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                         FROM REVEREND ENID VIEN

                                 ACT - 36

                  Copyright (C) 1993 Reverend Enid Vien
        Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

       ((Enid died on or around 12/12/12.  RIP))

                                                  Reverend Enid Vien
                                                  7507 Ohio Place
                                                  La Mesa, CA 91941
                                                  (619) 462-5160
                                                  (619) 465-8848 Fax


      As some of you know I have been sued for copyright violations by
the Church of Scientology.  They had 3 very impressive law firms against
me and they won a judgement of $52,000.00 plus court costs of $9,600.00.

      Shortly after the case President Clinton signed a bill
strengthening the first amendment.  My case needs to be appealed very
badly as it affects all of us.  I need to raise $20,000.00 in order to
do this.  I owe my lawyer $10,000 and she is unable to continue without
funds, and the court is requiring that I post a bond covering the
$9600.00.  This is basically an escrow account with a bonding company.

      In addition it will cost about $2,000.00 to cover brand new costs
incurred to get the transcripts for the appeal.

      So far in the past, I have raised $16,000 for my legal defense to
this time, but I am tired and I can not go on like this.  Dealing with
people who are amoral, and who have no scruples is very debilitating and
injurious to the soul.

      I defended this case on the basis of the first amendment and it was
not successful at the federal level.  The chances are that it will be at
the appellate level, although the law is capricious as far as it's
judgement's are concerned.

      I feel very strongly that the excesses of the Church of Scientology
need to be stopped.  None of us are safe if religious persecution is
allowed to have a field day.  Count up the Reform Churches (of
Scientology) that they have harassed and put out of business.

      I thought I was safe because I never sold or copied any of their
materials.  Yet they were awarded $25,000.00 because I loaned a Level 0
pack to a friend who copied it.  $500.00 statutory award for each page.
Can you believe it?  I think it is criminal.  I paid $15.00 for the
entire pack when I bought it and I certainly did not think this trickery
was in any way called for.

      The judge, Marilyn Huff, did not think I had any case for first
amendment protection, even though we explained that these writings were
our Scriptures and the Church of Scientology described them as such to
the IRS in their recent law suit to gain tax exemption status.

      I will be obliged to give up the fight unless I get a great deal of
financial assistance rapidly.  If you wish to donate to this cause of
freedom of religious practice please send donations to:

      Send donations to

      Toby Plevin Client Trust Account  (Toby is my lawyer)
      C/O Reverend Enid Vien
      7507 Ohio Place
      La Mesa, CA, 91941

      Remember the sad tale of the Jews in Germany who did nothing until
the Nazi's were on their OWN doorstep.  YOU COULD BE NEXT.


      I am OK, but I need your help.  Thanks and all good thoughts to

      With Love,

      Rev. Enid Vien

      ((The preceding plea has a long story behind.  Many people in the
world detest LRH and the Church of Scientology, mostly because of the
outrageous and egregious behavior of his followers during the 40 years
of its history.  Although many people blame LRH himself for ordering the
very behavior that has brought such shame and disgrace on his Church,
many of his followers have chosen instead to break off from the Church
to practice their form of Clearing Technology in the Independent Field.

      When LRH died in the early 80's control of his Church was passed to
one David Miscavige and the legal entity known as the RTC, or Religious
Technology Center.  Their basic purpose is to safeguard the uses of
Dianetics and Scientology copyrights, trademarks, and the religious
technology itself (confessional counseling), and to make sure that no
one uses it who is not under the tithing purview and jurisdiction of the
Church and the RTC.

      Those who chose to continue on their own way, were often sued by
the Church for copyright violations, and use of trademarked secrets.
The practice of Scientology confessional counseling does involve some
rather arcane and secretive material called the Upper Levels, and they
were guarded jealously for many years, until they become the subject of
various court cases at which point much of them were read into the
public record.

      It is no great secret any more that the Upper Levels are really a
saner and more modern form of exorcism, this is a religion after all
that believes in past lives, spirits both good and bad, and that people
often suffer from what they can't confront, namely raw evil.

      Ever have monster nightmares as a kid?

      Well these 'secret' upper levels provide a modern way to approach
these primal fears with out all the ignorance, superstition and
religious mumbo jumbo surrounding old time practices.

      As an aside it is of interest to note that Scientology is one of
the few religions that does NOT believe in Eternal Hell for anyone, but
it does believe in a rather long protracted path of learning for those
who insist upon living by harming others.

