((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                        DIVINITY, EVIL, AND GOOD
                                ACT - 52
                             11 March 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
 >I propose this:
 >         Divinity
 >   Good   <--->  Evil
     Yes.  However in my opinion Good always loses.
     Good can maintain its position in space ONLY to the degree that it
is willing and able to place and locate in space the Evil it is
opposing, at which point it is operating Divinity and not Good.
     What usually happens is Good tries to UNLOCATE the Evil it is
opposing, trying to remove it and get rid of it as an unwanted game, and
then failing that, Good tries to unlocate itself, again trying to leave
the game it can't get rid of.
     These two efforts to first UNLOCATE the opposition and then to
unlocate self are the anatomy of elsewhereness.  The effort to NOT BE
     Good is not HAPPY to have Evil to fight, and to that degree Good is
food for the Devil.
     Since Good is now on a failed elsewhereness, and Evil is on the
rampage, Good ends up hiding in a hole with Evil all around it.  The
only way Good can come out of its hole is to BECOME the Evil that
surrounds it, or going out of valence in to what it fears most, and
takes no responsibility for the location of.  Essentially that is what
going out of valence is, it is being besieged by Evil, and going over to
the other side once one's rations run out, WITHOUT EVER HAVING PUT THE
OTHER SIDE THERE.  They then become stuck in something they did not
locate, and can not locate further, so it locates them and that is what
being out of valence means, taking orders from the opposition without
any ability to resist.  Successful resistance would mean being able to
locate oneself independently from the opposition, and THAT can only
     If you can't put the opposition THERE, you can't put your self HERE
separated from them.
     But to have the POWER to put them THERE and you HERE, you have to
be WILLING TO HAVE THEM THERE AND YOU HERE!  So with out responsibility
for the other side, you become the other side.
     Goodness is always irresponsibility for the other side, "It's too
bad there is Evil, I certainly wouldn't have wished there to be Evil,
but now that it is here we must fight it for the Good of all."
     Said the marble rolling around the drain.
     Divinity is always responsibility for BOTH sides including
responsibility for the irresponsibility of having been Good.
     You can only win against Evil if you are willing to PUT IT THERE,
and then play the game as if you paid for the privilege.
     THAT attitude is Omni Sovereignty, only Divinity can win its own
                           GOOD ALWAYS LOOSES
     You see guys, the point is that Evil is HAPPY to have Good there to
eat.  Evil is not trying to get rid of Good, Evil is trying to enslave,
imprison or EAT Good.  Yum.  Evil is quite happy to indulge in the chase
as long as it gets fed in the end.
     Good on the other hand is NOT happy that Evil is there, so that is
why Good always loses.  Evil has one tiny little bit of willingness and
responsibility going for it, that Good doesn't.  Evil likes to eat Good,
but Good doesn't like to be eaten, and doesn't like to eat Evil either.
     From Adore,
     "Love Hates Hate.
     Hate Hates Love.
     How come Hate always wins?
     It's 4 against 2, that's why."