((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                                ACT - 67
                              22 July 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
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     Now here is another point on the shattered God theory.
     You have this being who is suffering from excessive integrity,
wholeness and purity, like there is nothing to do and so boredom sets
in, if I may anthropomorphize the Eternal One.
     So he gets an idea, to shatter.  Since to a 'sovereign being', an
idea is as good as a fact, the instant he has the idea he shatters, in
fact some would say the shattering IS the event of his getting the idea
to shatter.
     And presumably this fixed his boredom, for at least some of his sub
elements.  Other's may not have been so pleased according to Allen.
     That would have cured his boredom but good, right?
     Well one answer of course might be that, well this time he just
happened to get the idea of shattering, the next time he might get the
idea of self crucifixion for all Eternity.
     Next time he might get the idea of just dying forever and be done
with all this having ideas and having them happen.  Just get the idea
that there will be no more ideas and no more boredom, and poof, problem
     This is pretty unsatisfactory considering all the good pleasant
things an Eternal Being might decide to think about and thus create.
     So another answer of course is, that the Eternal One is actually
capable of considering various possible futures without having them come
true, (all he has to do is consider that he can do this to have THAT
come true), and so he can consider many different futures until he finds
one he likes, and then he implements that one.
     But this implies some sort of pre existing desire, or set of
standards against which to judge various creations to see if they are
good, desirable or acceptable to that being.  Where in did this desire
come from?
     If the being created this desire, as he is creating other things
later, what moved him to create one desire over another?  Perhaps he
might create the desire to suffer for all Eternity on a Cross.  If he
did this, he would reject all considered futures until he came across
the idea to suffer for all Eternity on a Cross, and he would say, 'Yeah
that's the ticket' and create it.
     So if the being creates his desire, OUT OF WHAT DESIRE DOES HE
     If there is no desire or standard at all guiding the creation of
desires, then there would be no limit to the kind and nature of desires
that the being might create no matter how monstrous or permanent they
might be.
     Thus he might create himself into a loving little fragile being
that just wanted everyone to be happy, who nonetheless was going to go
to Eternal Hell Forever for no reason at all.
     Sort of like how you and me feel right?
     So we wonder about ourselves, how COULD we have put ourselves into
this mess, and for how long did we do it, and what was our intention,
and are we ever going to get out of it, especially if we, as the
creating force, intended us to NEVER get out of it.
     Remember a being who has no fundamental desires or standards is
theoretically capable of creating anything for itself at all, no matter
how monstrous, horrible or permanent.
     The third answer of course is that the nature of Source and
Conscious Will encompasses permanent, immutable, perfect and absolute
desires and standards against which all creations are judged, AND IN
FACT FROM WHICH ALL CREATIONS FLOW!  Thus fundamental desire is the
SOURCE and the moving power behind source, so of course everything which
is created conforms to this desire, as nothing can be created which does
not come from this desire, and there are no mistakes or errors in
creation, no unexpected surprises, unless of course they are desired and
so created as such.
     So you say, "Yes but Homer, we are still in a mess, you mean we
WANTED this mess, I just don't see it!"
     Well you have two choices.  You can go back to believing that What-
Is has nothing to do with your particular fundamental desires, in which
case who knows what Hell Forever you are destined to end up in.
     Or you can take a look at the possibility that What-Is is the
direct creative flow from your own fundamental desires, and begin to
play the game of figuring out how and why you created this place, or at
least entered it.
     Now one of the first problems, is that people have been playing the
game of 'Not having what they want' for so long, that they have come to
accept that they can not have what they want, so they decide to handle
this by NOT WANTING IT ANY MORE.  Right.
     So basically people no longer know what they want, because they
don't dare remember the desire and the pain of not having.
     Your average mortal meatball thinks that Death Forever is a good
thing, you know make room for others to live, suffer and die too, and he
will say "Homer, who wants to live forever?"
     He will tell you he has had time enough for love, and that is what
he is telling himself with 99.99 percent of his energy.
     The remaining .01 percent of his energy he is using to go to work 9
to 5, and raise his kids 'properly' and post execrable inanities on
     So the FIRST thing you need to do with a pc is get them in contact
with their fundamental Eternal Desire again, because until you do they
will be running on a denial and a substitute and their auditing will go
     They will want to become 'better meatballs', or some such thing,
you know, get over their allergies to parmesan cheese.
