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                         QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
                                ACT - 61
                               8 May 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
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     We saw the Dianetics infomercial again this morning.  Actually a
nice presentation.  I have to keep pretending the Church doesn't exist,
that its like 1951 or something for the thing to not turn my stomach and
to feel proud of it and like I want to be a part of the mass expansion
of Scientology into the planet and have a 'Scientology' world.  But with
a little effort I can do it.
     Anyhow we bought the package for 69 bucks, with a new book called
'The Dynamics' by Ron which I don't know about.  Me and Jane will be
auditing it as instructed with an eye to workability, and intent.
     I say intent because as I was watching the commercial this question
came to my mind very strongly,
     "Does the Church REALLY want to clear the world?"
     So what I will be looking for is if people can actually 'go clear'
or even improve their lives with the tech as presented, or if its a
guaranteed cave in, leading to need for services in the Church and final
entrapment in OT II robot mentality.
     By the way I am actually making some case gain here, but one of the
necessary advances has been to redefine the nature of a incident from
something that happens to you in the physical universe like an impact or
injury or disease, to something that happens to you in the mental
     An incident is running into a question that can not be answered or
is answered wrong.
     At the moment of 'impact' with the question there is a moment of
timelessness and a 2nd postulate is made.  When contacting this again in
session, time goes still for a moment, you start to get dizzy, sharp
somatics blow off and you kind of 'lose it' for a moment.
     Been running,
     "What is the governing (2nd) postulate of your life?"
     "What governing postulates are there."
     Yes god damn it those are listing questions, and you better list
them until you get the damn answer.
     Dianetics is not supposed to be a huge EFFORT.  If the assessment
for the conditions, attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains is done
properly to a BLOW DOWN F/N item, then I believe the pc will simply pop
into the engram channel and start telling you all about it.  There
should be little to no reach or struggle or hunting around or running
endless incidents that are not interesting but which 'read'.
     Also L Kin says you only take up items where both the QUESTION and
the pc's ANSWER read.  If one or the other don't read, don't take it up.
     Also been running at sens 1, rather than 5.  This makes more for TA
kind of auditing rather than little needle motions kind of auditing.
Lots of things 'read' at sens 5 (Mark V) which are a waste of time.  A
read a sens 1 is a blooming blowdown at sens 5 and those are the items
that might be of interest.
     If you haven't yet read L Kin's Vol 2, do so now.
     So the new idea, (which comes from Adore but which Kin mentions in
one sentence) is that an incident is a run in with a question.
    L. Kin says that charge is wanting to know something and not being
able to.
     Thus that bad memory of yours is merely a bad memory for questions
you once had and never completed and forgot whilst still unanswered or
mis answered.
     You know when your mind takes what you are thinking away from you,
and you can't remember what it was you were just thinking about?  Well
what it took was a QUESTION.  It's the question that can not be
remembered, and presumably once you have run out all the forgotten
questions in the core channel you will have recovered your immaculate
perception and recall of the whole track.
     All there is to recall are questions and answers.  Any picture or
thing that happened to you on the physical plane is actually just a
crystalization of a question or an answer.
     So if you want to know 'Have I forgotten anything?' the answer is
yes.  If you want to know 'What was it I forgot?', the answer is A
     The Question, like interiorization, is at the beginning of the
chain, and the no answer, or mis answer is at the end.  Auditing answers
therefore is a waste of time, much as auditing exteriorization is a
waste of time.
     You audit the INTERIORIZATION to audit the 'gone exterior', and you
audit the interiorization into the not know by auditing the question
prior to the no or false answer.
     Answers are a form of exteriorization from not know.  They key in
the enormity of the prior question and the interiorization into not
     This is WHY proving to people that they are immortal, either with
The Proof, or with evidence of past lives, or by exteriorization does
not work.  Actually it does work, they 'get it' alright, but they are
left very unhappy because the responsibility factor is left out.  They
found out death was a fraud but there is no joy because the charge moves
from the death to the fraud, and they are not happy about the 'joke'.
     "Que fait moi dans cette galere?"
     "What am I doing in this gallery?"
     So you have to audit the ENTRANCE into the not know about
immortality, and THEN they can get the joke because they see their own
beautiful will in the matter.
     Thus you find some crazed fanatic who has found the ANSWER to life,
and he may be totally right, but he is still a nut cake, because his
ANSWER is late on the chain, and is an exteriorization of magnitude from
the abyss.  But he still has no idea how he got in, nor does he have any
willingness or appreciation to view more, namely to jump in again.  So
you have to audit the QUESTION prior to the answer and the causative act
of will that created the original not know.
     Also the ultimate Goal of the being may be found to be a Question.
He doesn't want to be a Ballerina or a Pianist, he wants to Answer a
Question.  Thus when auditing Basic Purposes or Prime Goals you are
looking for this Basic Question that he wants to answer.  
     Thus Goals listing should concentrate on QUESTIONS and terminals
who would and would not ask such a question, who would and would not
know the answer to the question, and who would and would not oppose
asking the question and who would and would not oppose answering the
     Forget 'To Build a New Civilization'.  That's a very low level
solid crystalization on the physical plane of what the being is really
up to on the mental plane.
     If you really want to audit BT's, remember that BT's are held
together by mutual incidents, which now means mutual QUESTIONS.
     Questions are an effort to pull answers in, so they pull each other
in instead!

     What we think about the universe by the way is an indication, and
if what we think is wrong, that acts as a wrong indiction ON THE
UNIVERSE and it ceases to cooperate with us as any ARC broken entity
will, once it has been indicated to wrongly, especially as to nature and
     Thus meatballs eventually always cause nuclear war.
     They consider the living universe a meatball, and it gets mad, and
refuses to cooperate with them so they get mad back, and they build
bombs and blow it up.  There is no way out of that cycle except to spot
and blow the wrong indication.  That's what The Proof is for.  However
just remember that this corrects the answer, but does not restore
responsibility for the question ('What is the nature of the universe')
or the fair chosen not know on it, ('How come I didn't know?)
     Are we doing philosophy yet?
     Does the Church really want to clear the planet?
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