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                         FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME
                                ACT - 76
                            4 September 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
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     We know that people with overts in search of a justification will
mock up motivators, even ones that don't exist if necessary.
     We know that people with motivators will tend to feel guilty and
will mock up overts to explain their guilt, even one's that don't exist
if necessary.
     We also know from Electra that when a person HAS a bonifide overt
followed or preceded by a motivator that both overt and motivator will
sink into 'non existence' out of the being's effort to make the whole
thing not have happened.
     This is called a CO EXCUSED WITHHOLD, and consists of a WITHHELD
OVERT and a WITHHELD MOTIVATOR excusing each other into unexpression and
apparent non existence.
     You see there is an OVERT and a MOTIVATOR and both are WITHHELD and
both are MISSED!  They are missed TOGETHER, either as a CLOSE CALLS, a
WONDERS or a STILL KNOWS.  (See ADOx.memo in archives.)
     The overt and the motivator excuse each other.  "If you don't
complain about what I did, am doing or will do, I won't complain about
what you did, are doing, or will do."
     Thus there is a NO COMPLAINT on either the overt or the motivator!
     Thus you have a NON EVENT usually surrounded by an area of NO
MEMORY or a false memory.
     The charge doesn't do this to the being, THE BEING DOES THIS TO THE
     Thus memory per se has come into somewhat of a disrepute, and no
small wonder considering people's propensity for altering it around to
fit how they would have wanted things to happen.
     Between putting something where there is nothing, and putting
nothing where there is something, we have a mess.
     At the NOTS level this becomes putting SOMEONE where there is NO
ONE, and putting NO ONE where there is SOMEONE.
     Remember the Scale of Memory Decay?
     The Beauty of Memory        (Happy, glad he has a memory)
     The Ugly   of Memory        (Regretful, wishes he could forget)
     The Beauty of No Memory     (Forgetful, ignorance is bliss)
     The Ugly   of No Memory     (Forlorn, can't remember anymore)
     There is a whole class of beings that have fallen down through this
scale of memory decay, to a point where they are dramatizing NO MEMORY
     These people generally hold inner Truth in contempt, and demand
external objective proof of past lives even if the past lives were not
on this planet or even in this universe.
     Their response is 'Oh Posh!'
     Their view comes down to, "If you can't prove it to me that you
have lived before, then you have no right to say you have, or to believe
that you have or to even think you might have, or to even consider the
     This is of course nonsense born of the non event of screaming agony
and regret.
     Unfortunately this PROVE IT syndrome does not only extend to past
lives and the paranormal, but extends even to things that happen in this
life.  Especially things that happen to you as a kid, when we all know
that kids can't remember anything, especially before they were 2.
     Thus the kid that sees monsters under his bed tells his parents and
they go "Prove it!"
     Or the kid says to mommy that Daddy has been doing weird things
behind her back, and everyone, including mommy, daddy, the police and
the courts go 'Prove it!'
     One can of course get righteously indignant about all this, but one
also has to ask 'Que fait moi dans cette galere?'
     One also has to ask if any healing comes of all of it.  Surely if
the incident is real, and the person contacts it and runs out the
charge, the denial, the not-is, the wishing dead on others and self,
then the person will get better, EVEN IF NO ONE AROUND THEM BELIEVES
     It's pretty hard to be an only one though, that takes enormous
confront and willingness to be the first.
     It's nice if at least your auditor or therapist believes you.  It's
also nice if your parents actually own up to having done the deed.
     But in this gallery, these are luxuries.
     The POINT therefore is not whether any particular event happened or
not, but ASSUMING THAT IT DID and that it got not-ised, how do we best
go about unlocking the obsidian glue that gets impacted in the back of
our brains shutting it out, putting nothing where there is something?
     You know people ask me what clearing is.  I give them a very
straight forward answer that misses 99.9 percent of what its about, but
which they can understand.
     Clearing is a procedure that helps people find and contact memories
that have been jammed off since the time they occurred.
     They understand instinctively that a mind that has a jammed off
memory can't function properly.
     Now this definition indicates like wildfire to most people, but to
perps it scares the hell out of them, as it misses their withhold.  So
you get really interesting scenarios like the when President of the
False Memory Syndrome foundation has his daughter come forward and claim
he perp'ed her as a child!
     Some one's service fac is in operation here.
     The irony of course is that the more LEGAL penalties that you put
on these molestation crimes, the more the perps go 'Prove it!' rather
than talking about it.  It becomes a super secret subject fraught with
all the denial and such because the consequences are so grave.
     Like many crimes, especially 'secret crimes', the way to bring them
out in the open and get them discussed and healed faster is not
necessarily the righteous and punitive criminal justice route.
     Of course it is unthinkable to LESSEN the severity of the laws
against perps, so everyone is going to continue on in a strangle hold of
a chinese finger trap, where the very illegality of the crime makes it
harder to discover and heal from.
     But what else is new, right?
     One way around this is to make very sure that thorough sex
education starts in kindergarten.  Children might be taught from day one
what molestation is all about.  A lot of perps might be caught this way.
     The problem with this is that you have varying standards of what
constitutes acceptable sexual play between parent and child.  Children
are very sexual creatures, and it's a rare family that finds a sane and
comfortable compromise in this area given the rabid suppression on the
subject on the part of the people around them.
     Thus the subject has become taboo, because no one is willing to
have it policed by others lest too stringent a moral code is placed on
it, that really has nothing to do with preventing traumatizing the child
and making him forget his memory or wishing that he was dead.
     In fact households where sex is totally taboo, and sexual contact
between parent and child are utterly non existent can be just as crazy
as the other extreme.  Parents can be SO AFRAID of their own sexual
desires and interests in their children, that they just shut the whole
subject out, and they never talk about it, and never DO anything about
it and that leads to memory loss just as sure as anal rape.
     Those who were brutally molested will probably say it would be far
better to be 'brutally unmolested', clearly to never be touched at all
is better than to have a hot branding iron shoved up your ass.
     But those who had no sexual or physical contact with their parents
at all will be found in session to be BEGGING to find a 'molestation'
incident as it would mean things were not as bad in their family as they
had thought, 'Mommy really did like my body after all!'
     So part of the solution to this on a world wide basis, is to start
discussing just what is and what is not acceptable sexual play between
parent and child.
     Children who are denied any sexual play at all with parents, may
tend to over compensate as parents and molest their own children
heavily.  Children who are molested heavily may then go into a complete
shut down of their sexual functions and sexual interest in their own
children, raising them in a physically bleak and barren atmosphere.
     Of course the opposite happens too.  Children who are molested then
go on to molest their own children, and children who are raised barren
and bleak, do the same to theirs.  So it goes both ways.
     I think over many lives it may flip flop back and forth as each
extreme condition is a solution to the other.  Thus you may get a run of
lives as a child who is molested and thus becomes a molester, and then
one day he changes mode and joins a sexually barren and bleak family and
becomes an unmolester for a few life times.  Then he gets sick of that
and goes back to the first mode.  Its a form of bouncing back and forth
between extremes because the excluded middle which is SANE is not
     "What is the proper relationship of a mother to her son's penis?"
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