This is very early tech.

     Don't run questions, run conceptions.

     Creation is done in the conception of something, not in
asking questions about it.

     Turn all What and Why questions below into 'Get the idea of...'


                         THE SERVICE COMPUTATION

                                 ACT - 6
                               28 June 1993

                  Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith

      Been running,

      'Why is life not worth living?'            (Problem)
      'How are you making life worth living?'    (Solution)

      'Why is life worth living?'
      'How are you making life not worth living?'

      'What is the purpose of life?'
      'What computation are you using to make your own goal wrong?'

      'What serves you?'
      'How does it serve you?'

      The purpose of these questions is to find your basic GPM, its basic
opposition, and your basic solutions to this problem.

      The being early on loses the will to live due to something.  You
need to find that something.

      "Why is life not worth living?'

      He then, AS HE IS DYING AWAY, develops a service facsimile
computation and chronic condition that makes life just worth living
enough so that he does not die, but can continue and he still is just

      'How have you made life worth living?'

      Underlying this drama is his basic purpose or first goal GPM.

      'What is the purpose of life?'

      He has chosen to survive by suppressing, invalidating, not-ising,
and making wrong that goal.

      'What computation are you using to make your own goal wrong?'

     He never quite gives up with the goal though, even though he is
opposing his own goal, he is still trying to survive, in the hope that
maybe one day he can get back to it.

      Thus he is trying to SERVE his goal by OPPOSING his goal.

      'What serves you?'
      'How does it serve you?'

      Each of these questions is a listing question.  In otherwords they
can and should run in a standard session with a meter.  Each question
should be listed to a complete list with one reading item.

      Or it can be run more informally by running the questions
alternately and repetitively as desired being careful not to leave an
incomplete list in the end or force a wrong item.

      The 'rough' case, the 'no gain' case, the 'ARC Broke with auditing'
case, is merely the case that never 'had his item found.'  In this sense
an 'item' means

      1.) Goal and opp Goal
      2.) Terminal and opp Terminal
      3.) Service Computation
      4.) Chronic condition.

      The above auditing questions will stir this stuff up where other
processes have fallen short.


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