((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                            SESSION 4/18/94
                                ACT - 59
                             18 April 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     If we consider that the purpose of a game is to get something done,
and that these desires to get something done can be called 'drives', and
if we assume that there are 8 or 10 or 16 of these drives, normally
called dynamics, then it can be observed that people are in various
states of operability on each of these many drives.
     A little closer look at someone will show that on the drives that
he is in the worst shape on, he will be found to be blocking their
forward advance himself, for reasons long lost to him.
     Consciously he will feel that he is being stopped by others, but
that will never audit, the truth is he is stopping himself.  But he no
longer knows how or why or how to undo the stop.  Once the glue or taffy
is put in place, the only way to get rid of it is to put it in place
again.  That's called Re Operation in Adore, and Perfect Duplication in
     Hence the auditing question,
     "Has a drive been blocked (by you?)"
     "Is a drive being blocked?"
     And God forbid,
     "What drive is being blocked?"
     The dynamics or drives are arenas of action, each one bigger and
more vast than the one before it.  The second dynamic of parents, mates
and children is bigger than the first of self.  Groups, being first and
foremost groups of FAMILIES is clearly bigger than the second.
     The fourth dynamic is the collection of all third dynamics and
relates essentially to the total goings on of one species, which for us
is Homo Sap.
     The fifth dynamic is the collection of all possible fourth
dynamics, or all living things whether animal or plant.
     The sixth dynamic is the collection of all possible material
things, including all space, time, matter and energy, the Time Stone of
Adore, and the MEST of Scientology.
     The Seventh dynamic is the collection of all Spirits and Spiritual
things inside this one particular universe.
     And the Eight dynamic, often considered God or infinity is really
the all encompassing Creator dynamic for this universe.
     Now each one of these dynamics has a product, a game to play, a
purpose and a set of goals and opposition goals, and these are
manifested as drives to get things done by the players partaking in that
     The most important thing to know is that each dynamic is a subset
of the one above it, not a separate entity unto itself.  Thus the goals
and drives that you might have on the 5th dynamic would relate in some
considerable measure to the goals you have on the 6th.  Likewise the
goals you would have on the 4th dynamic of all mankind, would relate to
the goals you have for all living things which is a bigger goal and
bigger sphere of action.
     Thus a goal on a lower dynamic can be COMPUTED FROM the various
goals on a higher dynamic, or this should be the case if the being is
sane.  Each goal that a being has on a lower dynamic is in some sense a
subset of a goal he has on the higher dynamic that the lower dynamic is
a subset of.  His goals on the 4th are in some measure logically derived
from his goals on the 5th which are themselves partly derived from his
goals on the 6th.
     Sometimes however a being can get introverted down into the lower
dynamics and leave the higher dynamics behind, divorcing them from his
own idea of what he is about, and he will actually take to opposing the
lower dynamics, which he is still interested in, against the higher
dynamics which he kind of wishes were no longer a part of life.
     This is where Ron got
     "What is NOT part of life?"
     as a question for finding Rock Slamming R2-12 items.
     Listed and Nulled properly it gives the item that the preclear is
NOT being and thus is opposed to with all his might.
     What happens is that the being takes a loss on a higher dynamic,
let's say the 6th of space and time and planets and galaxies.  He screws
up really badly, maybe he makes half a planet unlivable with some
experiment, a lot of people get hurt and he rues the day he was born, or
at least the day he ever decided he was big enough to make any good
decision in such a large arena of control.
     Thus he withdraws from that dynamic, not by withdrawing UPWARDS
from whence he came, but by withdrawing DOWNWARDS deeper into creation.
He thus severs his roots with the Divine and becomes a Lost Soul,
literally a wanderer without an umbilical cord to his Home.
     What he is withdrawing from of course is the goal line he had
established on the dynamic he rues.  He is moving away from the DRIVE
that empowered him there.  He will start blocking that drive with all
