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                                ACT - 81
                            11 November 1994
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     In article Jeff Jacobsen (cultxpt@primenet.com) you wrote:
>     Scientology is a religion that lies about being compatible with
>all other religions.
     Yes and no.
     Remember that Scientology is a sprawling mass of spaghetti code, it
is the accumulated writings of LRH (and others), which have never been
unified into a complete whole.  What you have is the research record,
you never find a 'final theory'.  Thus you have datums stated in 1954
that are totally at odds with datums stated in 1982.  The Scientologist
is supposed to either reconcile the irreconcilable, or else he is asked
to accept the later datum.  Of course this makes the earlier datum
wrong, which opens the door to the later datum being wrong also, because
if the guy could be wrong at all, ANY datum could be wrong.
     Or they think, since the later datum can not be wrong because LRH
is NEVER wrong, that means the earlier datum is not wrong either, and so
you have a stop in the mind where it can not think any further.  It
accepts both datums, but only one can be true.
     This then is my view of the unified truth behind ALL of what LRH
said, admitting that ALL of what he said has only relative truth, based
on the accuracies of his perception and his motivations of the time.
     The universe is indeed a spiritual place, it is one of its most
spiritual qualities that it is filled with people that do not feel it is
a spiritual place.  In other words it is a SIGN of God or Divinity that
people are godless and atheistic.  That is not a moral judgement, that
is more a majestic prank that Gods play on themselves, to make
themselves atheistic.
     The guy IS a God, and he is saying "There *IS* no God!  Hah!"
     Listen to Dennis someday, "*I'm* no God!"
     That is a form of groveling to yourself.
     The guy who is saying "I'm no God" is saying "I didn't CHOOSE!".
     The primary way to aberrate a thetan is to aberrate his sense of
total responsibility, total choice in the matter.  You do this by
violating his sense of Sovereignty of condition, meaning any condition
he is in, he wanted it, conceived it, said it was good, made it and
jumped into it, exactly as it is, including his present ignorance of his

     You violate his sovereignty of condition by getting him to think he
had nothing to do with his condition.
     The primary core beliefs that have to do with responsibility for
condition are those having to do with "Who made me?", "Where did I come
from?", "What am I?", "What am I made of?", "Am I immortal?, Am I
Eternal?" etc.  You know, all the kinds of questions mortals are so
bored with and roll their eyes about, because all the answers THEY can
come up with are so wrong and undesirable.
     In order to destroy his own sense of Sovereignty, the thetan then
needs a core reality that denies that he is Sovereign, so he creates
realities that build a false core.  Such basic realities are, "I do not
exist, I am someone else's hallucination", "I did not choose to enter
this universe", "I did not exist before X numbers of years ago", "I am
not immortal, something else made me", "I am made of parts of cold dead
matter that could care less about my suffering", "I am fragile and can
suffer permanent loss" etc.
     Basically it comes down to "I was created and I can be destroyed",
one or the other or both.
     One of the early basic building blocks of Non Sovereignty was to
assign Sovereignty to another being or thing, call it God or even the
Physical Universe.  It is what ever the thetan considers exists before
he does, and which made him, either accidentally or intentionally.  Both
are Gods of a sort as they are Other Determinisms that are responsible
for the creation of the thetan in his own mind, whether that other thing
is living consciousness or dead matter.
     These various false core realities which the thetan needs to even
play certain games in this universe come under the name of RELIGION or
"Who or what made me?  He or that I shall worship!"
     That is why in the dictionary, religion is defined as worship of a
supreme being, when in reality it means simply science of realization.
That's what Adore says anyhow.
     In this definition of religion, as worship of a Supreme Being, ALL
religions are false, as they all contain false realities that assign
away the Sovereignty of the being to another.
     They say the Hall of the Mountain King is not yours.
     Adore claims its yours.
     "You are an Operating Lord God Almighty."
     "What is an Operating Lord God Almighty?"
     "When you see one you go "Lord God Almighty!"
     Of course this is utter heresy to most religions on the planet of
     Among this morass of false religions, you tend every once in a
while to find a 'true' religion, the problem of course is that ALL
religions CLAIM to be the 'true' religion, even though they are a false
     Take present day Christianity.  It claims to be the one true way,
but they also claim God made you, and that you have not lived on Earth
before, and will not live on Earth again even if you wanted to, until
the final judgement.  Funny thing happens when the guy dies, he realizes
it was all nonsense, and gets born again, sometimes into a DIFFERENT
religion that is just as wrong, and he does this on purpose.
     So Christianity is clearly a false religion if you believe in past
and future lives on Earth or elsewhere, like what we are living now.
