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                                ACT - 60
                             26 April 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
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     The problem with telling a pc he is cause, is that it doesn't work.

     This doesn't mean that you should tell him he is an effect of
     The nature of the being operating as cause is totallly different
than the nature of the being operating as effect.

     The being as effect just can't conceive of the being as cause, the
motivations are so different, in some sense totally opposed.

     As cause he is trying to CREATE problems and lossses, as effect he
is desperately trying to SOLVE them.

     And he just isn't friends with the cause side of his GodSoul.
     You might for example get him to see that his cause is somehow out
of control and that he is being the effect of his own cause.  BY HIS OWN
CHOICE.  He may not presently agree, but he can at least understand this
in theory.  There are probably many such 'views', one of which will
click on your pc.
     Probably the biggest problem a pc has, is HE HAS A PROBLEM AND
     Thus he comes in complaining about all these 'things wrong with
him' and he 'wants to get rid of them all'.  The truth is he wants to
remember what the hell the original problem was in the first place that
made him mockup all these disadvantages (surviving by succumbing etc.),
and then perhaps to get some help with that prior problem and regain
some ability to CONTINUE to mockup disadvantages if necessary to help
him better deal with the problem.
     ONE of the disadvantages he mocked up was not knowing what the
problem was.  But that froze him in that state of advantage or
disadvantage from there on out, as he was no longer able to monitor the
problem or how he should change with it as time and circumstances
changed around him.  The problem did change, but his state couldn't, so
he got worse in life, rather than continue to track the problem and have
fun with it playing the game.
     What first started out as a 'sly and cunning move' in a high stakes
game ended up as a disaster on a platter.

     Worse his opponent may have tricked or provoked him into making
the move in the first place.  Your preclear never saw that coming.

     Life seems to consist in part of solving problems by mocking up
disadvantages for oneself, or at least there are alley ways of play
where in this skill is desirable.  
     SOME disadvantages, not all, when mocked up, prevent one from
unmocking up disadvantages already created, or mocking up new ones.
     THIS IS A FROZEN STATE of advantage and disadvantage, and this is
what the pc wants handled.
     The short term solution became a long term problem.
     The biggest disadvantage/advantage there is, is the inability to
create and destroy DISADVANTAGES and advantages at will.
     Flexibility with creating and destroying advantages and
disadvantages is the essence of good play.  One doesn't really ever HAVE
to stick oneself with a condition one can not get rid of to win.  You
got to be good at withholding that the condition is not real though.  It
was a mistake to make the disadvantage permanent even in the being's own
eyes.  It was also unnecessary to the play of the game.
     You can convince others with out convincing yourself.

     But sometimes that's not so fun or dangerous if others can read
your mind.  Better to not know, you know?


     Define NEED as won't survive without.

     Get the idea of NOT needing to forget.
     Get the idea of     needing to forget.
     Get the idea of NOT needing to remember.
     Get the idea of     needing to remember.

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