      For a long time the Church and its people were very unified, no one
would think of leaving the Church for any reason.  But then when LRH
died and control passed to the RTC, things began to happen that some
followers could not condone.  After much struggle, many of them left,
although MOST of them were PURGED, especially the most highly advanced
and trained counselors.  They knew too much.

      Since then prices in the Church have gone from 30 or 50 dollars an
hour for professional counseling to over $300!  That's a 10 times
increase.  Prices in the Independent Field have stayed low remaining in
the 20 to 50 dollars an hour range.

      Continued spiritual research in the Church has stopped since LRH
died because no one is allowed to add to his writings or work.  Research
in the field however has gone on unimpeded, greatly reducing the numbers
of hours to reach Clear and some of the higher states of being
attainable through Scientology counseling.

      Since the Church can not compete with the Field and in fact does
not want to compete with the Field, it has spent millions of dollars
trying to wipe out the field on the basis of copyright and trade secret

      Now many people think that LRH turned Dianetics into a religion
merely because he wanted the tax advantages and legal protections
afforded religions in the US and around the world.  But the facts are
that all of its practitioners hold Scientology to be a religious
practice of spiritual counseling, and hell, they are exorcizing 'demons'
to boot, so of course it is a religion.

      Therefore the efforts on the part of the RTC to stop independent
field practitioners from using Scientology Technology, is actually an
effort to prevent them from practicing their religion.

      It would be like some group of Christians taking you to court for
using their Bible when you weren't an approved sect of the controlling
power.  Imagine someone suing you for using the word Jesus or giving or
receiving communion because you weren't an Orthodox Catholic?

      Can you imagine someone copyrighting or trademarking these
spiritual practices?

      Now it is true that the writings of LRH are the private writings of
one man, and as such they do fall under standard copyright protection in
the United States.  However he meant for them to be used as Sacred
Scripture for purely religious purposes and spiritual advancement, and
this is exactly how they are held by his followers, both in and out of
the Church.

      A while back the Church had a decision to make concerning the
nature of its organization.  It had to choose between being a Church and
a not for profit religion, which it wanted to be for tax purposes, or
being a for profit Corporation which could legally copyright its work
and mark some of them as Trade Secrets.

      The law protects legal Corporations when it comes to trade secrets,
and copyright matters.  Corporations are for profit and they pay taxes,
and they are afforded various protections under the law WHICH RELIGIONS

      Recently the Church of Scientology won its status as a religion
with the IRS so it is now TAX FREE, which means YOUR TAX DOLLARS go to
support it where normally its own tax dollars would.

      The net worth of the Church is in the hundreds of millions and its
yearly income is in the millions.

      Yet still the Church wishes to treat its writings as licensed
secrets that only those it approves of may use.  Thus it is spending
literally millions of dollars that it gets TAX FREE from its
parishioners to sue those who wish to practice private Scientology in
the field.

      If the Church had to pay taxes on its income it would not be so
fast with the law suits.

      Now here is the story behind the story.  The Church never sues in
criminal court, but only in civil court.  Under criminal law you are
innocent until proven guilty.  BUT UNDER CIVIL LAW YOU ARE GUILTY UNTIL

      That means they can sue you for ANYTHING ANY TIME THEY WISH AND YOU

      Yet going to court costs the small guy lots of money which he
doesn't have because he is not making millions of dollars a year, and he
IS paying taxes on his income!

      Therefore the Church has allegedly taken the tactic of suing field
SHAKEY, because they know the field practitioner will back down and
avoid the suit altogether by doing what ever the Church wishes.

      So what we have here is a multimillion dollar NON PROFIT
corporation which does NOT pay taxes, USING the court system of the
United States to harass out of existence small ma and pa groups so that
they can't compete with the Church using Sacred Scriptures, delivering
more and better service for less than 1/10 the price!

      Now here is the rest of the story.  Almost every independent
Scientology practitioner has not only been legally harassed, but they
have also been criminally harassed by hoodlums, usually around the time
of the legal proceedings brought to bear against them.


      Reverend Enid Vien is a case in point.  During the time when the
Church first sued her for copyright violations, her house was broken
into.  A phone card was stolen on which $1700 in long distance charges
were then run up.  Also stolen were some PARISHIONER CONFESSIONAL
FORMULARY FOLDERS!  Those are the records practitioners keep of what
happens in session, including what the client says, and are like the
therapists's notes, only they are very detailed.

      The only reason anyone could want someone's folder is to cull
overts and withholds from them to later blackmail the person.  The
Church itself is allegedly notorious for this kind of behavior!

