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                             25 December 1993

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      I have posted this to the net.

      The masters of 'equivalent' terms are the people at the
Metapsychology Institute, Sarge Gerbode and Co.  You can find them
listed in SCI-29 which I just reposted.

      Auditing is called viewing, and auditors are called facilitators,
and pcs are called viewers.  They have a different word for EVERYTHING.
Mayo would be able to help you there, because he worked with them for a
long time.

      Mayo however reverts easily back to Scientology speak.

      Personally I am opposed to jargon changing too much.  For one it
signifies a retreat from the monopolistic view of the Church.  The
Church is opposed to competition which is the American Way after all.

      They plan to get around the anti trust laws by being a church
rather than a legal for profit corporation.

      Which is fine by me, they NEED to be a Church to keep the
regulators out of their hair when it comes to the tech.

      But they have the ethics level of a viper, and they can be expected
to use that to its fullest potential.

      Changing all the words also relegates 'the tech' to the status of
an invented work, rather than a scientific discovery which it is, even
if it is of a religious nature.  The Science of the Soul is no less a
science even though Chris doesn't have one.

      Further certain words are just plain old correct, the tone scale,
Awareness Characteristic Chart, buttons, etc.

      Lastly many of the words are actually in GPMS in the bank, and
constant use of them tends to destimulate that bank, witness Filberts
version of the Clearing Course GPM which starts off with Affinity,
Reality, Communication, Understanding, Knowledge, Responsibility,
Control, Be, Do, Have etc.

      You can't copyright the bank, and you can't copyright the structure
of my soul, and if it works for me it is only because I MADE it that way
in the beginning.  This may not be real to you, since you don't buy the
Sovereignty thing, but it was real to LRH because he SAID SO MANY TIMES.

      I suggest we hold the Church to his word.

      So their copyrights are all invalid except for the actual printed
form of the work.  The algorithms belong to all of us.

      Also, there are many more people who have gone THROUGH Scientology
than are still IN Scientology, the Church.  Just because they have left
the Church or moved on, doesn't mean they aren't still Scientologists at

      It was and still is their religion, even though they are silent and
hiding in a hole about it.  So you have the matter of deeply held
traditions and heart felt beliefs here.  These people gave their whole
lives to Scientology and the Tech, you can't just tell them that the
language they grew up learning to speak is now copyrighted in the name
of some money mongerer and so they can't use it anymore.

      You know, there probably isn't one person in the Church today who
is actually responsible for the Church being there.  All those people
are gone or retired or been purged.  Its present members are living on
the work of others they hold in contempt.

      God will not be mocked, this can not go on forever.  Eventually
payment will come due.

      Finally, the more these words are put into the language as a
natural part of the language, the more people will benefit from Ron's
work.  By using them extensively, they will become the defacto standard
for talking about such things.  As such they fall into the public

      By changing the words you guarantee that Ron's work becomes
relegated to some secret cult dialog, which will only be known by
everyone once the cult has taken over the world, which it does intend to

      If you teach everyone these words first, then the world will take
over the cult, not the other way around, and you will still have
workable and enjoyable Scientology on the planet.

      For example, how are you going to change the buttons of a
prepcheck?  Maybe you don't want to call it a prepcheck, but I wouldn't
alter the buttons any, including alter-is, as-is, and not-is.

      I might add a few buttons,

      'Has anything been squashed, stifled, terminated, pounded down,
made nothing of, or nailed out of existence?'

      It has been suggested that the field should declare an Amnesty on
the Church and members in good standing.  If they write up their
withholds, and turn them into the field, they will be forgiven for what
ever crimes they have including suppressive crimes.  Further they would
be allowed to continue with their involvement in the Church with the
Field's Blessings.

      Personally I wouldn't press them with a security risk like withhold
writeups, I would just allow them to sign a very simple Non Aggression
Pact with the field, just come sign their name and let us know they are
our friends.

      They could even do it via e-mail.

      You know someday there are going to be MANY more Scientologists
that have gone THROUGH the Church than remain IN the Church.  The
turnover is tremendous.  But these people that have gone through the
Church are mostly still Scientologists or would be if they could see
their way through the bull-doo.

      If the Church continues to turn out ARC broken Scientologists as
its Long Term Valuable Final Product, at the constant rate that it has
been, one day they will band together and start declaring members in
good standing FAIR GAME.  The Karma will come full circle with a
vengeance.  Mostly it doesn't happen now because the field is not
organized, it is spread out all over kingdom come, without leaders or
communication or anything.  Just pockets of very quiet resistance.

