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                             PATHOS IN A HOLE

                                 ACT - 38
                             15 January 1994

                  Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
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Tony Austin said:


      You are missing the point with your innuendo about freedom of

      The church materials that the RTC controls are trademarked and
copyrighted.  Per the law they can be disseminated in any form the
church decides.

      It is not a freedom of religion issue.  If you disseminate church
materials without a license, you are subject to penalties under the law.
The morals of this make no difference.

      Some view the above as Draconian.  Some may view it as good
business sense and others, like the church execs, view it as a sacred

      You may ask why this is since religions before and after seem to be
pro bono but it makes no difference.  You could throw any kind of
argument at it that you want but the law is the law.  Scientology has
the right to be distributed in any form it chooses.

      Why do they prefer tight controls?  Because it is a religious
belief to some Scientologists and a scientific fact to others that if
Scientology is "watered" down in any form, it not only looses its
workability, but can prove harmful.

      My advice to you is that you evolve your own clearing technology
that leaves out the plagiarized processes and copy-cat nomenclature.
Not only will you be free from worry from a process server; I will be
free from people thinking I think and act like you.

      Tony Austin


      The LEGALITY of such trademarks and copyrights is very open to
question and challenge in the Supreme Court.

      The Church of course has every right to excommunicate me, which in
a sense means to prevent me from having its materials, but it has no
constitutionally valid LEGAL recourse to keep me from practicing my
chosen religion as I see fit, which includes all of Scientology and the
Upper Levels.

      Since the Church is NOT a tax paying entity any more, it has no
LEGAL right to use the laws and police force of the land to enforce or
prohibit the practice of its tenets, including the upper levels.

      Christian Science went through the same thing, and they lost.
Scientology will lose too.

      If Scientology is indeed harmful to the public in the wrong hands,
then it should be under the purview of various legally bound regulatory
and licensing agencies of the government which is after all sovereignly
responsible for the safety of its citizens.

      I suggest you and the Church immediately drop the 'Scientology is
dangerous in the wrong hands' argument if you wish to maintain any
control over it yourself.

      As long as Scientology tech is NOT under the purview of the legally
sovereign regulatory agencies of the land, the law has no place in
saying who can or can not have and use the materials, nor does it have
any right to use tax payers dollars to enforce such policies.


      Since ALL of the government and police forces and armies of this
land are paid for and supported by taxpayers dollars, it is absurd that
the taxpayer is paying to help the Church enforce its own
excommunications, let alone bringing to bear civil and criminal
punishments in the matter.

      Does the taxpayer know how much of THEIR money is spent or made to
be spent BY the Church of Scientology in the process of operating
government machinery towards the ends of enforcing its own

      You will also have a very hard time proving that the Upper Levels
or even the lower levels are dangerous in the wrong hands without
revealing what they are and putting them through Scientific test.

      Therefore you can CLAIM that they are dangerous, but until you SHOW
they are dangerous, it remains merely a claim.

      What the prosecution will counter argue is that the upper levels
are kept secret in order to guarantee financial income by creating a
false scarcity of spiritual freedom.  If the upper levels were widely
known and practiced freely at competitive market rates, the Church like
IBM would goes out of business.

      That's because, for all of its admin and policy, it STILL doesn't
know the first thing about a free market.  The Church is the closest
thing to Communism there is, and in fact hates Communism only because it
hates competition.

      HCOPL 29 March 68 SERVICE:
      'Competition is a trick of the weak to fetter the strong.'

      Makes me ashamed that I know the man.

      Anyhow, all this assumes that the upper levels and implants as laid
out in the CC and OT II, etc.  are actually correct.  The truth of the
matter is many people fail on OT II and even NOTS and go wildly unstable
because the items and processes are not 100 percent correct.

      You never hear of these problems because the people are quietly
routed off course or declared and their decline is blamed on their out

      The fact is that the Church upper levels are weak, shaky and very
prone to error.  That they work at all is a miracle in my opinion.

      The field which has had years now to research and correct the upper
level GPM items and concepts is far ahead of the Church in its ability
to deliver smooth OT 1 though 16 and you know it.

      Of course, the Church can't actually CHANGE or correct its upper
levels, so another reason they don't want anyone to know them is so that
others won't see how abysmal they are, nor will newcomers be able to
start with them as a seed and make better progress towards a more
streamlined bridge.

      If you think for a moment that there are no more Tech Finders
coming to the planet, in droves in fact, you are very mistaken and have
a very small view of what Planet Earth is about.

      LRH thinking he was the only Tech Finder is like Isaac Newton
thinking he was the only theoretical Physicist.

      LRH was the first of MANY, many who will not only take what he did
and correct it, they will also use it as a seed and surpass it.

      LRH is not KING of the UNIVERSE.

      And the process of clearing every sun, planet, moon and star in the
known universe will not be a process of using ONLY LRH Tech developed
from 1945 to 1986 on Earth.

      That work was a SEED for other men to plant, nurture and grow.

      There will be a vast expansion of auditing technology as people
from many races and planets come here to get trained and add to the tech
and correct it and streamline it and reduce it and make it more
efficient, and yes, even crack cases that the present tech can't touch.

      Auditing technology will grow like Science itself has grown under
the hand of many people and many times.  There will NOT be a monarchy of
understanding, knowledge, responsibility and control.

      What LRH left us was a crude bow and arrow compared to what the
tech will become in the hands of intelligent free minded people over the
next 20,000 years.

      And while many are WAITING to PAY their way up the Bridge, the rest
of us are walking it for almost free.

      If they all weren't so self righteous, I would actually feel very
sorry for them.  The pathos of the hole they have chained themselves to
in the name of Spiritual Freedom is beyond tears.

      While you guys are going up your rickety Bridge of Wood, the rest
of the world will be clearing other planets and going to the stars.

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