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                              CLEAR AND OT
                                ACT - 51
                             13 April 1994
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     L. Kin puts forth an interesting discussion about the definitions
of Clear and OT in the last chapters of Book One of his two volume
     He says that Clear means no more aberration.  It means the being no
longer REACTS to things out of his or other's bank.  He no longer is
influenced by pictures and engrams that have command value over him.
     A Clear is one who no longer reacts.
     OTness is related to ABILITY and has nothing to do with being
Clear.  The more ability one has, the more OT one is.  These abilities
can be normal Earthling abilities, or they can be more 'magical' ones.
     Kin claims that people lost their Clear state long before they lost
their OT abilities.  Thus there are many people in the universe who are
very OT but not Clear, they are aberrated and use their OT abilities in
aberrated fashions.  Filbert calls them Crazy Gods.
     Kin says that once a being goes Clear, he may or may not have many
OT abilities, and will develop them only through practice and desire to
have them.
     He mentions that most aberrated and NON OT people like ourselves,
have various OT abilities in a stuck ON condition, such as telepathy
with other beings, such as BT's and GE's etc.  Many of these stuck on's
may be not-ised to the point where the being does not realize they are
     During session when the pc finally comes around to handling the
stuck on ability, he will find the telepathic link to be quite strong
and connected and very real.  Since it is out of his control, and since
he is being the effect of it however it will be a source of trouble to
him rather than an ability.
     Once the being blows or erases the stuck on condition, such as a
telepathic link to a BT or Demon Class Entity, the preclear will not
again be able to reestablish the link because he does not yet really
have that much self determined telepathic ability.
     Thus even after you have cleared a being of his stuck on links, you
may then have a being who actually has very little telepathic ability,
but who is also no longer the effect of unwanted telepathic influences.
     Kin says that the route to full OT ability is not yet known, and
that all the high end things that a lot of people hear about OT's just
has not been attained yet.  Apparently we can clear people and
disconnect these stuck on abilities to produce a present day OT, but we
still know very little about getting those abilities to grow on a self
determined basis.
     Mayo seems to be working in this direction with Ability
     Kin also says something very interesting about the 2nd dynamic and
the GE.
     He says that people go clear on the 1st dynamic, meaning their own
picture bank is gone, and then they go clear on the 3rd and 4th dynamics
meaning they disengage themselves from all their enforced connections to
BT's and other's picture banks.  This produces the height of what
present day technology can produce.
     He says that theoretically then, the being would start to work on
the 5th dynamic, which is his connection to the GE.  The GE by the way
is really TWO GE's, one for both sides of the brain, although LRH says
only one of them usually has control at a time, and the preclear who is
in a body is being that one.  LRH also says that which of the two GE's
is dominant can change over the course of a life, especially during
moments of trauma when the dominant one gives up and the other one takes
     LRH also hints that when a dominant GE gives up and the other takes
over, the memory accumulated while the first was in control will become
submerged and hard to contact.
     And then there are millions of smaller GE's in a descending line of
command under the two top ones, down to the smallest parts of the body.
     Apparently LRH was working on this body blueprint and the thetan's
connection to it when he died.
     Kin says that handling the 2nd dynamic of Parents, Mates and
Children, is really handling the GE or the 5th dynamic, which is why
people apparently are still so nuts on their 2nd dynamic even though
they have attained 4th dynamic clear.  He says it was this inability to
handle the 5th dynamic relationship between the thetan and the GE that
caused Captain Bill to die of cancer.  It's a high end thing, frankly
many OT's still have physical problems like cancer etc.
     Thus handling the parent child thing, which is 2nd dynamic,
actually reaches beyond the tested grounds of present day auditing
technology.  Kin says we can produce a 1st, 3rd and 4th dynamic clear
routinely, but the 5th and 2nd dynamics have barely been touched.
     He stresses that OT abilities can be and ARE had by ANYONE, whether
clear on a dynamic or not, and that this confusion between clearing and
being an OT has lead to much degradation of the tech and full
understanding of its goals in the Church and in the field.
     It has also lead to a misunderstanding of the behavior of our Gods.
     The goal of auditing is CLEARING.  Whether people then go on to
increase or gain OT abilities is their business.
     Clear means not reacting.
     OT means being able to act.
     They are two independent things although people who are not clear
eventually limit themselves to where they are not OT either, in order to
keep the reacting in check.
     Thus Crazy Gods eventually become meatballs.
                           THE SECOND DYNAMIC
     Regarding Kin's assessment that the 2nd is part of the 5th dynamic,
the TRUTH is that the second dynamic is a part of the 7th dynamic on the
goal 'To Create Life' or to call other beings into manifestation.
     People are dramatizing the goal 'To Create Life' on the lower
physical harmonic of the 5th dynamic, but it has as its basic the goal
'To Create Life' on the 7th dynamic.
     As such the complete resolution of the 2nd dynamic and full
responsibility for the outcome of one's actions, is an enormous
undertaking and would result ultimately in a 7th dynamic clear.
     Kin mentions that a 7th dynamic clear presently exists only in our
hopes and dreams and may be attained in the long distant future.
     One of the things that comes up while auditing the 2nd dynamic of
Parent and Child, is 'Should Never Have Been Born.' The subject for most
is simply too hot to handle.
     People want to BE, but they feel, in their own eyes, that perhaps
they shouldn't BE.  The don't want to die, but they don't feel they have
full permission to live.  They feel like they have been stuck in an
arena they have no business being.
     Probably one also might find the basic on apparent Mortality in
this area of the 2nd/7th dynamics, along with the concomitant Rage and
Regret Cycles that go along with being born and giving birth (conception
     It all comes from the goal 'To Create Life' or some such.
     With this goal, one is actually at the border between the 7th and
8th dynamics, because in Creating Life, one is playing God and playing
with another's Sovereignty and sense of Total Responsibility.
     Calling another being into manifestation is not a minor action.
     The Rage and Regret cycles are there to be audited, if anyone
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