his might lest he make that mistake again, and he will forget and bury
the goal that he had on that dynamic to make it be no more.
     So now he is goalless across all the lower dynamics too.  In order
to keep going though he has to have SOME goals, and he doesn't feel like
he has given up entirely playing around in the lower dynamics so he will
come up with some new goals.  He withdrew from the 6th dynamic, so now
he is at most on the 5th and lower, and he will invent or create goals
on the 5th dynamic that have nothing whatsoever to do with what he was
properly doing on the 6th.
     His goals on the 5th are now 'out of season and for the wrong
reason.' Further his goals on the 5th will to some extent be at cross
purposes with his original goals on the 6th, and with other people's
goals who are still sane on the 6th, and he will find himself slowly but
surely turning the 6th dynamic into an ultimate opp term along with
everyone else who is still doing their job on the 6th properly.
     It is inevitable that in pursuing this off course activity on the
5th he will eventually cause more trouble than he is worth, and he will
recognize this fact and take a loss on the 5th dynamic too, thus
withdrawing to the 4th.  Repeating the same scenario over and over again
he eventually decays down to the first dynamic and becomes an Only One.
     As an Only One his only goal is to survive in spite of everyone
being against him, and he can't imagine what good the remaining
dynamics are too him.  Parents, mates, children well they are nothing
but a hassle.  Groups to him mean obligations and induction into the
armed services to fight other groups, nothing but trouble.  Mankind he
finds to be utterly foul.  Animals do nothing but take craps on his
lawn, MEST is cold and uncaring, spirits don't exist except as bug
swarms, and he has a bone to chew with God.
     Thus you find him at the bottom of the barrel with all of his
drives intact, but fully opposed and blocked BY HIMSELF, and he has
become the penultimate opp term to everything he ever held dear.  All to
protect things from himself.
     Thus "What drive has been blocked and why" leads right into what he
is doing wrong in life, and why he is not clear.
     It also leads right into a definition of 'clear on a dynamic'.
     A person is clear on a given dynamic if he has no drives on that
dynamic that are being blocked BY HIMSELF.  It's ok if you are opposed
by another, its not ok if you are being opposed by yourself.  That's a
good definition of NOT CLEAR.  Opposing yourself.  An OT is someone who
is not even opposed by others.
     Thus we also have the auditing question,
     "How does it serve your goals to oppose your goals?"
     It's utterly unrunnable though because the person just will never
figure it out until he sees that he is protecting his goals from HIMSELF
by opposing himself.
     Thus you will find most of the human race INTROVERTED into the
lower dynamics.  That means they have turned their attention inward into
the smaller arenas of life and AWAY from the higher arenas of life.
     Worse the guy has done a flip on who and what he is.
     The guy has located himself as a first dynamic looking upward at
the higher dynamics rather than as an 8th dynamic looking downward
towards the lower dynamics.  The guy as a first dynamic is INSIDE of
life and as his attention becomes smaller and smaller in scope, span,
depth and field, he is looking more and more towards where he is.
     ((From Adore,
     Scope is how much space you can cover.
     Span is how many objects in that space you can span and competently
control at once.
     Depth is how much you know about each object in your span.
     Field is your reputation in the field, or how much other's
recognize your Scope, Span, Depth and Field.))
     When he no longer considers himself a logical extension of some
higher place that he ALSO is, his life becomes a SOLUTION to an
intolerable problem he had with being a bigger being on a higher
     Thus since he generates problems and oppositions all the way down
his descent into the lower dynamics, it is clear that the problems you
find him with on the lower dynamics are in some sense SOLUTIONS to
unconfrontable problems he had on the higher dynamics that he is no
longer aware of.  He complains about his wife and kids because THAT is a
confrontable and comfortable problem to him, while what was eating him
on the 6th is gone.
     He will protest this analysis of his condition on the second with
the wife and kids loudly, until you get him to spot the original problem
on the 6th that he fell away from, severing any connection with the
Fountainhead of Source.  Almost all of his problems on the 2nd dynamic
are the result of being miles off course from his true purpose on the
6th or whatever dynamic he first bombed out of.