     When the game gets so bad, it comes time for various forces to come
in and clean up the game.  These forces also start 'religions', but
these religions, by necessity, are true religions rather than false
     How do you know a true religion from a false religion?
     A true religion assigns Sovereignty to the being, and helps him
reattain awareness of truth and personal Sovereignty.
     A false religion assigns Sovereignty to something other than the
being and helps him reattain awareness of lies and personal non
     That's the whole difference, and the only way a religion can be
judged to be true or false.
     Original Scientology, which teaches that we are Sovereign and
offers ways to recognize and rehabilitate the ability to operate that
Sovereignty is therefore by definition a true religion, when indeed it
is operating in this fashion.
     However, Hubbard left Sovereignty off the top of his tone scale,
which was an overt act of magnitude against his followers, In fact he
meticulously avoided ever using the word Sovereignty, and I dare say you
won't find the word written or spoken 3 times in the entirety of
Hubbard's work, and even then only in an indirect off beat usage that
points Sovereignty in the direction of others.
     However the truth of Sovereignty comes through the teachings of
Scientology in spite of that.
     There are other 'true' religions on the planet, Buddhism is one of
them although it too has been perverted.  Scientology is in fact a very
advanced sort of Buddhism, whether or not you take LRH at his word that
we was the Buddha.
     Adore is another 'true' religion, it mentions Sovereignty many
times, and in fact builds it's entire thesis around it.
     The point of all this is that 'true' religions look false to
'false' religions and 'false' religions look false to 'true' religions.
     This is because belief in Non Sovereignty is a lie to those who
believe in Sovereignty, and belief in Sovereignty is a lie to those who
believe in Non Sovereignty.
     Thus you have this endless war of who the insane one is.
     Basically it boils down to people who feel big and Sovereign don't
like people who feel small and non Sovereign, and people who feel small
and non Sovereign don't like people who feel big and Sovereign,
     This is because people who feel big and Sovereign make those who
feel small and non Sovereign feel even smaller and more non Sovereign,
and basically, even though they believe they ARE small and non
Sovereign, they hate it.
     The Sovereign group basically like their own view of the world, the
non Sovereign group detest their own view of the world, and the non
Sovereign group detests most of all anyone who likes their own view of
the world.
     So the non Sovereigns really take a disliking to the Sovereigns.
     From Adore,
     "Immortals who hate mortals have some Karma to face.  Namely that
mortals who hate immortals are despicable."
     The people who feel small and non Sovereign make the people who
feel big and Sovereign also feel smaller and more non Sovereign, because
the people who feel big and Sovereign can't believe that anyone would
ever make themselves small and non Sovereign, even though that is
exactly what they believe about those who feel small and non Sovereign,
they did it to themselves!
     Thus the Sovereigns tend to take a disliking to the non Sovereigns
too, because it blows their own sense of Sovereignty out of the water.
The Sovereigns may be right, but their sense of Sovereignty is weak and
easily overwhelmed by the apparently impenetrable non Sovereignty of
     And so you have a war of mutual hostility that develops out of
this, about which is the true religion and which is the false religion.
     Christianity in its origins was a true religion, but has become a
false religion.  Death on the Cross, Hell Forever for non believers, one
life, made by God, its all tommy rot.  Sorry Tommy.
     Scientology in its origins was also a true religion, but has become
a false religion.  One Source, no free enterprise, no competition, legal
jihads, hell its almost as bad as Christianity.
     At least the real Christians are anarcho capitalists, something
that makes LRH roll over in his grave.
     The Scientologists at least are trying to salvage everyone, and
admit that there are games where everyone wins.  Christians on the other
hand are very self righteous and 'chosen' and they are very busy sending
people to hell FOREVER who can never be saved anyway.
     Their God COULD save these people, but he wouldn't want to violate
their free will, now would he.  "If my child wants to walk into the
furnace forever, well we should just let him, his free will is more
important than his eternal future!"
     And that is why these children of this God are such spoiled brats,
they all need a good whacking on the seat of the pants, but this God of
theirs would rather let them do what ever they want regardless of where
their free will takes them, even if it is into hell forever.
     Besides their God enjoys the screams of the eternally damned
begging for death or another chance.  Although recently I hear he has
built a wall surrounding heaven to keep the screams out.  Seem like some
of his angels couldn't play their harps through the din.
     Both Christianity and Scientology are very sick religions in
present time.  Christianity took hundreds of years to get sick,
Scientology only took 20 or 30.  This may be a sign of the times and the
quality of people that were left on Earth to carry out the roles and
promises of each religion.
     Ah well, when both go over the event horizon of the black hole that
is their future, there will always be Adore left to carry the truth.
     And it will probably go rotten in 2 to 3 days.