ACT - 55
                             13 March 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     People have the causal relationship between power and willingness
     They think that if only they just had enough power, they would be
willing to face what ever it is that is bothering them.
     If they could just muster enough armies and force, they would be
willing to confront what opposed them.
     But this is not true.  They would at best be willing to DESTROY
what opposed them.  They never would become willing to HAVE BE what
opposed them.
     People think that willingness comes from power.  The truth is power
comes from willingness.  Once you are willing to have something BE, you
will find that you have all the power at your command you could ever
want to handle and deal with what opposes you.
     Notice I said to handle and to deal with, not to destroy.
     The purpose of power and force is never to destroy, but to dance
with, to charm and to win over to your side.
     The reason this is so is because to the degree that you oppose
something you ASSIGN IT POWER.  You have power, then you give it away to
what opposes you, so of course you no longer have any power to destroy
it with.  The more you want to destroy it forever the more power you
have assigned to it in your consideration that it is dangerous and must
never be allowed to exist.
     You use half your power to create your adversary and PUT IT THERE,
and the other half of your power to make it dangerous to you.  With what
power then are you going to destroy it with?
     The process of charming your enemy is the process of taking back
the power you assigned to it in making it dangerous to you.  That way
you will have half your power invested in putting it there, and half
your power invested in being able to Co Operate with it to everyone's
     This only works because Life is a Dream Machine.
     Apparently it is a Joke too.
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