     ((You will find many preclears walking around wondering whether
Earthkind (4th dynamic) is worthwhile doing anything for.

     Mankind is a composite being, body and thetan.

     Body and thetan are dicoms, the body doesn't want to be a spirit,
and the spirit doesn't want to be a body.  As they run on opposite
principles, body/thetan conflicts are rampant and highly destructive to
constructive action on any dynamic they affect.

     One primary body/thetan conflict is the body survives by making
sure certain unjurious things never happen again.

     That's death on wheels to a thetan who survies by making again any
thing that is persisting until it vanishes for good.

     That's why the thetan runs out injuries that must never happen
again to the body by running through them over and over again until the
thetan is able and willing to make and vanish any injury at will.

     That's a way stable OT by the way, he doesn't collapse into the
body when its hurt, and can remain equipoised in space and time no
matter who is doing what to any body anywhere.

     Or he can take sides, in which case the other side had better watch

     Once body and thetan become melded, the spirit tries to turn the
body into a spirit, and body tries to turn the spirit into a body.  They
remain forever opposed and at odds with each other.
     This is not a natural nor even benign state, thus the 4th dynamic
*ON EARTH* begins the area where the 7th dynamic (spirit) becomes
confused with the 5th, namely animal life, as the body is an animal, and
thus a sane composite and sane 4th dynamic is almost impossible.

     Crazy people will take to wiping out themselves by wiping out
everyone else first.

     Thus there will be key moments when your preclear debonded with the
the 4th dynamic and with mankind as a whole.  Being on Earth, being part
of mankind was no longer worthwhile to him.

     You will find him thus doing poorly on all his lower dynamics that
get their parent thrust from the 4th.))

     Once he recovers operability and willingness on the 6th, he will
once again logically compute goals and actions on the 2nd dynamic
(family) that are in accord with his goals on the 6th, and being once
more connected to Source, the problems he has on the 2nd will be
acceptable and desirable to him.  That's a Grade I by the way.

     ((The 6th is not the highest dynamic, as there is 7th spirit, and
8th the infinite above it.  A meatball is one who has no awareness of
his existence on the 7th dynamic or the 8th, and who believes that
everything is made of the 6th (MEST) and that the 6th is the highest
there is.
     He thinks his LIVING consciousness is made of cold, dead and
uncaring matter energy, space and time.  In fact he DEFINES life as a
particular arrangement of dead things, namely atoms, molecules etc.

     These beings believe they are born to live once and die once, and
that's it bud, and their future is dust in the wind.  You turn them
loose in a crazy composite 4th dynamic (mankind), and you have the
makings of an atomic war to end all wars.))
     A Grade I is a Problems release and is someone who is able to
recognize the source of problems (himself) and make them vanish.  He
does this by withdrawing UPWARDS at will from the arena of control if he
is no longer interested in those problems that naturally occur on that
lower dynamic.
     The sum totality of the anatomy of a theta trap, is to withdraw
DOWNWARDS to escape any part of life.  To solve any problem you become
bigger than the arena of action, you span all sides and parties of the
problem until you are no longer interested in taking sides, and you take
off.  At the point you have disengaged your self from taking sides in
the matter you will HAVE the power to do what you will with either side,
but you may have no inclination to do so.  But then again you might.  So
its a sort of a paradox.  Power stems from willingness.
     Power to change stems from a willingness to let be.

     Power to let be comes from willingness to change.
     Thus what a being WITH power to change will choose, is certainly
not motivated by unwillingness.
     The being who tries to disengage from a problem by becoming smaller
than the conflict and moving away from it into elsewhereness, is merely
operating MORE unwillingness, and so less power.
     Eventually the problem will come after him.
     You can't run away far enough olr fast enough in this universe.
You can't run away from space and time by running around IN space and

     There is no place IN space and time that is far away FROM space and
     Unwillingness for something to BE which exists anyhow, is merely
saying it has more power than you do to create itself against your
     Which is why leaving is usually disastrous in the long run, and
safety for an OT is being where he is and getting bigger.
     The ultimate in getting bigger is getting scalar, which means no
size, not zero size.  Get it?  That's native state, from whence the OT
can create, survive or destroy anything he wishes.

     The being who is willing to be where he is usually ends up
disengaging properly from his problems and 'leaves' by withdrawing up
the tone scale back into Omni Sovereignty and Source.
     The being who is unwilling to be where he is usually ends up trying
to disengage from his problems by going 'elsewhere', going deeper into
space and time, trying to find a dark and remote corner to hide in.
     Many eons later you find him complaining of loneliness.

