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                             BODY READ LIST
                                ACT - 62
                              10 May 1994
                     Copyright (C) 1991 Hank Levin
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     1.) Have the participant describe the body condition or sensation
they want handled.
     2.) While on the meter, have the participant focus on the part of
the body in question.  Spot the read associated with the body part.
Indicate when the read is occurring, so the participant has feedback on
the exact focus.  (Say "there", but don't say what the reads are.)  Once
the read has been isolated on the body, assess this list to find what
kind of mental mass is causing it.
     1. A trauma
     2. Blocked Intention
     3. Curse
     4. An Entity
     5. An undelivered communication
     6. A cluster of entities
     7. An ARC break
     8. A dilemma, problem, quandary
     9. A withhold
    10. An incident
    11. A loss
    12. An engram
    13. A blocked flow
    14. A fear
    15. A counter intention
    16. A solution to a problem
    17. Imitating someone
    18. Someone trying to influence
    19. Someone trying to scare
    20. A decision ((or choice))
    21. A disappointment
    22. Resisting something
    23. A failed expectation
    24. A resentment
    25. A frustration
    26. A sadness
    27. A reminder (Badge, Emblem, Label)
    28. A cording  (A cord connecting you to another)
    29. Copying someone else's charge
    30. An elemental (artificial entity)
    31. Mechanical device that does something
    32. A message
    33. Incomplete actions (or cycles)
    ((34. A refused communication))
     Handle each reading item and recheck.  On any reading item, spot
whose charge it is.  (Do not just assume its all the client's.)
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