ACT - 42
                            22 January 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
>     Thank you Homer for your post on the GO.  We disagree on lots of
>things but we can still learn much from each other.  It's nice being
>able to discuss the tech and the org with knowledgeable people who are
>willing to be challenged and to challenge others.
     You think they have an OPS out on me yet?
     Let's see how's it going to be?
     Maybe I will get a call from one of my long term contacts at
Cornell, 'Homer?  We heard something real strange about you the other
day from a reputable source...  What's this we hear about you using your
accounts to defame that wonderful Church of Scientology?'
     Or maybe the police will come knocking at my door with a search
warrant... What will it be, child porn, guns, drugs?  Maybe Church
secrets?  'A concerned citizen told us...'
     What?!  Guns AND drugs!  Oh no, a confirmed felon!
     So let's see which is it gonna be, do I get rid of the guns, or do
I get rid of the drugs?  Hmmm, hard choice.  Of course there will be
blood and urine tests.  Got to prepare for them.  Maybe I should go
straight one of these days.  My addiction to Chloropromazine will be the
hardest to kick...
     Of course they will have a subpoena for ADORE, ALL of it!  All of
my computers and tapes and disks and everything I own will be taken and
searched for damning information.  My business will be ruined.
     Oh yes, and of course there are all the years and years of case
note books and case tapes, all of which will be read into evidence.
     Or perhaps they will call up our buyers and vendors and tell them
not to do business with us because I am a communist or a fruit cake, or
a homo or a child molester or a Scientologist...  Oh God no, tell them
anything, but PLEASE don't tell them I'm a Scientologist!
     'Hello Spencers?  We notice you have been selling Art Matrix
fractal posters.  Yes?  Good.  We thought you might like to know we have
evidence that Art Matrix is funding its production runs of fractal
posters with money made from Kiddy Porn downloaded from Copenhagen.  Do
you wish to be associated with this kind of company?  No?  Good.  We
will keep you informed...'
     You think the Church has found my old case folders yet?  Let's see,
just what IS in them?  Oh my, gulp...  Well maybe they have lost them.
Let's hope so.
     Or course there are my neighbors, and my land lord, shall we count
the ways we can third party someone to a neighbor or bear false witness
to their community?
     Oh yes, and don't forget the IRS, a short note to their good
buddies in the Internal Revenue Service could get me audited back to the
beginning of time.  All those donations to the Church of Scientology...
gee I don't know, you think they will pass the audit?
     Or maybe a note to the credit bureau tarnishing my perfect credit
record, maybe get a hacker to enter the files...
     You think the apartment is bugged yet?  You think they have moved
in across the street so that they can observe me?
     You think they will follow me when I take walks at night or go
places in the car?
     And what about Boogers, my dog, gotta keep a watchful eye on him or
his days may be numbered.
     And how about my car, sugar in the gas tank, maybe a loosened spark
plug, maybe take off 4 of the 5 nuts on a back tire.  I had someone do
that to me once, the tire came off when the last lug bolt broke clean
off at 60 miles an hour on a highway and the tire went rolling past the
station wagon as smooth as you please.  "Gee, look at that tire honey, I
wonder who's tire that is?" No problem, I wasn't there, my friend was
driving the car.
     Now HE had a problem, he was carrying 200 small plants for his
plant store in the back of the wagon, and they ALL went up in the air
when he hit the guard rail.  He should have known better than to hit the
brakes...  Don't they teach you nothing in Driver's Ed?
     How sick do you have to be before any Church will try to make you