     Now this is tricky, because it turns out that people have a much
stronger desire to PLAY a game, than they do to WIN OR LOSE a game.  Of
course you would think no one wants to lose a game, everyone wants to
win, but really what people want is to PLAY, and that involves risking
winning or losing, and in fact it most of all involves ways and means to
make the game CONTINUE so neither final win nor loss happens.
     Somewhere down the track you find beings begin to mock up the Game
of Having Games.  This is the game where in the being's ability to have
and play future games DEPENDS on his WINNING the PRESENT GAME.  Thus if
he loses the present game, he loses having games to play in the future.
     Since having games to play is the ultimate desire of a being in a
space-time stream, you can see how he might become very bent on WINNING
the present game if losing the present game meant not being able to play
any more games.
     For example your average mortal meatball is in this situation.  He
needs to WIN the game of finding food to eat, in order to be able to
live so that he can have and play games in the future.  No food, he
dies.  That means no more games.  SO HE MUST WIN THE GAME OF FINDING
     This 'must win' on the present game in order to assure the
existence of future games is the opening door to Corruption, Temptation
and Seduction.
     Ok, so its easy enough to see how a being, who is interested in
games, at a fundamental level, might set himself up some serious
barriers and personal limitations so that he could not win so easily.
He doesn't want to lose ceaselessly, nor win ceaselessly, he wants the
outcome to be unknown, and he wants the win/lose to take 'forever'.
Those are themselves serious games conditions, and in the game of
creating and designing games, the being has presently been losing for a
long time, and so has descended down into playing some really seriously
aberrated games, the winning of which he thinks are necessary to the
playing of future games.
     But he still has this problem of not knowing that he created the
game.  I mean its one thing to write a computer game and play it all day
long, and even continue to tweak the controls to make it harder and
slippery to win as your skill level gets better.  But who in their right
mind would put themselves into the computer game so thoroughly that they
didn't know they created it any more, and that it was just a game, that
the perceived losses and wins were merely virtual.
     So here is this guy, utterly lost in the arcade game, defending his
one little piece of virtual meat against the raiding hordes, just sure
that if his piece gets eaten, he will be dead forever with it.
     In fact he knows that one day he is going to run out of fuel or
time no matter how well he plays the game or how many of the enemy he
kills, so someday he is going to be dead forever anyhow no matter how
many times he wins now.
     And you know he will be taking this game very seriously, and in
fact he will be resenting the hell out of having to play it.  But play
it he will.
     However, what he will do is try to get OTHERS to play it for him,
since he has to die one day anyhow forever, he might as well get others
to play for him, to take the risks and give him the winnings.
    This is the process of Corruption, Temptation and Seduction.
     It comes from resenting the game you are playing, which comes from
forgetting ITS YOUR GAME.
     So, now what would move a being to create a game and forget that he
had created it?
     Here he is thinking that the game is forever, that the wins and
losses are permanent.  Actually not even the wins are permanent, just
the losses, winning merely puts off death for another day, but death
always comes.
     Further if he makes a concerted effort to win the game for the time
being, he places himself at risk of dying and therefore losing the game,
because any activity in the game is deadly dangerous, thus even trying
to win, risks losing more than not trying at all.
     But if he does absolutely nothing, he will lose anyhow, so he HAS
to do SOMETHING.  Thus you have the enforced aspect of the game, which
is MUST PLAY.  His solution will eventually be to get others to play for
him, which is slavery.  They die, he wins.
     Nice game eh?
     Who the hell would choose this for himself?
     Ok, here is the answer.
     Source/Will is based on fundamental, eternal and absolute standards
of Beauty and Ugly.  Eternal Life, Eternal Peace, Eternal Freedom,
Eternal Safety, Eternal Total Responsibility are among those things
which are fundamentally desirable.
     This is not changeable by postulate, for what desire would create
the postulate to change them?
     But the being also has the desire for adventure, thrill, romance,
danger and daring-do.  These are the dicoms to peace, safety, freedom
     And these desires are just as fundamental to the nature of the
being as Eternal Freedom and Peace itself.
