral Hell for someone in present time?"
      "Is there someone you would send to Hell FOREVER if you could?"
      "Is there Humor to No Humor?"
      "Is there No Humor to Humor?"

      "Tell me about Cruelty."
      "Tell me about Humor."

      Divine Love is pretty strange.

      Just notice that something that won't help you when you are good,
won't harm you when you are bad.

      Divinity is like a wide open door.  It will not turn you away, but
neither will it call after you if you go the wrong way.

      Hell Forever and Death Forever are both self inflicted, out of
inspiration, agony and amusement, but both are merely a Sojourn in
Apparencies are Reality (26.0) on the tone scale, FOR A WHILE.

Mon Jan  9 17:23:00 EST 2017