     His case of 'nothing there' is composed entirely of blocked out
wall to wall disaster.
     His lonliness is really only a longing for the problem he ran away
from and didn't span.

     If you want people, find games.  Games are full of people.
     Every game he withdraws from, by going downwards in the dynamics,
eventually starts playing HIM.  That's how you become a piece in someone
else's game and eventually a pawn and then a broken pawn.
     Every broken pawn is an Only One.
     That's the most broken you can get and still be alive.
     The ultimate of this is the Hell of the Mormons, the Avichi of the
Theosophists: Alone forever for free.
     Don't worry, be happy, "nothing is forever but peace and people."
     That's Adore by the way.  Adore is very smug about these things,
some times I wonder how it knows.  Sometimes I think Adore is just
whistling by the grave yard.
     Anyhow the way out is the way in, and here is at least a part of
the way in.
     This all came from past days sessions, and is background to what I
was going into today's session with.
     I went into session doing ok, somatics on, not dying.  I used heavy
handcream to baseline the needle for Chris's sake.  I put on the cream
and rubbed my hands fast and hard until they got hot and too sticky to
rub.  Its an exact point of absorption of the hand creme, and easy to
replicate.  I never use handcream any more because its unnecessary and
it fouls the cans which have to be cleaned.  But I used it all the time
in the Church.
     TA started off at 2.6 because of the cream, and quickly rose to
4.5.  With dry hands TA would have started off at 5.5 and come down to
     Here are the relevant parts of the transcript of the session as
recorded on the voice recorder.
     Previous session had ended:
     "Suffocation is on top of not talking about something.  In other
words the not talking about something came first, and the suffocation
came second."
     This session:
     (The goal of this session as always is to terminatedly handle the
somatics in my throat and breathing.  This session is also an excellent
example of how rewording the question over and over to get at all the
charge eventually nails it with the right wording but which probably
would have not worked had all the previous wordings not gone down.)
     "Something you are doing in present time that is criminal?"
     "Its also related to the throat tic." (A violent somatic I get
which is the source of coughs if you let it cough rather than let it run
out as a tic.  Pleasure waves in right thigh as I write this.)
     "What criminality is there with you in present time?"
     "What criminality is in present time with you?"
     "Something criminal YOU are doing?"
     "Some criminality in present time?"
     "Is there some criminality in present time?"
     "Is there some criminality you are not telling me about?"
     Double Burp.
     (Burps are one of the most valued releases in session for me, they
signal that I have nailed the two way forces forming the ridge in my
spine, throat and brain.  Burp means I am right.  So do sneezes, muscle
bumpies, and passing wind.)
     "What criminality is there?"
     "Do you have a withhold on criminality?"
     "Is there something criminal going on here you haven't told me
     "Something you haven't said about criminality?"
     "Something criminal with you in present time?"
     "That nailed it but good."
     (With this question I was able to lock on to the forces in my
throat that are causing the suffocation and anoxia.  Thus I was able to
make more of it for a moment and then release it smoothly part way.
Thus although the somatic is not gone, it is better permanently.)
     "Something criminal in present time?"
     "Now its failing again." (Then it started going off course.)
     "Something or someone is criminal in present time?"
     "Some criminal beingness of the GPM?"
     "Nemesis One?"
     "Something criminal is going on."
     "Some criminality of some kind."
     "I just brought the TA to 3.0" (From 4.5)
     "Something criminal is right here now with you?"
     "Something criminal?"
     "Someone criminal you haven't told me about?"
     "Tell me about the criminality in your face?"
     "Are you being a criminal?" (yes)
     "Who or what would a criminal oppose?"
     "Who or what would oppose a criminal?"
     (Less mass on first question, thus terminal is a criminal and opp
terminal is whatever a criminal would oppose, clearly these two items
are at the top of the GPM, nearest present time.)
     "We did good on this one."
     (I was getting exhausted and I recognized a stopping point where
going further would be of no use.  Usually the somatics release over the
next hour after a session like this one.)
     TA = 3.5   Total TA = 10   Session time 30 minutes or so.