     The being loves games, and playing games, and NOTHING would ever
let him destroy forever his ability to play games.  He might indulge in
the game of games for a while, and lose his ability to play games for a
while, but its just another game.  One day it ends, the being wakes up
and becomes Games Creator again.  He would never put that state on the
line FOREVER, although he might make himself THINK he had.
     Now the joke is of course, that the being CAN'T put any Eternal
State on the Line FOREVER, because only Eternity is Forever.
     A thetan can not make an infinite amount of any finite thing.  He
can make as much space as he wants, buts its always a finite amount.  He
can consider that it is "infinite", and keep creating more as he moves
along, but at any one time he can only mockup for his own perception a
finite amount of space.
     The same goes for Time, which is a created illusion just as is
space, although its harder to see how it could be an illusion.
     Thus all game cycles, being space-time cycles, are finite in
expanse and in length.  Thus all games must end one day, no matter what.
So the being CAN'T create a Hell that lasts forever even if he wanted
to, and the facts are that he doesn't want to.  Not an actual Hell that
lasts for an actual forever.
     Virtual Hells that last for an apparently virtual forever, but
which end one day anyhow when the game is up, is a different matter.
     So this is the secret.  There is Absolute Beauty, which is Eternal
Havingness.  But part of that Eternal Absolute Beauty is an interest in
VIRTUALLY (apparently) losing that Beauty for a while.
     There is NO fundamental desire to lose this Eternal Beauty FOREVER
and FOR GOOD.  Never to lose it FOR REAL, for actual.
     There is a desire to play a game with this Beauty, and to jump into
that game, and PRETEND that this Beauty is on the line permanently and
     While going into such a game of ludicrous demise, which is the
definition of humor, the being is perfectly willing.  But once in the
game, he is horrified at the reality he is now in.  Of course he no
longer knows he created it, so it becomes apparently actual to him, with
Eternal Good and Bad, Eternal Beauty and Ugly on the line forever more,
to be won or lost in the last Final Battle of Perfect Happiness against
Permanent Loss.
closing his eyes to the fact that if he wins it, his winning will be
bitter sweet.
     He never does win it, because he succumbs to Corruption, Temptation
and Seduction, because WINNING IS TOO PRECIOUS (because if he loses he
loses everything for good), and SO NOT PLAYING IT IS JUST AS PRECIOUS
(because playing is too dangerous to indulge in), so he gets every one
else to play for him which produces apparent short term gains, but long
term dwindling spirals.
     Corruption is the crack in his sense of Total Responsibility that
makes him resent the game.
     Temptation is the sweet siren song of letting others play the game
for you leaking in through the cracks of Corruption.
     Seduction is the giving into Temptation and undertaking to enslave
others to the ends of your own game.
     THIS is Criminality on the Awareness Characteristic Chart.
     So, this then is the secret.  Perfect Havingness is comprised of
     Once the being wakes up to this truth, he will be able to look at
the arcade game around him, and the various nutty virtual realities that
people have and are calling actuality, and he will be able to recognize
them AS HIS BARRIERS IN HIS GAME, and be able to then accept them, as
the veil of Other Determinism and Permanent Loss becomes removed, and so
of course he can then change them.
     He only can't change them because he is so busy trying to get rid
of them.  He wouldn't dare PUT THEM THERE.  Once he comes up to the joke
he played and the truth of where and why those barriers came from, he
course when he let's go they will simply vanish.
     THAT is the end of RESISTANCE.
which is responsibility, and knowing willing cause for the purpose of
having a game.
     That's why LRH said Admiration is the Universal Solvent, what you
admire will vanish.  But this admiration is based on true understanding
and the resulting reconnection to the Fountainhead of Source.
     The game by the way is not really going out and beating the beast
or some such thing, that is a lower level concept of what a game is.
The higher game is the game the being is playing with himself and the
Eternal Beauty which motivates his every move.
     The basic game is the effort to SHARE ABSOLUTE SELF SUFFICIENCY
     You have to create a hole in your Eternal Havingness in order to
want to communicate with others to see if they can fill that hole, and
maybe you can fill theirs.
     It never works, but that makes for the best of games.  They last
almost forever and you can never win and never really lose.
     You can however end up as a mortal meatball crying yourself to
sleep every night.
     The game ends when people wake up to who created it and why.
     They fill their own holes and laugh themselves to sleep.