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                              CASE AND GAMES

                                 ACT - 54
                              12 March 1994

                  Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
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      Case has to do with Unwillingness and Games.

      Ultimately case is some form of having to play a game you don't
want to play, or not having a game you do want to play.

      A chess player at a chess match may be 'unwilling to lose' but he
is willing to play, and willing to risk losing and willing and *EAGER*
to have the other player BE as his opponent.  This is an ideal game and
is a standard of caselessness.

      Spot the games in your life, spot your opponents and spot
the eagerness level you have for each game and opponent.

      Eagerness is called INVITE.

      Invite places full knowing willing responsibility on the part of
both players for the other player being there.  Both players are putting
each otther there.

      Caselessness therefore is having games you are willing to play,
games you are willing and eager to play, and willing to win or lose,
along with the ability to invent or find new games which you are willing
and eager to play and willing to win or lose.

      Why wouldn't someone be willing to win or lose a game?

      Because both result in losing the presence of the game, and if
games are scarce, winning a game is just as bad as losing a game.

      The unwillingness to play a particular game is related to the
unwillingness to HAVE the game and your opposition, so it relates to an
unwillingness to OPERATE the game, which amounts to unwillingness to
LOCATE the various components of the game in space and time and get on
with playing it.

      Unwillingness leads to NOT PUTTING IT THERE.

      The components of a game are yourself as a player, others as your
opponents, perhaps spectators, umpires, and the various parts of the
playing field whatever they may be.

      A being who is in a game that he is unwilling to play tries to make
nothing of the other side, the playing field or his own position in the
game, saying it isn't there, it isn't important, he won't play etc.
This is NOT-ISness.

      He will even develop psychosomatic conditions and limitations that
are designed to get him out of the game, or failing that, to get others
to play the game for him, and yet give him the winnings.

      Such handicap conditions can even be used to help you get INTO a
game that others don't want you playing.

      Psychosomatic conditions can be used against one's own team mates
in the game to get them to let you out of the game or help you play, and
they can be used against the opponents to get them to leave you alone or
let you win.

      When a person comes to you for session, what they want handled is
usually some form of problem, regret, upset or inability on the subject
of the games of life, of having fun in a space time game stream.

      Often the most important game is the game of making a living which
in the end is the game of keeping games going.

      Life is a dream, and it is a game, so it is sort of an arcade game
where spirits can take sides and take on the various forms that are
operating in the game such as a body or whatever, and they do this
primarily for fun.

      When spirits are no longer having fun, they leave the game, or
change the game or start a new game.

      If they are unable to leave a game, or there is a scarcity of games
to change to, or they are unable to invent new games, then they will
become very unhappy with life as a game, things will become very serious
for them, they will develop psychosomatic conditions to help them make
the unwanted games of life more enjoyable or bearable.  A psychosomatic
condition is an effort to become willing or able to be in the game by
becoming unable to play the game.

      It's an effort to continue playing a game by being unable to win.


      It's an effort to win a game by being unable to play.

      Therefore it might make sense to make your first address in session
be to the subject of games.  Specifically wanted and unwanted games.

      "Tell me some games you want to play and can play."
      "Tell me some games you want to play and can't play."
      "Tell me some games you want to play but have to play anyhow."

      "Tell me some games you don't want to play and don't have to play."
      "Tell me some games you don't want to play and have to play."
      "Tell me some games you don't want to play but can't play anyhow."

      The purpose of this is to find the central core of games the person
considers they have to play and don't want to, and the games they want
to play and can't.

      It is here you will find the 1st postulate of your preclear, his
Basic Goal for this life and for many previous lives in a row.  It is
what your preclear is UP TO in the space time game stream.  You will
often find they are in such apathy about their true game or purpose in
life, that most of what they are doing with their time is playing
substitute games that allow them to side step the major failures of
their lives.  Their game of choice is broken so they play some other

      Their 'condition' is their excuse to themselves and to others
why they are failing to play the proper game.

      When they are doing really bad, they are merely playing to survive,
they usually will be found at a subsistence level of existence, meaning
they are just barely managing to eat and have a roof over their heads,
because they have fallen away from any worthwhile games that would have
produced affluence for them.  Here is your bum in the street who owns
one pair of clothes and teaches computer programming to the homeless and
the destitute.

      The earlier game of 'building a world wide computer network' is
leaking through into the present game of 'dying in the cold'.

      You can probably take any bum in the street and poke around a bit
and find something he can do or is interested in that will lead you back
to the earlier game he was really wanting and able to play.

      You will often find that when a person has gone sour on his prime
games in life, he won't bother to play other games even if they could
make him quite well off financially, because he detests them too much
and they aren't worth the effort to him.  He can't imagine what he would
do with all that money anyhow, except maybe buy himself a bigger coffin.

      Somewhere down deep he would rather starve to death and at least
let everyone else know that his Basic Game was dead, rather than let
everyone think that all was well with the world while he wasted an
Eternity playing at lesser assininities.

