ACT - 4
                              20 June 1993
                 Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
 >     Basically it's plastered in every Church's ethics office.  The
 >Process is one question repeated over and over again until you stumble
 >onto the answer.  At which point you will think you have had a
 >cognition!!  The question is "Tell me a source.".
     There are 6 process to Power or Grade V.
     The 4th process in the series of six is,
     "Tell me a Source."
     "Tell me about it."
     "Tell me a no Source."
     "Tell me about it."
     "Spot a Source."
     "Tell me about it."
     "Spot a no Source."
     "Tell me about it."
     The purpose of running the six power processes is revivification of
the most detested incident on the track.  One of the End Phenomenon of
Power is 'Ability to handle Power.  Freedom from detested parts of the
     It is very possible that any one person has an analytical
understanding in present time that he is indeed a source, but it is a
far different matter to maintain that awareness during the worst engram
you ever went through in all time (whole track).
     Engrams are moments of being an effect, of thinking that you AREN'T
source.  The fact that the incident is still unconfrontable and remains
unerased in your bank (you can't remember it right?), means that you
still consider THAT moment of time to be something that you aren't
source of.  After such an incident people try to reclaim their
Sovereignty by forgetting or nailing out of existence the incident that
made them the most wrong about being a source.
     The PICTURES of the incident are as bad as the incident to them.
     So it gets NOT-ISed.  Bye bye memory.
     It's a deceit, which is why they aren't clear.
     Further when things happen in present time that beset the pc with
trouble, pain, travail, loss and sorrow, he again feels that he is not
source, not source of what ails him, or is besetting him, and not source
of being in an arena (universe) where he can be so beset.
     These moments restimulate the forgotten most detested parts of his
track, a moment where he was CERTAIN that he was not source, such as a
time of Crucifixion, or worse before bodies.
     Thus the end phenomenon of Power is the revivification of one's
worst incident of not being source, of detesting source forever for
free, or what ever is source, and wishing to hell it never happened.  A
being that has successfully run Power, (very few) have a widely expanded
sense of what they are source of including the incident they most
considered they weren't source of when it happened.
     Thus although your raw meat pc may have some inkling that he is a
source, he considers himself to be a very SMALL source among very BIG
other sources, many of them detested.
     After Power, the pc considers that he is a very BIG source, and
that no source is detested.  This is beyond most people's imagination,
and certainly is beyond the Church's ability to run properly.
     Which is why they can't handle power, but abuse it instead.
     Until a pc has been properly set up for Power Processes, he can't
handle them either, they just won't run or will run glibly.
     He will get a 'big deal' reaction out of them, rather than a reviv
of his most detested part of the track.
     Power gets you Uncrucified for the first time in 100 billion years.
     It also returns the ability to Handle Power, because your own
personal power flow is no longer all tied up denying that the detested
incident ever happened (the seed of Corruption) and following that, no
longer protecting your own ass from future similar incidents AT ALL
COSTS (Temptation and Seduction.)
     Like all Scientology processes, the higher on the Bridge you go,
the simpler they get.  The simplicity is deceiving to the lower level pc
as he expects enormous complexity to help him out of his perceived mess.
     And like all higher level Scientology processes, simple though they
may be, they depend absolutely on all lower processes having been run
properly and thoroughly, or else the high level process will not bite.