      Then one night Enid found one of her four cats dying from a LARGE
CALIBER BULLET TO THE HEAD on her back steps.

      Other practitioners have similar stories to tell.  Dead pets are a
common occurance.  Phoney calls to the police reporting non existent
child abuse, computer porn or drug dealing, or calls to the IRS
reporting non existent tax fraud are another.  Also constant following
by private investigators for no apparent reason, not to mention calls to
employers and insurance companies giving false and alarming data from
anonymous 'concerned' citizens.

      Enid wrote a letter to the FBI concerning the harassment, stating
that she could not prove it was the Church, but if anything happened to
her or her family they should know where to start looking.  She sent a
copy of the letter to the RTC, and they threw a fit, BUT THE CRIMINAL

      Now here is the catch.  Scientology is either a for profit
corporation entitled to its copyrights and trade secrets or it is a tax
exempt religious denomination with no copyright or trade secret
protection on the use and dissemination of its Sacred Scriptures.

      If you allow the Church to have its cake and eat it too, it will
use its tax free profits to destroy freedom of religion in America,
freedom not only to practice sane and intelligent Scientology,
unfettered by financial and control interests, but freedom to practice
other religions and disciplines of mental healing as well, which it
considers 'squirrel and off beat practices.'

      It is a well known fact that the Church considers itself the mortal
enemy of Psychiatry, the AMA, the WHO, the FDA and a whole mess of
others.  Some of this is because they honestly believe that practices
offered by these groups are really no good for you, but an awful lot of
it is simply that the Church brooks no competition.

      To them

     "...competition is a tactic of the weak to fetter the strong." -LRH
      HCOPL 19 March 1968  New OEC Vol. 0, pg 193

      To them, if you are trying to help people, and you are not
practicing STANDARD Dianetics and Scientology, then you are doing
something wrong, you are a 'Squirrel' or worse an SP or Suppressive
Person.  Although openly they have retracted the policy, inwardly in
their hearts many of them still feel that Squirrels and SP's are FAIR

      That means the Church will not censure or condemn any attack by one
of their members on the fair game target, whether legal or illegal,
unless of course they get caught.

      If we can take this law suit to the higher courts and get a
reversal of the lower court's opinion, it would force the Church to
behave itself as any well mannered and cultured religion must, and it
would be a gigantic step forward towards true freedom of religion in

      You know maybe I shouldn't say this, but I am going to say it
anyhow.  There are a lot of religious people in America WHO DON'T WANT
THERE TO BE FREEDOM OF RELIGION, they want everyone to follow THEIR
religion.  Perhaps it might seem like a good thing if the Church of
Scientology were to wipe out its own Independent Field or Free Zone as
it is called, that would mean there were that many fewer Scientologists
around practicing one of those OTHER religions we wished didn't exist
namely Scientology.

      But this is very short sighted, because I personally know what many
Scientology Church people think about other religions themselves.  They
would prefer a One World, One Religion, One Government, One Thought kind
of World.  LRH never said it, but I got sick of hearing it from my
fellow Scientologists.

      The Church of Scientology, in my humble opinion, would wipe out
every physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or religious practice
except their own if they had a chance to do it.  They have no written
policy that says this that I know of, but I lived with them for long
enough to know.

      It is part of their own doctrine NEVER to mix Scientology with
other practices, which prevents Scientology from benefiting from wisdom
already present on Earth, and also prevents other practices from
benefiting from Scientology.

      This is all because they don't wish any competition, not because
they really think it is best for mankind.  My opinion.

aren't a Church Scientologist, THAT MEANS YOU!

      So I plead with you all to consider supporting this cause, no
matter what you think about Scientology, LRH, the Free Zone or (God Help
Us) ME!

      Enid is not asking for much, every $5.00 bill that comes to her aid
will add up to the possibility that she can appeal the decision.  Her
lawyer has already promised to do the appeal for FREE if only Enid will
pay costs up to this point.  The lawyer is a crack professional who has
spent years fighting the Church in earlier really massive lawsuits where
they lost big time.

      The church is terrified of Enid and they are pressing her to drop
the suit swiftly, because they know damn well that if it gets to the
Supreme Court they will lose big time all over gain, and this time for
TAX EXEMPTION ETC.  have started to make the way to the top court of the

      Please, help us get it there.

      If you are unsure, or you just don't have any money but you do have
some expertise, or you just want to express your concern and love for
the constitution please give her a call.  This lady is a wonderful
outgoing woman, all smiles and laughs even AFTER losing to the Church of


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