      He may not want sympathy per se, but he sure as hell wants to make
sure that awareness of the disaster that has befallen him is not lost to

      Thus you will find two broad classes of people coming to you for
session.  Those who are still on their Basic Game, most of whom will
actually tell you what their Prime Game is within the first few hours of
auditing, and those who have fallen away from their Prime Game to a
point where they don't even know what it is anymore and aren't quite
sure to believe you when you start asking for what it might be.

      Worse they are scared witless to remember it, so fear
of finding out, learning, remembering, knowing, seeing etc will
have to be run.

      Is there anything you could know that could kill you or your body?

      Some of this second group will actually be coming to you to find
help on how to die more painlessly, rather than recover their will to
live.  You will find in this band of failure some rather strange
concepts of help.

      Really though its all just because they have no hope.  You restore
that hope and get them going on it again, and they will understand sane
help just as well as the next guy.

      But hope at this level is not merely the hope of a human being, but
the hope of a God unit looking to regain his sense of responsibility for
things and his eternal future.

      In fact poking around on the subject of help with your preclear
will go a long ways to helping you spot where they are in their cycle of

      Once the Prime Game is 'gone' to the person, once he has suppressed
its memory and knowledge out of existence, he becomes very hard to audit
on any subject but his Prime Game, and even that will be a bear to
uncover, because of the rage and emotion that got encysted with it.  He
just doesn't dare admit he could ever have that Game back again.

      Jesus he would have to be happy and enthralled with life again,
and that would be DANGEROUS, you see?

      What would his grand mother think?

      He thinks that even if he got that game back again, things would
still never be right again for having lost it in the first place.

      This is a big one.

      Its one thing to have lost a game, its quite another to have been
an eternal fool.

      The human can't handle it, only the God unit can.

      His will to live was threatened by the loss of his Prime Game, and
stirring it up again will actually threaten the physical life of his
body.  Thus you had better know what you are doing or you might have a
slightly less than warm preclear on your hands.

      The trick of course is once you have restored hope, not to crush it
out again, or let others do the same.

      Also teach them to restore hope and make case progress with others,
because even while they have a case, they can easily help those doing
better than they are while they handle their own case in good time.

      By the way, the first group will not only be much easier to audit,
but they will also be doing better in life including financially.  So
they will often be more able to pay you for your work as an auditor, and
take a lot less time to get a happy and satisfactory result on.

      You don't HAVE to charge for auditing, it will all come back to you
in good time anyhow.  But most people just won't make any case gain
unless they do pay you something for your time.  They will be begging to
once he gain starts rolling in.

      The second group though will be surrounded with ruin and despair in
their lives.  They will be rotting from the inside out, they won't have
lucrative jobs, they will be half suicidal most of the time, and usually
addicted to all kinds of drugs, often psychoactive.

      The first group often can't fathom the second group, and the second
group usually doesn't like the first group.

      The succeeders can't understand the failures yet, and the failures
can't stand the succeeders.

      To be honest those still doing well in life just have no clue
how bad it can get, and won't have the confront to deal with the

      Thus the temptation is to slough off the second group as the
flotsam and jetsam of life, the losers who 'don't want to play any

      This results in the 'Fire Hydrant Auditor or C/S', you know the
kind of guy who is always being pissed on by Dog PC's.

      The first group always excuse their failures with the second group
by saying "Well he didn't WANT to get better."

      The truth is though that anyone can get their goals crushed, all it
takes is a long enough sojourn in this space time game stream.  So the
state you find a being in relative to his Prime Game is not so much a
function of the quality of the being, but more a function of how long he
has been here with out help or understanding, and how hard he tried to

      He has been trying to live life without an Operating Manual on
Prime Goals and Postulates.

      It is also often a function of how BIG a game he was trying to
play, the Lavender seller in the street doesn't attract as much
opposition as the World Builder.  Selling Lavenders may actually even
FIT into the agenda of and be encouraged by the Forces of Evil, but
Changing the Course of History probably wouldn't.

      Also the bigger the game you are playing the more people you
effect, and thus the ruin that one little mistake can bring can be many
times bigger for the World Builder than for the Lavender Seller.

      You know the world turned on its side dumping everyone into
outer space, totally unexpected...

      Now everyone is wagging their finger at him saying who the
hell are you to think you could make things better!

      Some of the regrets you will find on the World Builder will be
monumental.  He just could never make it up to all those people...

      So don't slough off a being just because his game is in ruin and
his finances are low.  He may be one of those World Builders who stuck
his neck out for you one too many times, or just a little too far.  He
will need forgiveness for the scope, span, depth and field of his
mistakes and the wake of disaster he left behind him, and he will need
some exchange for the good he did do.

      Just remember though that if you do manage to recover one of these
World Builders, the comfortable little future that you had planned for
yourself may be history.  Hopefully it will be a better future for all,
but it will be new.


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