((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                         SESSION NOTES 09/14/94
                        EARLIER SIMILAR UNIVERSE
                                ACT - 77
                           14 September 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     If you take Filbert's model of things, some very interesting
results happen in session, that might unjam some of you.
     Dianetics tends to assume there is only one universe, and when you
go looking for 'earlier similar' incidents, you are going to be looking
for them in THIS ONE RUN THOUGH THIS UNIVERSE in your past.
     We can model this 'one run through' idea really easily.  Let's say
we model the time line of the present universe with its various
incidents in the following fashion.
     Run 1  <------1A-------1B-----1C--------1D-------->
     The 1 simply means this is our first and only run, and A, B, C and
D mark various events that fall on a chain of earlier similar incidents
across many life times, like going to school.
     Incident 1D is your experience with school in this life, 1C is an
earlier similar incident going to school 10 life times ago, etc, back to
incident 1A which happened 20 million years ago on Aletrelix where
'school' was invented (probably by you) and which is basic on the chain.
     Finding these incidents and running them would be the normal course
of action for a standard Dianetic session, and if the incidents were
heavy enough the pc would be expected to fully reviv incident 1A while
it blew.  That of course would be the end of the chain.
     Now let's take a look at the same diagram from Filbert's point of
view.  He says that we have traveled through this Physical Universe
universe a number of times.  There was a first time, and there will be a
last, and we are somewhere in the middle.  There are possibly "time
off's" for rest and relaxation at the end of each pass, and maybe even
during the middle of each pass which we will ignore for the moment.
     OK, now here is the point.
     Each time through the universe we make complete recordings in the
theta universe of our travails and we take those recordings with us into
our next run through.
     Except for this addition, everything works like Hubbard set out in
Dianetics.  You get an engram, incident 1A say, and later you get
another similar engram which becomes incident 1B etc, and a standard
Dianetic chain is built up.
     So the next time through the universe, on run 2, you are going
through what is essentially the same universe, EXCEPT THAT YOU ALREADY
     Thus when you run into incident 2A you tend to have slightly
different reactions to it than you did the first time (when you were
actually clear).  Thus what you DO during the second run will be
slightly altered from what you did during run 1.  Thus as beings pass
through run 2 of the universe, they change it a bit and at the end of
run 2, the universe of run 2 is a bit different from run 1.
     Then of course they do run 3, and now they have the accumulated
aberrations of both run 1 and run 2 to contend with, so run 3 also gets
altered from run 2, and so it goes.
     After 5 runs through the universe, the 5th run universe is quite
different in detail from the first run, but still tracking very closely
in general history.  Both will have New York Cities, but New York in run
5 will be suffering from having been built by beings who are burdened
with 4 prior runs of aberration, while the New York in run 1 won't be.
     Thus run 5 universe might be a bit duller than run 1.
     Now then this leads to the following diagram of what is recorded in
the pcs bank.
     Run 5   ------5A-------5B-----5C--------5D---*PT*->
     Run 4   ------4A-------4B-----4C--------4D-------->
     Run 3   ------3A-------3B-----3C--------3D-------->
     Run 2   ------2A-------2B-----2C--------2D-------->
     Run 1   ------1A-------1B-----1C--------1D-------->
     Say the being is somewhere around *PT* in run 5 and he is in
session trying to run out incident 5D of going to Cornell during the
Vietnam War.  The usual thing to do is look for earlier similar
incidents, namely 5C, 5B and 5A, but for some reason the pc can't find
any and the session won't run.  Sound familiar?
     This might be because the auditor is asking for earlier similar
incidents IN THE SAME UNIVERSE.  But look, the guy also has EARLIER
SIMILAR UNIVERSES too, doesn't he?  And frankly incident 4D is probably
a lot closer in similarity to incident 5D than incident 5C is!
     Incident 4D is in fact the SAME INCIDENT at 5D, differing perhaps
widely in specific details but not in broad over all general details.
     So you start asking for earlier similar universes rather than
earlier similar incidents, and suddenly the pc is giving you multiple
versions of the incident 5D, namely 4D, and you go 'earlier' and he
gives you 3D, and then 2D and then finally 1D.  Bang that is basic on
the chain of earlier similar UNIVERSES.  Then he can go back down the
time line of universe run 1 to 1C, 1B and 1A and find the REAL basic on
the chain!
     What you may find as you run this earlier similar universe stuff,
is that while you are auditing incident 5D, the pc starts to run the D
chain rather than the 5 chain, and suddenly revivs all five D incidents
at once.  If you invalidate that there could be 5 different TRUE
versions of the same incident, you will stop the progress of the pc.
     By the way I was running this tonight solo on
     "Withhold on Interiorization."