      But the sheer numbers of people in the field who would throw a rock
at the Church in a moment if they thought it would make a better Church,
one they could belong to again, openly, with pride and in peace is
staggering.  The Church depends on these people being disbanded and
disorganized and afraid.

      You gotta understand something here.  The Law is nice and all that,
and to the degree you wish to partake in a civilized society the Law is
a necessary adjunct to the affairs of men.

      But the Church is in a war for control of the Planet.  They want
scientologist Presidents and Policy Makers in all levels of the
government.  They don't expect to let men continue to fight their 'two
penny' wars for the rest of time and generally ruin this planet with
their criminal insanities, and death directed darkness.

      Now you gotta consider whether the Church's cure is worse than the
problem they are offering to solve.

      You know when Ron said a planet without criminality, insanity and
war, he DIDN'T mean a planet not in the hands of the Scientologists.
This is actually an off world effort to take over this planet.  Not
necessary a malignant one, but an effort to take over the place none the

      So you should ask yourself what kind of people are presently
running this process of taking over the planet.  Are they still the
loyal following that came here with great personal sacrifice to save
mankind from his own folly, or did they lose quietly a long time ago,
while many of the loyal still delude themselves that the final conquest
is still on schedule.

      It is very possible that the final conquest IS still on schedule
but I think the members in good standing have a shock coming to them
when they find out WHO they were finally making the conquest for.

      In my opinion it won't be for LRH.

      It won't be LRH they will be waving to when the true leaders they
made the conquest for step forward.

      So if it is going to be war, then war it may be.  The people in the
Church must determine who their friends are.  When you have people like
Tony siding with Chris against me, you really gotta wonder how someone
gets his head so far up his ass he can see out of his own mouth again.
It must have taken a lot of auditing on Tony's part to be able to twist
oneself around in that way.  Chris one can excuse as a no case gain
meathead, but Tony is a Class VI that others are coming to to have their
Eternity's secured.

      The Church has come to see the field, the squirrels, as worse
enemies than the New World Order or the Psychiatric Zombie Lords.  Why?
Are we all suppressives working for the Puppet Masters or the Walking
Dead?  Or do we provide a sane alternative and workable technology that
is growing and able to compete where they aren't?

      I do not wish a war with the members in good standing in the Church
who are honestly interested in furthering the purposes of clearing on
this planet, as long as they understand that a world wide monolithic
political structure consisting of only Church Scientologists will never

      Trying to bring that about will cause more death than you can

      A cooperative free market in spiritual technology though will bring
about the dreams that LRH had for this planet.  We COOPERATE, we don't
ASSIMILATE.  We are not Borg.  (See Star Trek, the Next Generation.)

      If the people in the Church wish to act like Borg, then they may
have a war on their hands, because there are many more freezoners than
there are of them, and they already have lots of enemies in the world
without their own kin in the field also.  If the field were to
completely and totally turn on the Church in one voice, the Church would
not last.

      Just so, if the field were to band with the Church and help the
Church, nothing could topple her or RUN HER FROM BEHIND THE SCENES.

      So I am not going to make a silly plea for peace here between the
two factions, because it will never happen.  The Borg only understand
assimilation and destruction.  They can not tolerate OTHERNESS.

      However as suggested, the field might consider a formal Amnesty to
members in the Church that wish to accept it.  This means members would
go on record in the field as not being an enemy of the field, not
opposing the growth of independent Clearing Technology, and which would
include a sworn promise to not take suppressive acts against members of
the field even if they are forced to do so by their superiors.  In
return they would be protected against being declared FAIR GAME if and
when it ever comes to an all out war between the Church and the
Independent field, a war the Church seems to be hell bent on
precipitating regardless of what their members want.

      Again my personal opinion would be something more along the lines
of a Bi-Lateral Non Aggression Pact signed by members of both sides in
defiance of the lines of Hostility that are presently drawn by those
same two sides.

      You know everyone in the Church, especially when they first come
in, think they will be in the Church forever.  But then the ARC breaks
and missed withholds begin to catch up with them, and pretty soon all
they are doing is looking for a way out.

      The field always welcomes people from the Church, even if you wish
to go BACK to the Church, we don't care where you get auditing, you
know, just as long as you are getting it and DOING it.

      But it is going to be a lot harder on you if and when you do decide
to leave the Church, if you have spent your entire tenure in the Church
committing atrocities on field members in the name of Scientology.  No
one will want to audit or train you, you will really be all alone.

      So the next time you are tempted to earn a brownie point for
yourself by harming a freezone member, consider signing the Non
Aggression Pact, even if only in your head, and take aim at the New
World Order or the Psychiatric Zombie Lords instead.  It would be a
correct target, and earn you a true friend in the field.


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