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                             ADORE AND THINGS

                                 ACT - 65
                             25 January 1994

                  Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
        Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

>     First, whereas LRH and Filbert both render the concept of Alter-
>Is-ness as related to "Lie", it is probably just as useful to consider
>it as "Will".  With this in mind, taking note in your "inspired
>transmissions" of the reference to "Saddest Song", is it possible that
>this, itself, is your primary GPM?

      No.  If it were it would have blown.  It certainly is a very late
on the chain lower level goal, mainly based on sadness and loss.  Cry
myself to death sort of thing.

      A top level goal would be something like "To Operate".

      I have been getting at the goal that is killing me though, I have
been finding words in it that release unbelievable amounts of spine
bending energy.  The words are so far 'A Religious person', 'Church',
and 'Wisdom'.  Each day another word comes forward.

      Many people who have left the Church, like Ron says, have as their
present time GPM something that involves the Church or opposes the

      I have been auditing all dynamics running Divine Good, Divine Evil
and Divine Peace.  My mockups almost turned on a night or so ago.  Jesus
Christ, no wonder I can't see anything.  Actually apparently I CAN see
mockups, Divine Evil and Divine Good intermix to form a neutral gray.  A
sort of boring nothing that is really a very hot something.  When they
start to come apart and spread their separate wings, it is just beyond
incredible.  Talk about power, and chisled accuracy of perception.

      >Questioning further: Is the Adore stuff a past creation or an
>ongoing one.

      Adore went through a heavy creation phase in 1985 when I was most
addicted to drugs, mainly for the breathing thing.

      It has not been added to really since then, except for a few things
here and there, but application of its wording has been coming clearer,
and it has been falling into place as the ordering and sequence becomes
clearer to me.

      I still don't know what the opposite of Adore is, abhor?  Detest?

      Not poetic enough.

      As to whether Adore or the Proof are whole track, I really have no
idea, except from dreams.

>     Also, you once mentioned that, for you, the only permissible
>treatments of it did not include modification.  Would you elaborate on

      Well Adore says some strange things, and some of them are rather
forced, they don't flow smoothly and sometimes the tempation is to alter
them entirely, mainly out of social pressures that might make them
unacceptable, as they are, also they exceed my own reality.

      But then later these things turn out to be true or workable as is.

      At one time I wanted Adore to be CLEAR and conform to standard
English grammatical construction.  But altering the wording killed me,
as I later realized that the wording is GPM based and altering it is a
sure path to hell.

      So for example, when Adore says, 'Pride is Operating Craftsmanship
of Class' I have no idea what the hell it means.  The M/U is on the word

      For a long time 'Power stems from Operating Majesty' used to cave
me in bad, until I understood that Majesty (meaning Majestic Practical
Jokes) was a limiting of power, and the reason that power CAME from
LIMITING power is because BEFORE you limit power you HAVE power.  So its
like the being becoming the Creator by practicing being the Creator
becoming the Creature.

      HAVING power is a waste of time.  What good is power if you are not
going to take it away from yourself to make a fun game of it?

      Therefore the APPLICATION of power is towards not having power in
some artfully crafted fashion that makes a fun game.

      It took me a LONG time to understand Power Stems from Operating
Majesty.  Now it is THE scariest thing I know.

      That's because you can apparently go as high as you wish, as long

      The more you are willing to come down, the more you can go up.

      It's the whole bit about self limitation and humor all rolled into
one.  The humor lies hidden in the apparent fact that nothing is funny.

      Humor is not an incidental also-ran that is available for the lucky
few who can find it along with all the other things of life.

      Humor IS IT.

      Self limitation is limitation FROM Humor and BY Humor.

      Self limitation IS Humor.

      Humor IS the quality of Power that makes it Divine.

      The Purpose of Power is to Not Have Some.  That's Humor.

      That is majesty operating as sovereign desire to not be sovereign
for a while.

      Class is merely extraordinarily self confident Humor, at the top of
the tone scale.

      Any somatic is a form of crystalized anti humor.

      It's Un Laughter and Un Crying.

      No Classy Tears.

      This sort of implies that I chose this hay ride.  But I still run
into the 'yeah right' reaction, and that's a loss.

      It's not funny that things aren't funny!

      Beings seem to have a NEED TO PROTEST something, anything.

      But a being who fair chose his way into any possible mess, can't
then protest it unless he hides the incoming moment of welcome and
invite with which he created it and his own ignorance of having created
it.  That hiding of CHOICE creates protest, which then provides the
power to drive the game deep into time.

      Thus when you first start to audit choice, the whole game
matrix falls apart because the seriousness falls out of it as
laughter.  He loses any of his motivation to get involved in any
of the once 'serious' games presented to him.

      This is of course a trans human state, but once he realizes he is
free now to create MORE serious games, he starts to feel better again,
but he has to be facile with not knowing his own choice to turn welcome
invite into protest.

      That is kind of the warp core of how it all works, the difference
between a Creator and a Creature is the choice to turn welcome invite
into protest.  Then the game can get going with explosive power,
determination and intent.

      Of course a few million years later he will find himself at the
bottom of the tone scale wondering what went wrong, as protest causes
persistence of what is protested, so he can never win any possible
serious game.  But that's when the auditors show up, get him to put the
cycle of welcome invite -> choice to not know a choice -> protest there
again, over and over until he can do it with NATURAL facility again, and
up tone he comes ready and willing to start another cycle.

      Part of the problem is that the force in my body is SO STRONG, that
the slightest mis understanding or false move crushes my spine and
breathing into a pulp.

      The other part of the problem is that the Power involved is so
enormous that the body just sort of wilts at the thought of actually
being able to operate it.  So between ducking the ramifications of this
stuff, and actually getting it wrong or not understanding it, or
doubting it and even refusing it as a human, I have been living a very
crippled life.

      It is Divine Good fighting with Divine Evil over the Vessel of
Divine Peace.

      I'm not sure what Divine Good thinks it will do with Divine Peace
if it ever gets its hand on it, no doubt keep it safe where NO ONE can
get at it, but I know what Divine Evil will do with it.  It will pour
the Peace down the toilet.

      Peace is Agent Humor momentarily at rest in a Sea of Eternal Class.

      Adore calls that Sovereignty.

>     Lastly for this round, with interest in your considerations about
>the word "feel", what would "freedom" feel like?

      Freedom from crushing containment, and restraint.

      Either Serenity or action and exhilaration, courage and thrill.


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